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What is skin betting?

Skin betting, which is also known as skin gambling, is a way to use skins gathered in certain video games to deposit with on gambling sites. It’s quite a new phenomenon as it was first recognized in 2013, shortly after the game developer Valve introduced a tradeable skin system to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Since then betting with skins has become a huge industry and a popular choice amongst gamers. There are two different ways that skin betting can work:

The first is that the skins you deposit are exchanged to a virtual coin currency where the amount of coins depend on the value of the skin. You’re then able to play luck based games together with other players, such as a form of roulette. In some cases it’s also possible to bet on a few matches, but the selection tends to be very limited. When you decide to make a withdrawal, the coins that you have gathered needs to be exchanged for other skins.

The other way the skin betting can work is that the skins are turned into real money that can be used to bet with. This is done by an offer given in the deposit process and if this offer is accepted, the skins are sold for a certain amount of money that will be deposited to the bookmaker. This money can then be used like any other money to bet with. On a cash out from the bookmaker, real money is transferred to your bank account or whatever method you choose to withdrawn them to.

eBetFinder only recommends the use of the second mentioned type of skin betting sites as the first ones are not regulated. You can find out more about what this means by reading the section of regulated & unregulated skin betting sites further down on the page.

In addition, the second mentioned typ of sites also has a selection of bets that is much, much better. The skin betting site ggBET is for instance a well established one that has a huge coverage of eSport matches from several different games and offers the deposit method turn skins into real money.

What are skins and how do I get them?

Skins are something that can be earned from playing certain video games, such as Dota 2 and CS:GO.  These skins have no effect on the gameplay, but are purely used for cosmetic purposes to make a character look in a certain way. There are usually plenty of different skins that can be collected, which all change the appearance of a character in different ways. Some of these skins are rarer than others to come across and really rare ones can be sold for as much as hundreds and even thousands of euros.

Apart from getting these skins within the game, there is a skin market on the steam platform where you’re able to trade skins with other players. There are also various websites that have skins up for sales.

From which games can I bet skins?

Betting with skins has it’s origin from CS:GO, but there are nowadays several different games with skins that can be used to deposit and bet with. What is common for all of these games is that they are all available on the Steam platform as this platform is what allows skins to be traded. Check the list below for all games that you can bet with skins:

    Dota 2

    Killing Floor 2
    Payday 2
    Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

    Team Fortress 2

Best skin betting sites

The best sites to use for skin betting are those where you trade your skins for real money during the deposit process. This is due to the fact that these sites have a selection of bets that is way better than those sites where you deposit with skins and withdraw with skins.

ggBET is such a site and a top quality one as you’re able to find a huge number of matches covered from more or less every eSport game. Not only is their match coverage great, but they also have a wide selection of entertaining markets to bet on, such as the team who will reach a certain number of kills first, what the correct score will be and several others.

In addition, ggBET has a 24/7 support on live chat, e-mail and phone which means that you’ll always be able to get the help you need. With a lot of live streaming from several matches, you can also be sure to follow the heat of the action directly from their site while placing bets. If you’d like to find out more about ggBET, you can either read our full review or head on over there and check them out by yourself.

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How do I skin bet at ggBET?

Once you’re up and running, using your skins to bet with at ggBET is easy as pie, but if it’s your first time it may seem a bit complicated. Fear not, we will guide you through the entire process!

1. When you have created an account with ggBET, you head on over to the deposit page and select the method “Skinpay”.

2. You now have to enter your Steam ID and the currency that you would like the value of the skins to be listed in. Your steam ID can be found by logging into your Steam account and checking the url:

The number highlighted in green will be your steam ID number.

3. By pressing “pay”, a new window will open where you’ll be taken to If everything is in order, you’ll be able to see all of your skins available for trading and the trade value of them shown in the currency you chose at ggBET.

Please note that for any skins to be found, your inventory in steam must be set to public. You’re able to change this on the following link, where the number highlighted in green must be your steam ID:

Please also note that you have to enable a steam guard authenticator through a mobile app if you haven’t done this. You can find all the information on how you do this on the following link:

Once this steam guard authenticator has been set up, you have to wait 7 days until you are able to trade your skins for real money.

4. Choose what skins you would like to turn into real money by clicking on them and then press “add funds to ggBET”.

5. You’ll now be taken to a new page where you have to press “accept bet”. This must be done within three minutes or the trade will be canceled. You’ll also see a code, which is the reference number of the transaction.

6. After you’ve pressed “accept trade”, a new window will open which is a steam page of the transaction. You must now confirm the trade here as well.

Please note that a window will pop up saying that the trade seems suspicious because the person you’re trading with isn’t offering any items. Don’t worry about this as you will receive money to you ggBET account. All you have to do is to press the green button that says that it’s a gift.

Once you’ve done this, the last step is to confirm the trade in your Steam mobile app. Open the mobile app for steam and head on over to “confirmations” and you will be able to confirm the trade their.

7. Now everything is done and your account balance will usually be updated immediately. Please do however note that it can take up to 15 minutes.

The history of betting skins

It all started with an update that Valve made to CS:GO in August 2013 where skins were introduced to the game. It wasn’t the first time that they introduced skins as they had already been using this in Team Fortress 2, which is another game of theirs.

The skins were added to CS:GO in an attempt to increase the player size and unify the community as this was currently split between three different games in the Counter-Strike franchise; Source, 1,6 and Global Offensive. Valve was hoping to get more players into CS:GO by giving people these skins as a reward while they were playing. These could then be used to trade with on the steam marketplace, which would also boost the total economy of it.

Valve’s first intentions were to create skins that could be used as a camouflage and as an advantage hiding on maps. It did however turn out that colorful and bright skins were a lot more popular with the community. Players used colorful skins that were hard to get as a form of trophy, showing off their skills. This led them to become very popular within the community.

As skins turned out to be a winning concept, the rarer a skin was, the more sought after it became by players. A lot of trading began on the steam marketplace as this was a very easy way to transfer in-game items. This turned skins into a virtual currency where some of the rarer ones eventually got valued at thousands of dollars. Yet today this is the price for some of the most unique skins.

The high prices that the rarest skins reached caused a problem with the steam market as this didn’t allow sales that were higher than $400. This was however not the only issue with the steam market as Valve was collecting a 15% transaction fee on the sales being done. Another issue was that to be able to purchase the skins, the steam wallet had to be funded by real money and this was a one way transaction. Due to restrictions, Valve had no possibility to support cash outs being made.

As the steam market had some serious limitations, various sites started popping up on the web allowing trades by using steam’s application programming interface (API) to link the skin inventory in steam to the website. These websites grew to be very popular as they allowed both real money deposits and real money withdrawals. In addition they had no 15% fee on trades as Valve did, which made the trades a lot more profitable. Some of the websites eventually added gambling features, such as the possibility to bet on eSport matches and compete in luck based games against other players. It’s uncertain what the exact time of this starting to appear is, but analysts have dated eSports betting with skins back to August 2015.

Even though the introduction of skins to CS:GO is what sparked the skin betting industry, skins from other games were eventually used to gamble with as well, such as skins from Dota 2.

As competitive, professional matches in CS:GO, Dota 2 and other games started to grow bigger and bigger with increase prize pools and viewers, there was a rising interest in betting on eSports. For many of us living in Europe, betting on eSports have never been a problem as we have a huge selection of well established bookmakers to choose from. There are however places where sports betting (included eSports) with real money is restricted.

To be able to bypass these laws, skin gambling websites evolved so that both deposits and withdrawals were made by skins. When depositing a skin, this could for instance be transformed into a virtual currency that upon cash out was transformed back to a skin simply by purchasing one on the website. As no real money was being used to bet and gamble with, this attracted a lot of people where real money gambling was restricted.

Other type of websites were also formed, such as people being able to bet skins against one another with the winning player winning all of the skins. All of the players’ skins would for instance be put in a big pot, where the higher the value of the skins would mean a higher chance of winning.

Regulated & unregulated skin betting sites

Even though there are some serious concerns about skin betting, it is important to separate the different skin betting websites. Betting at an established operator like ggBET who only offers a deposit method that allows skins to be traded for money, won’t be a problem. This is a serious bookmaker that has a gambling license and is heavily regulated by law.

Other websites that use skins as a way to bet with and then also use skins as the withdrawal method are however more of a wild card. These sites are not regulated by any law, but basically operate a black market for gambling that allow laws to be bypassed and minors to gamble. If such a website would ever be shut down, you as a player is very vulnarable as there is no law to protect you. This means that any skins or skin currency that you posses on the website most likely will vanish without any compensation for it.

eBetFinder only recommend the use of regulated skin betting sites like ggBET.

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