How eBetFinder rate eSport betting sites

This section contains an explanation of the criteria that we at eBetFinder are using as a basis when revieweing and rating eSport betting sites. Our main criteria are eSports coverage, welcome bonus, withdrawal time and customer service, but we also have eBetFinder scores which is a final verdict based on other important factors as well.

Our goal is always for the rating to be as accurate and helpful as possible so that you can easily find a site which is not only great, but is best suited for your personal needs.

eSports coverage

eSport coverage is rated by the variety of games, tournaments and matches that a site is covering odds on, as well as what type of different markets there are to bet on. To provide you with as accurate information as possible, we do a comparison of all the eSport betting sites we have listed every month and compare their coverage. When doing this comparison we only take matches being played the same day and the following two into account.

It may be that a site like GGbet and Cyberbetwill both have the exact same coverage the day the matches are taking place, but not at the time we’re doing the comparison. Let’s for instance say that we’re doing this on the 16th and there are matches being played on the 18th. Arcanebet has already listed these matches, while Betway will not list them until the actual play day on the 18th.

Because of this, Betway’s eSports coverage will be rated lower. We do this because we find that it’s beneficial to be able to see bets a few days in advance. It’s not only convenient, but it also allows one to plan and compare odds between different operators. If a site is slow in offering odds, even though they might turn out to have the same coverage in the very end, we find that they deserve to be rated lower.

The rating of eSports coverage is not only about the number of matches and games covered, but available markets can make up a big part of the score. A good selection of entertaining markets is something that we believe bring a lot of value to the betting experience and is therefore taken into great consideration. Should these markets not be of any importance to you, you may find that sites that would be perfectly fine for you are rated lower than some other.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is rated by the percentage a deposit bonus gives, if it’s a risk free bet or free bet, the maximum amount of money one can receive from the bonus, the number of times it needs to be wagered and how high the wagering odds have to be. Each of these different categories have after a lot of thought, and hours of careful comparison of different scenarios, been given a fair number of points. These points have then been added together and converted into the stars that you see on each and every brand review.

To summarize it, those bonuses that come with the least risk and offer the best potential to cash in big are those given the highest rating. Please do, however, note that if more than one bonus is offered by an operator, the best offer is the one that is calculated. In some cases welcome offers are country specific and the rating may therefore not be fully representative for your particular country.

Withdrawal time

Withdrawal time is rated by the time that it takes for a withdrawal to be processed by the site’s payments department, if it’s automatically done and if it’s possible to contact their support to have a cash out sped up. The different hours and the possibility to have the withdrawal sped up on contact is then given a certain amount of points that are converted into the stars that you see on each and every brand review.

Please note that withdrawal time has nothing to do with the actual transaction time of a cash out as this is out of the operator’s hands. If you like the fastest possible transaction times, it’s the payment method you’re using that has to be looked into. Here PayPal and Skrill are two great options.

Customer service

Customer service is rated by the support’s availability and methods that can be used to contact them. Every hour available and each method supported give a certain amount of points. Live chat gives the most, phone comes in second and e-mail is in last. All points are then added together and converted into the stars shown on each and every brand review. A score of 5 stars would equal a support that has live chat, phone and e-mail support available 24/7.

Please note that as the quality of a support agent can vary a lot from one to another, we have chosen not to take this into consideration in the rating.

eBetFinder scores

eBetFinder scores is partially, but definitely not entirely based on an overall score of the above. This category also takes a lot of other factors into consideration, which are factors that affect how much we and other people would prefer playing at the site, having eSports betting in mind. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Frequency of campaign offers
  • How loyal players are rewarded
  • The settling time of placed bets
  • Experience using a mobile device
  • Site features such as cash out
  • Different products to gamble on

This means that even if a site doesn’t offer any welcome bonus or have poor withdrawal times there might be other factors making up for this giving them a higher ranking. A poor eSports coverage can, however, never be compensated very much as this is what most of us are looking for.


We at eBetFinder take great pride in this website and the work we put into it. We follow each of our listed bookies closely and do regular updates as we strive to always keep the information up to date and for it to be as accurate as possible. However, knowing how fast an operator can make changes to their routines, we can never guarantee that information provided is 100% accurate. Should it be that you experience yourself that some information is not correct, we appreciate if you let us know by sending us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will then make sure to follow up on this and make necessary changes as soon as possible.

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