How eBetFinder rate eSport sites

“God is in the detail”

We all want to play at a site that suits our personal needs the best, but it can be a bit tricky knowing what to look for or where to find the information when browsing countless of betting sites. They appear so similar but are still so different. Therefore we have made your life a little bit easier by rating topics that we know are the most important factors before becoming a customer.

This section contains an explanation of how we have come up with the rating we have. Our goal is for it to be as accurate and helpful as possible, so that you make sure you pick the site that is best suited for you.

eSports coverage

Image of Magnus, dota 2 charactereSport coverage is rated by the variety of games, tournaments and matches a site cover, as well as what different markets there are to bet on. To provide you with as accurate information as possible, we do a comparison of all the sites we have listed each month and compare their coverage for that day plus the two following days.

It may be that a site like ArcaneBet and Bet365 will both have the same coverage the day the matches are taking place, but not at the time we’re doing the comparison. Let’s for instance say that we’re doing the comparison on the 16th of the month and there are matches being played the 18th. ArcaneBet have already listed these matches, while Bet365 will not list them until the 18th. Because of this, Bet365 will be rated lower. We do this because we find that it’s positive to be able to see bets a few days in advance so that one can plan and compare odds between sites. Therefore we find that a site who is slow in offering odds (even though they might turn out to have the same coverage) deserves to be rated lower.

Please also note that a site can have a very good match coverage which is not reflected in their score if they have a bad variety of markets. A good variety of markets is something that we personally value highly, but if this is not important for you, you might find sites with lower rating than others, but that would be perfect for you.

You will currently not find a site with 100% coverage, but a coverage close to 100% would mean that this is the best or one of the best sites covering eSports right now. As this is updated on a regular basis, our score and the sites ranking may change from one month to another.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is rated by the percentage a deposit bonus gives, if it’s a risk free bet or free bet, the maximum amount one can receive from the bonus, the number of times needed to wager the bonus and on how high the odds need to be for the bonus to be wagered. Each of the different categories have after a lot of thought, and hours of careful comparison of different scenarios been given a number. The numbers have then been added together and converted into the percentage that you see. Please note that if more than one bonus is offered by a site, the best offer is the one that is calculated.

Withdrawal time

Withdrawal time is based on the time it takes for the withdrawal to be processed by the site’s payments department, if they are automatically processed and if it’s possible to contact their support to have it sped up. The different hours and the possibility to have the withdrawal sped up on contact, is then given a certain amount of points that are converted into the percentage that you see.

Customer service

Customer service is rated by their availability and methods supported. Every hour available and each method supported give certain amount of points. Live chat gives the most, phone comes in second and e-mail is given the least amount of points. All points are then added together and is converted into the percentage shown. 100% would equal a support that has live chat, phone and e-mail support available 24/7. As the quality of a support agent can vary a lot, we have chosen not to take this into consideration.

eBetFinder scores

eBetFinder scores is partly, but not entirely based on an overall percentage of the values above. It is also based on our biased experience with the site and how much we would prefer playing there, having eSports betting in mind. So even if a site don’t offer any welcome bonus (which would give the site 0% on that section), this doesn’t necessarily mean that 25% would be reduced from the score as we might not value this as highly as other factors.


We at eBetFinder take great pride in this website and the work we put into it. We follow each of our listed bookies closely and do regular updates as we strive to always keep the information up to date and for it to be as accurate as possible. However, knowing how fast a website can make changes to their routines, we can never guarantee that the information provided is 100% accurate. Should it be that you experience yourself that some information is not correct, we appreciate if you let us know by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] We will then make sure to follow up on this and make necessary changes as soon as possible.