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Warcraft 3

Best Sites to Bet on Warcraft 3 (Reforged)

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Why these sites are considered the best ones for placing WC3 bets

In normal cases when we review sites for a specific esport game to bet on we simply have more options to choose from. War 3 is old and the scene is small compared to other titles. So there are not that many sites that can compete for the title “Best warcraft 3 betting site”. However, there are still a few really strong ones listed here and we can guarantee you that they won’t let you down when it comes to Warcraft 3 betting. If you are not located in Europe, but in USUK and India then we suggest you follow these links.

A general theme for the sites listed above is the welcome offer. They’re really attractive for new players who want to get into it. Depending on what you going for you will either get more bang for the buck from your welcome deposit bonus to play with or some kind of free bet to test a bet for free on the house. If you win and complete the wagering then you can withdraw your winnings for a profit. if you already have signed up with one of them and want another bonus, then there is nothing stopping you from signing up and collecting the bonus from another one.

The world of esports betting has evolved dramatically over the years as many systems have been developed to cater to the rising needs of punters. People have gone from using virtual currency to real money, which provides more exciting opportunities. Warcraft 3 is one of the esports games that have been offering bettors fun times for quite a while now.

What is Warcraft 3 Betting?

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft III is a real-time strategy game. Although it has been in the esports sphere for a long time, Warcraft 3 Betting still commands a loyal following, making it a good choice for real money betting. As with its predecessor Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, WC 3 is divided into different playable races, namely Orcs, Humans, Night Elves and the Undead.

The game has a single-player mode with different campaigns across the four races. Then, there is the multiplayer or tournament mode, which is what Warcraft 3 betting is based on. In this competitive mode, players play against other players and try to win by eliminating the opponent’s unit. In the professional competition, players can take part as individuals or form a clan/team with several other players.

Warcraft 3 had a wildly competitive professional circuit particularly in Asia where it received massive popularity. WC3 tournaments drew great crowds both online and offline, which provided betting opportunities that saw WC III become a standard offering on esports sites.

How Does the Betting Work?

Punters have different alternatives for War 3 betting. One is the match winners market where you select the player expected to come out on top. A bookmaker will have different odds for the various players, which are based on their competitive ability. In any tournament, there are always favourites, and they will usually have lower betting odds.

For instance, you have Moon and Grubby who are both great at Warcraft 3. However, Moon is the favourite, so a sportsbook offers odds of 1.70 that he will win while Grubby has 2.95. If you bet €100 on Moon and he ends up winning, it means that you will win €170 (100 x 1.70) and make a nice €70 profit from your wager.

The other popular choice of bet is the handicap, which is a variation of the match winner. Here, one player gets a starting advantage, making the game more interesting. For instance, in the above example, Player Grubby begins the tournament with a +1.5 advantage, which lowers its probabilities. Handicap bets require a thorough understanding of the players because a camp that may appear weaker can always win in esports.

Some Esports betting sites have the specials market where punters can place unique wagers. For instance, you can bet on the player who lands the first kill or the unit that reaches 10 kills first. Bettors can also put money on who gets the first round or how many maps a particular player wins.

Why Should I Bet on Warcraft 3

Games such as Starcraft 2League of Legends and Dota 2 may have replaced Warcraft III at the top of the esports sphere, but it is still an offering on most betting sites that have eSports. Betting on WC3 gives you the opportunity to watch some of the best professional players duke it out on a highly competitive stage. Warcraft 3 is a fascinating game that demands the best strategies from players.

Punters have the choice of live streaming games to keep up with every step the players take. Twitch and YouTube are popular streaming platforms, but some esports sites have this feature. You can enjoy Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne from the comfort of your home with friends or fellow punters.

WC3 is very dynamic. The in-game situation is always evolving as players' heroes levels up, get new gear and clear out one creep camp after another. Every move and strategy has a counter move, every micro decision has an impact and the value of a unit can be massive. Taking out a single hero or even a unit have the possibility to change the favour of the match or even end it. WC3 offers fast-paced action from the beginning to the very end and keeping up with it on stream, with a great cast with some money on the line is really something we enjoy.

Where Can I Bet on WC3?

Punters have a host of sites that offer real money Warcraft 3 betting. We have listed some of the esports platforms that have WC III as one of their betting selections. Picking the perfect site to bet on Warcraft is part of the strategy. You need a top sportsbook to ensure that you get the best bonus and and the latst odds.

The welcome package is one criterion that bettors will prioritise when choosing a bookmaker. How much free money do you get as a new customer? This will determine your wagering power and hence, the potential profit. Compare the welcome bonus offers extensively before choosing the most appropriate one for you. Don’t forget to look at the wagering requirements that’s attached to a welcome bonus.

Live streaming is another feature that matters to us. A majority of esports betting sites will have it, and that means better convenience; you don’t have to leave the site to watch the action. It something we really enjoy when the bookie have live odds going on. “Which hero will die next?”

The usability of a betting site is important as well. If the platform offers streaming, how are the speeds? How quickly can you navigate across different sections of the site? The banking options, security and customer support also determine the suitability of a WC3 betting site.

Old Warcraft III Legends Still in the Game

Warcraft 3 has produced some of the most talented professional players in eSports. These players have been on the biggest stages like the Golden Championship Series, World Cyber Games, World Series of Video Games and World Esports Games, among others.

Sky (Li Xiaofeng) built a reputation as a skilled human player, winning the World Cyber Games in 2005 and 2006. Infi (Wang Xuwen) is a veteran in WC3 who is known for his impressive defensive and offensive towers. He was the World Cyber Games champion in 2009.

ToD (Yoan Merlo), was 2007’s Warcraft player of the year by popular vote. He has several wins, including the Cyberathlete Professional League, World eSports Games and a silver medal in the World Cyber Games.

Moon (Jang Jae Ho) is one of the top players and better in Warcraft 3. Moon who is The 5h race, or Night Elf has three world championships and is considered as the best player in the world by many.

Fly100% (Weiliang Lu), TH1000 (Xiang Huang), Grubby (Manuel Schenkhuizen) and 120 (Zi Xiang Guo) are other legendary WC3 players who are still wowing audiences with their amazing decision making and micro skills.

Betting on Golden Champion Series and other Tournaments

The fun of betting on WC3 is the different tournaments that you can put real money on. Warcraft 3 is one of the oldest game you can bet on and it still very popular in Asia, it gives rise to all types of competitions on the regional and global scale for us to enjoy.

The GCS is one of the industry’s most prestigious competitions. It brings together top professional Warcraft 3 players to fight for handsome prize pools. Names like TH1000, Infi and Fly100% are synonymous with the tournament. With the high stakes, the competition is fierce, and that provides an opportunity for punters to bet. The championship will be renamed to the Warcraft Gold League.

The World Cyber Games is another esports tournament that provides a platform for Warcraft professional players to play against the best for the regional level to the global stage. The World Cyber Arena attracts international participants and spectators with enticing prizes to be won.

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