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An introduction to Rainbow Six Siege betting

Ever since the Twitch platform was launched in 2011, betting on esport has taken the world by storm, being a thrilling hobby that more and more finds pleasure in every year. One of the many eSport games that real money can be used to bet on is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which is one of many titles in a tactical FPS series that has been around ever since 1998.

It’s no other than Ubisoft that has created the franchise, which has been an extremely popular one ever since the first game was released inspired by the works of the famous Author Tom Clancy. The modern day opportunity of betting on Rainbow Six Siege and a huge eSport scene around the game has, however, made it more famous than ever before.

In the Six Invitational – the game’s world championship – professional teams are able to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars while plenty of bookmakers are offering odds on the Rainbow Six Siege matches going down. Not only for the world championship, but they do of course also offer odds for the Rainbow 6 Pro League, as well as Dreamhack, Six Major and other RB6 events taking place.

With Rainbow Six Siege gambling appealing to many fans of the game, we have created this page to not only guide you to the very best sites for placing your Rainbow Six Siege bets, but to inform  you about everything you need to know betting on Rainbow Six.

The best sites for Rainbow Six Siege betting

With quite a big demand of placing bets on the tactical FPS that we have all come to love, there are a lot of bookmakers that are offering the opportunity to wager money on Rainbow Six Siege. However, some gambling sites are a lot better choices than others and those that we have listed on the top of this page are those that we consider the best. So what makes these sites the best for Rainbow Six Siege eSports betting? There are several reasons but one of them really puts the nail in the coffin:

There are plenty of odds for Rainbow 6 Pro League and other events

No matter if you’re looking to bet on the Six Invitational, want odds for the Rainbow 6 Pro League or are looking to up the excitement with a real money bet on any other RB6 match going down, you can count on these sites. They are extremely focused on eSports and are doing an amazing job by offering an unbeatable amount of odds on most games, including Rainbow Six Siege.

Best welcome bonus for your Rainbow Six Bets

There’s nothing that can get your Rainbow Six gambling started on the right foot such as a really good welcome bonus. Good offers definitely don’t grow on trees, but there are a couple of very valuable ones that you certainly shouldn’t miss out on. We have listed all of these below.

Fortunately these bonuses are also offered by eSport betting sites with an outstanding selection of odds on the game, which makes it easy placing all of the Rainbow Six bets that you want.

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Why should I bet on Rainbow Six Invitational and other RB6 events?

There are mainly two reasons for this – it’s a lot of fun and if you’re skilled (or lucky) enough you could earn quite a lot of money.

While some people tend to see betting, playing casino games and doing other forms of gambling as a waste of money, we are many that have our lives enriched by it because it’s simple entertainment at its best. If you –like us – enjoy watching the tense action of professional Rainbow Six matches, there’s really nothing that beats having some money at stake. It takes the entire experience to a whole other level of excitement and for many of us that’s what it’s all about – enjoying ourselves.

There is, however, a lot more to it if you want it to be. It’s actually possible to get good at betting on Rainbow Six Siege as there is a lot of skill involved, which means that you could make a lot of money. This is of course not a simple task, but to do so you have to be knowledgeable about the teams and their chances of winning their matches. If you are, it’s possible to find flaws in the odds the bookies are offering, which you can take advantage of to make yourself a nice profit.

Whether it’s Rainbow Six Siege gambling or wagering money on any other eSport game, betting is all about competing against the bookmaker and being able to do better predictions than them. They are usually skilled, but they are no gods and can definitely be beaten. Even more so if you make it a habit taking part of a good bonus and using this to bet with.

The key to making money on Rainbow Six Siege Pro League betting

No matter the event and no matter the game, becoming a profitable bettor is always a possibility as long as you have the time and the passion that’s required. A lot of people who wager money on RB6 do however do so by Rainbow Six Siege Pro League betting. Simply because this yearly, four month long league is where many of the tactical matches in the game are taking place.

To succeed in Rainbow Six Siege gambling many believe that the key is picking the right team to win. This sounds pretty obvious, but the thing is that making a long term profit is a bit more complex than that. Being profitable is actually about making the correct predictions and then picking the odds that speak in your favor.

Let us break it down for you with an easy example

  • FaZe Clan and Evil Geniuses are taking on each other in a match.
  • You predict FaZe Clan having an 80% chance to win, thus leaving Evil Geniuses with 20%.
  • Checking the bookmaker you usually bet with, the odds for FaZe Clan winning are at 1.20, while the odds for Evil Geniuses are at 5.30.
  • Your initial thought is putting down €100 on FaZe Clan as this should be easy money, right? WRONG!
  • If your 80/20 prediction is correct, making a FaZe Clan bet will cause you to lose money in the long run and in this scenario you would actually want to go with Evil Geniuses. Let us explain.

If we imagine the match taking place five times, you would win four of them by betting on FaZe Clan and lose one of them (80% win rate = 4 out of 5 wins). Your total stake would be €500 and for every won match you would make a net profit of €20 (odds of 1.20 * €100 – your initial bet of €100). With four won matches you would make an €80 profit. The problem is that with the fifth match you are losing €100, thus leaving you with net loss of €20 (€100 – €80).

By betting on the underdog, Evil Geniuses, in five out of five matches, you would lose four of them, leaving you with a net loss of €400. However, the fifth one you would win and this would earn you a profit of €430 (odds of 5.30 * €100 – your initial bet of €100). At the end of the day this would result in a €30 net profit (€430 won – €400 lost).


Unless we lost you along the way (which I certainly hope we didn’t), it becomes clear that making money on Rainbow Six Siege Pro League betting and cashing in on other events is much more than just having a short term win. It’s about making long term decisions that have a positive expected value and the only way to do this is by making better predictions than the bookies and then taking advantage of odds that don’t actually reflect the reality. We profit on their mistakes.

Taking part of a welcome bonus offer is of course also a great strategy to use as you are able to receive extra money that can be turned into your own. As you may know, a bonus usually comes with a wagering requirement, but as long as you stick to only placing long term profitable Rainbow Six bets it doesn’t matter how high or low this is as you will still profit from it.

Titles from the Rainbow Six series

GameRelease year
Rainbow Six1998
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear1999
Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch1999
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Covert Ops Essentials2000
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Mission Pack Urban Operations2000
Rainbow Six: Take-Down – Missions in Korea2001
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Black Thorn2001
Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf2002
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield2003
Rainbow Six: Broken Wings2003
Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword2004
Rainbow Six: Urban Crisis2004
Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow2004
Rainbow Six 3: Iron Wrath2005
Rainbow Six: Lockdown2005
Rainbow Six: Vegas2006
Rainbow Six: Critical Hour2006
Rainbow Six: Vegas 22008
Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard2011
Rainbow Six Siege2015
Rainbow Six: Broken Wings2015
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