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The world of FIFA betting

FIFA has taken an interesting turn over the years as it’cs transformed from being an offline game to a highly competitive online one. Players all over the world are nowadays able to compete on EA’s servers and climb rankings on leaderboards. Not only that, but soccer clubs like West Ham, Manchester City, PSG and Hammarby IF are forming eSport teams within the game. Teams that are playing matches with hundreds of thousands of euros at stake. Matches that are being streamed live on Twitch and that have FIFA bets offered by eSport betting sites.

The CEO for the Swedish soccer club Hammarby IF had the following to say in June 2017:

Creating an eSport team within Hammarby opens up for new sources of income to the club. In addition it makes it possible to reach new target audiences within the world of gaming, which we are keen to come in contact with. This investment opens up for new, exciting communication channels that are in line with the club’s recruitment work – to constantly attract new supporters, a new audience and new members.

As FIFA is taking a leap into becoming a serious eSport, betting operators have seriously started to recognize a growing interest in betting on the game and have therefore started to offer FIFA bets. Betting on FIFA is still in its early phase, but if you visit one of the top eSport betting sites they will usually have bets offered on the game whenever a decent sized tournament is going down.

Becoming successful in FIFA gambling

Becoming successful in FIFA gambling isn’t necessarily just about making money. Of course, making a little extra never hurts, but we all place our FIFA bets for different reasons. Just like many professional players choose to play FIFA for money, most other people play the game for fun. It’s the same thing with betting. If you’re just looking to have a good time and for a way to ramp up the excitement while watching your favorite players battling it out, then you don’t have to put that much thought into it. You should only focus on having fun, enjoying the game, placing your FIFA bets with your heart and showing support for your team.

If it on the other hand in fact is important for you to bet on FIFA to make a profit, then you have to put that heart to the side and connect your brain into the system. You have to bring out the analytic side of you and closely study the world of FIFA. If it’s possible, you should research and answer yourself the following:

  • How did the last 5 matches for the players turn out?
  • Have the players any previous match history against each other?
  • What is the different play style between the two players?
  • What is the current form of the players?
  • What are the players’ strengths and weaknesses?

When it all comes together, you are betting against the odds compiler and it’s your knowledge that is up against his. If your FIFA knowledge is better than his, it means that you have a chance to find flaws in the odds he’s setting. Finding these gives you an opportunity to take advantage of them, getting an edge and making a profit in the long run. By following the FIFA scene closely, knowing previous match history, the players and the current meta game, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and will then have a fair chance to nail some really good FIFA bets.

It’s important to be aware that something that you might consider to be a safe FIFA bet sometimes can turn out to be a losing one. To be truly successful you therefore have to learn how to manage a bankroll. For example, you should never put up more than a few percentages of your bankroll on one single bet. If you are reckless with your money and end up losing, you could wipe your entire bankroll out and lose any profits you’ve made in a blink of an eye. That’s why a good bankroll management is very important if you’re looking to make a long term profit.

Another thing to consider if you’re looking to maximize your winnings, is to use several different eSport betting sites and place your bets with the one that offers the best odds. Using many sites also comes with the benifit of being able to take advantage of many different welcome offers, which is a great way to increase your long term profits.

Markets available for FIFA Betting

As betting on FIFA online is quite a new phenomenon there unfortunately hasn’t been a wider selection of markets introduced yet. What you’re able to find is FIFA bets offered on who will win the match and possibly also who will win the tournament. As the game is growing as an eSport, we will certainly find other entertaining markets offered in the future. When this happens, you’re most likely to find them offered by any of the top FIFA betting sites.

The future of gambling on FIFA

Whether you’ve already been betting on FIFA or if betting on the game is a newfound interest of yours, you’ll be happy to know that the future sure is looking bright for you. With soccer clubs investing in eSport teams, FIFA undoubtedly seems to be growing as an eSport. We’re saying growing, because the fact is that FIFA actually could have been considered an eSport since 2001. This is when the first tournament was held and FIFA became an official game of the World Cyber Games (WCG). Since then there have been tournaments with considerable prize pools held for each new game each year.

The number of tournaments and prize pools have varied quite a bit from one year to another. Some years (2010, 2015 & 2016) the highest prize pool in a tournament has been $26,000.00, while some (2007 & 2008) it’s been close to a hundred thousand. In 2013 there was a huge bump in the prize pool as there was a tournament held with a stunning €400,000.00 up for grabs. What can be said in general is that the total prize money in tournaments has been between $100,000.00 – $250,000.00. That is with 2017 excluded. What is fascinating about 2017 is that the total prize money has reached over one million dollars.

How FIFA bets may improve the scene

Even though it seems inevitable that FIFA will continue to grow bigger as an eSport, you might actually be able to support the growth by placing bets. For every bet that we place on FIFA, we’re showing that there’s an interest in betting on the game. When this interest becomes high enough, in other words when enough bets are placed for betting sites to realize the true potential of the FIFA betting market, they will want to advertise so that they can reach out to more potential bettors. This is done by creating sponsorship deals with the players (or the soccer clubs as it seems like these will be the ones owning the players), which will lead to an increased economy for them.

Sponsorship deals like this has already taken place between eSport betting sites like ggBET and other eSport games like Dota 2. It’s the perfect way for the eSport betting site and professional team/player to benefit from each other. What’s different with FIFA is the fact that soccer clubs eventually might end up owning all of the professional FIFA players. As most soccer clubs already have sponsorship deals with betting sites, it might not be possible for new ones to be formed. For now, only time will tell how this will play out.

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