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23/05/2018 3:49 pm  

Hi Everyone!

ArcaneBet here, 🙂 we’re thrilled to be able to be part of this new initiative. We’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for forums and the conversations that can be generated when using them. We see this space as one that we can use to speak with you, our users. It’s often difficult to get good feedback on issues and concerns as well as being able to openly share ideas. What we really want is to hear what you have to say.

We also know that no one really likes to read long introductions, so we will keep this as short and to the point as possible. If you don’t know us, we’re an esports focused betting platform. We have markets available on all of your favourite esports titles including CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL and even new titles like PUBG and we’re working on some cool things for Fortnite. We’ve got good bonus offers, and for this forum and eBetfinder, we’ve created a special offer to use that can only be found here: EBF200  is the code and all the terms can be found on the landing page. This offer will be available to new and existing customers and is just our way of thanking the wonderful team at eBetfinder for allowing us to become a part of this new forum.

To close this off, we want to say that there are some really cool things happening with ArcaneBet at the moment, and we cannot wait to see what everyone thinks when we reveal what they are, so stay tuned…..