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Image of overwatch and eSportsEven though Overwatch had planned features for eSports, the game was actually not created with any dedication towards it. Before introducing Overwatch as an eSport game, the developing team first wanted to see how the competitive community would respond to it. Luckily for us who like Overwatch betting, the overall response was great.

In June 2016, ESL (Electronic Sports League) announced the hosting of the first international Overwatch tournament. This was hosted in August 2016 and had a total prize pool of $100,000.00. This was later that year followed by Overwatch Open which had a total prize pool of $300,000.00 and where the winning team took home a nice amount of $100,000.00.

In November 2016, Blizzard announced that an Overwatch league would soon be introduced that would change eSports forever. We’re still eagerly awaiting more information about this league, which definitely sounds promising. We’ll update the website accordingly as soon as we have more information.

When it comes to Overwatch betting, you will find that most established betting sites are offering Overwatch bets on the most well-known tournaments. Some sites are however doing a better job than others, covering more matches. In the below section you will find all of the top ones, guaranteed to give you a world class experience.

The 5 best sites to bet on Overwatch

Even though there are a lot of operators that you can choose to bet on Overwatch, we all want to find the one that will give us the best possible experience. With the thorough research that we at eBetFinder have done, we have found five betting sites that stand out from the rest. This is based on an overall value of the Overwatch betting experience that they offer, such as match coverage, entertaining markets, withdrawal times, customer support, welcome offers and other things that bring value to the experience.

No matter which of these sites you pick to bet on, they are all amazing choices for Overwatch betting with a wide coverage of matches. They do however come with their own strengths and weaknesses. To make the choice of operator easy for you, we have listed all of these below. Should you be extra interested in best welcome offers you can get, we have a section for this as well further down on the page.

Arcanebet | 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds (use code: EBETFINDER)

+ Visually impressive design that is easy to navigate through
+ World class welcome offer with no minimum odds
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within 1-4 hours during the day
+ Very fast settling times (usually as soon as the event has occurred)
+ Full and partial cash out option
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone

- Limited opening hours of support
- Poor selection of other products than eSports

Start betting with Arcanebet!

Unibet | Country specific welcome offers (usually valuable)

+ Been offering online gaming since 1999 and is very trusted
+ Very valuable welcome offer for certain countries
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat and e-mail
+ Good withdrawal and settling times
+ Very nice mobile app for iOS & Android
+ Cash out option on some bets
+ Huge amount of different products (casino, bingo, poker, scratch)
+ Welcome offer can be used with e-Wallets

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Betspawn | 100% up to €133,7 with a unique feature!

+ Impressive design that is well-structured and easy to navigate
+ Very valuable welcome offer with a unique feature
+ Bonus on your second and third deposit (50% + 25% up to €133,7)
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within an hour during the day
+ Fast settling times (instant on live, 15 min after match on pre)
+ Customer support available on live chat and e-mail
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Profit boost bonus on combination bets
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Previous match result statistics
+ Competitions and promotions every now and then
+ Decent selection of casino games (100+ slots)

- Limited opening hours of support

Start betting with Betspawn!

LeoVegas | Country specific welcome offers (usually valuable)

+ Valuable welcome offer for some countries
+ Loyalty program with monthly prize draws
+ Visually appealing design and easy navigation
+ 24/7 support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Withdrawals often processed upon contact
+ Fast settling times of bets
+ Cash out option on some bets
+ Very nice mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Huge selection of casino games (more than 1200!)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets

Start betting with LeoVegas!

Betway | 100% up to €150 (for selected countries)

+ Accepts UK players
+ Welcome offer with low minimum odds
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Regular campaign offers on eSports
+ Loyalty program that can earn you free bets
+ Mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Cash out option on bets
+ Good amount of casino games (300+ slots)
+ Plenty of other products (bingo, poker, lotto)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets
- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

Start betting with Betway!

Markets for betting on Overwatch

Even though Overwatch betting is quite common among the eSport betting sites, the markets offered are currently a bit limited. Match winner is of course more or less always being offered, whereas map winner and handicap is fairly commonly seen.  Apart from those, it is however very rare to see any other markets being offered. With that being said, there are a few more that can be found, which the above mentioned sites are most likely to offer. Below you’ll find a list of the different markets you may come across while betting on Overwatch:

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap

  • Team A/B to win at least 1 map
  • Team A/B number of maps won
  • Correct map score

  • Over/under total maps
  • Team kill (yes/no)

Becoming successful in Overwatch betting

Making money by betting on Overwatch is not always the easiest thing and it’s not necessarily the goal either, as for many of us it’s just plain and simple entertainment. No matter for what reasons we are betting, making some extra money however never hurts.

The basics of being successful in Overwatch betting is having a great knowledge about the game and the professional teams. Being up to date with the latest patch notes and knowing if there have been any changes to the teams recently can be to a huge advantage as this may affect a team’s performance in the match.

It would also be in your best interest to know how each team will be affected by a win or loss. If it’s a qualifier match of some sort or the group stage in a tournament, one of the teams might already have advanced and don’t have to bring their best game as it doesn’t matter if they lose or win. If it’s possible, checking previous matches between the two teams and what the outcome has been is of course also highly recommended.
Overwatch text breaker imageShould it be that you’re really into making money on Overwatch betting, you should consider using a payment method like Skrill or Neteller and keeping a bankroll there. Having a bankroll is very important when it comes to making some serious money as it makes it obvious which money should be used for betting and makes it easy to set limits so that too much of the bankroll isn’t being used on a single bet. By keeping it on Skrill or Neteller, you can easily make deposits and withdrawals from several different bookmakers as these methods don’t have any transaction times.

You may wonder why you would want to use several different betting sites and not just one? This is because if you have the time and truly want to make the most of your bets, you would like to find the site offering the best odds for the match you would like to bet on. It may also be that some sites offer special markets that others don’t, which could be to your advantage betting on. You will also get a great advantage by using several different welcome offers for eSports that the betting sites have.

For more information about having a bankroll and managing it, using Skrill or Neteller as payment methods and betting with a bonus, please check out our betting guide section.

Best bonus at Overwatch betting sites

Grabbing a really good bonus to bet with on Overwatch is one of the best ways to increase your profits. The better the bonus is, the more likely it is for you to make a profit out of it. Unfortunately the selection of really valuable bonuses is quite limited, but there are a few out there that are definitely worth taking part of. In the below list you’ll find all of the best welcome offers, whereas you’re able to find other valuable campaign offers by visiting our bonus page.

Arcanebet - 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds!

Bonus code needed: ebetfinder

At Arcanebet you’ll find a world class welcome offer that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. It’s currently the best bonus you can get for eSports betting. This is a deposit bonus of 100% up to €100. At a first glimpse this may look like any other welcome offer, but it’s far from it.

Although the deposited amount + received bonus have to be wagered 6 times, you have no minimum odds at all required on your bets! This means that you can minimize your risks by betting on safe matches with very low odds.

As you may or may not know, any other deposit bonus you’ll come across will say that you have to place your bets on certain odds for them to count towards the wagering. Usually these odds are somewhere between 1.50 and 2.00, which can make it challenging completing the bonus.

With Arcanebet’s welcome offer you never have to think about the odds as any bets will count towards your wagering. To make things even better, you have as much as 360 days to complete the turn over. Just remember to enter the above bonus code while making your deposit.

This amazing welcome offer will guarantee an eSport betting experience started on the right foot!

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Betspawn - A unique bonus on your first three deposits!

As a new player with Betspawn, you'll be welcomed with a fantastic offer in a true gamer manner! This has a unique feature that makes it extremely valuable and one of the best for eSports betting. You're able to get a bonus of up to €133,7 on your first three deposits. The first one will be a 100% match, whereas the second will be a 50% match and the third one a 25% match.

The wagering requirement for the first bonus is 12 times the received bonus amount on odds 1.70 or higher. For the second and third, the received amount needs to be wagered 14 times on the same minimum odds. On all of the three bonuses you have as much as 120 days to complete the wagering.

At a first glimpse the wagering requirement might look a bit high, but thanks to the unique feature of the bonus it doesn’t really matter. Your real balance and bonus amount is in fact completely separated from each other and you can decide yourself which balance you would like to use depending on the bet you place.

If you place a bet with minimum odds of 1.70 or higher, the amount will always be deducted from your bonus balance (as long as you have enough). If you on the other hand place a bet with odds that are lower than 1.70, the amount will be deducted from your real money.

Although you can't make a withdrawal as long as the bonus is active, you're always able to cancel it and only lose your remaining bonus balance. This means that you're actually never committed to the wagering requirement with your own money.

You can use these to place safer bets, while you use the bonus balance for high risk ones. Should ever run out of the bonus amount, all you have to do is to cancel the bonus and you'll bet just like you would without any. If you on the other hand fulfill the wagering requirement, you have earned yourself some easy money!

This unique feature of Betspawn's welcome offer makes it extremely valuable. We therefore highly recommend picking this beast up!

Claim Betspawn's bonus

Betway - country specific welcome offers

The welcome offer at Betway can be quite valuable, but it all depends on where you’re currently residing. Unfortunately they only offer a bonus for certain countries, whereas these bonuses vary depending on which you’re currently living in. The best value is to be found for Scandinavian and Germanic countries, but Brits, Irish and Canadians can also enjoy a welcome offer. Below you’re able to find out more about all of the bonuses offered at Betway.

UK, Ireland, Canada – free bet up to £30/€30/$30

If you’re living in any of the above countries, there’s a betting bonus up to £30/€30/$30 to get your hands on. The amount you’re able to receive is based on the amount of your first deposit. Before the betting bonus is credited, your deposited amount has to be wagered once. If you’re placing combination or single bets, this has to be done on odds with 1.75 or higher. If you’re on the other hand placing each-way or system bets, the wagering requirement is 1.4 or higher.

There is no real wagering requirement to the betting bonus itself. You do however have to use the entire amount received on a betting coupon within 7 days of your first deposit.

Finland, Norway, Sweden – 100% up to €100

Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland – 100% up to €150

Should you be living in any of the above Scandinavian or Germanic countries, there’s a 100% deposit bonus up for grabs. Scandinavians can enjoy up to €100, while Germanic players can get as much as €150.

To complete the wagering of these bonuses, the received bonus amount has to be turned over 6 times on odds 1.75 or higher. Alternatively you can also wager the amount on odds as low as 1.3 or higher, but then the turnover will be 48 times. What’s really neat about these bonuses is that there is no time limit to them. This means that you aren’t forced to find matches with a certain minimum odd to bet on, but can take your time and choose your bets wisely.

Another great thing is that the minimum odd can be achieved by a combination bet. This means that two matches with an odd of 1.15 would qualify towards the wagering requirement of 1.3. Although it can take a lot of bets before the bonuses are wagered this way, it’s a fairly safe option which makes them quite valuable.

Claim Betway's bonus

The future of Overwatch betting

We feel like it’s safe to say that Overwatch betting is not only here to stay for a long time, but that we definitely will see an increase in match coverage as well as a wider variety of markets being offered by bookmakers. So far Overwatch has been one of the fastest growing eSport games ever and it seems like this growth isn’t going to stop.

In November 2016 Blizzard announced the introduction of an Overwatch league that is supposed to change the eSport scene forever. It’s still in its making, but from the information Blizzard has provided us with (which you can see in the video to the right), things are looking very promising for the competitive Overwatch scene. If the league is successful it will not only increase the number of people who could make a career out of the game, but it would also most definitely increase the exposure of the game.

As the viewers become more, there will naturally be more people interested in placing bets on Overwatch, which of course bookmakers will pick up on. This will naturally lead to an increase in matches being covered as well as a broader variety of markets being offered. To begin with, this will mainly be noticed on bookmakers that are already focused on eSports, but other big bookmakers will certainly also follow.

Even though there are many people who question how big eSports can actually grow, we at eBetFinder are of the opinion that it will eventually replace traditional sports. Not Overwatch alone of course, but the eSport as a whole. Current statistics show that eSport is just growing bigger and bigger for each year.

How betting on Overwatch can improve the scene

With the promise looking introduction of Overwatch league, Blizzard definitely seems to be doing a great job with improving the scene themselves, but us betting on the game can actually also help. No matter the bookie that we’re betting with, we’re showing that there’s an interest to bet on Overwatch. This will eventually lead to sponsorship deals being formed between bookmakers and the professional teams.

The reason for this is because if there’s an interest in betting on Overwatch, bookmakers are of course highly interested in us bettors having our bets placed at them. Therefore they will make sponsorship deals with the professional teams so that their logo for instance can be seen on the players’ outfits. These deals mean that the professional teams will get a well needed economic boost, which will imporve the scene.

Overwatch gameplay

Overwatch Assault game modeOverwatch is a first person shooter that heavily relies on teamwork and strategic play to achieve victory. The game is played in short matches in teams of two with six players in each. There are several different playable characters (heroes), which each have a certain role in the game, such as being offensive, defensive, support and tank. The objective of the game is to take down the enemy team and to complete certain map objectives. There are currently four different map types, which have different objectives to complete, whereas each map type have several different looking maps that can be played. The four different map types are called Assault, Escort, Assault/Escort and Control.

In Assault one of the teams will be attacking, whose objective is to capture two different target points located on the map within a certain period of time. The other team will be the defending team and must stop the attacking team from capturing the target points.

In Escort one of the teams (attacking) must escort a payload vehicle that moves along a fixed track to a certain destination on the map. This must be done within a certain time limit and the other team (defending) must stop this from happening. The payload vehicle moves forward as long as a member from the attacking team is near it, unless a member from the defending team comes near as this will make it stop. Should no member from the attacking team be near it, it will start moving in reverse back to where it started. Checkpoints are located along the track and passing those will extend the time limit as well as prevent the vehicle from going back any further than that.

Overwatch Escort game modeAssault/Escort is a combination of the two above map types where the attacking team must first capture the payload and then escort it to its destination, while the defending team must prevent this from happening.

In Control matches are played in best of three (best of five in the game mode “competitive play”) and the objective for each team is to capture a control point until it reaches 100%.

To successfully complete the map objectives and be victorious, each team must play together and strategically. This strategic play begins when picking your hero, before the match starts. As previously mentioned there are four different type of heroes that can be picked, which all play a certain role in the game and all have unique abilities to use. The four different roles are Offense, Defense, Tank and Support.

Offense heroes are heroes that can move swiftly and deal a high amount of damage. Their weakness
is however their defense as they have quite a low amount of hit points.

Defense heroes are heroes that do well in preventing enemy advancement. They are for instance able to interrupt enemy attacks and set up sentries to guard control points.

Tank heroes are heroes with a very high amount of hit points whose role is to engage in battle and act as a shield for the rest of the team.

Support heroes are heroes that support their teammates by healing and buffs like enhancing damage and defense. They are also able to weaken the enemy team. Support heroes are quite low on hit points and therefore do best staying in the back to support teammates while avoiding damage.

Overwatch abilities for Soldier 76All heroes have several different abilities to use, even though some have more than others. You will encounter numerous of interesting and highly entertaining abilities, such as the possibility to fly, teleport yourself or why not turning into a destructive mini gun? Common for all heroes is that they all have an ultimate skill that can be used once a skill meter has been fully built up. This skill meter is built up by for instance defeating enemy players or healing teammates. A few examples of ultimate abilities are immunity to attacks, increased attack damage and the ability to resurrect team members.

It’s possible and many times also the best decision to change a hero during the match as this will allowed to counter the enemy more efficiently. Doing so will however result in the ultimate skill meter being reset.

Overwatch game modes

Overwatch training modesTutorial: The tutorial is a brief introduction to the game and is the perfect place for newcomers to learn the basics. You’ll be guided through how to move around, shoot and several other basic things.

Practice range: This mode will allow you to visit a training area to try out the different heroes and to test their abilities on dummies. It’s the perfect choice if you’re new to the game and would like to learn the basics.

Practice VS A.I:
Here you will team up with other players and battle it out against the A.I on a random chosen map. In this mode you will really get the feel of how the game is being played and be able to try out the different map objectives.

Play VS A.I: In this mode you will once again face off against the A.I. The difference is that you’ll be able to set the difficulty of the A.I you would like to battle. You can choose either easy, medium or hard. 

Quick play: This is a casual mode that will randomly put you or your party in a team with other random players, where you’ll face off against another randomly put together team. The game servers will automatically try to match the two teams on an equal skill level to make it as fair as possible.

Overwatch skill rating systemCompetitive play: This is a highly competitive mode that is run in three month long seasons with a short break in between them. In the beginning of each season, players have to play through ten qualifier matches which will determine the skill rating. These matches are partially influenced by ranking from previous seasons. After that, players will be able to climb in skill rating by winning matches. There are currently 7 different skill tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster being the highest.

Arcade: The arcade is filled with fun packed game modes that changes every now and then. You will for instance be able to find capture the flag where the team that captures the flag three times or the most within the time limit will win. You’ll also find Elimination where the goal is to just wipe out the enemy team three times. There’s a lot of other fun modes as well, such as always getting a random hero on respawn or only female heroes being available.

Custom game: This mode you’ll find in the arcade, which lets you create your own game where you’re able to change the settings of it. Heroes can for instance be made unavailable and the rate in which the ultimate skill meter fills up can be increased. It’s also possible to choose what maps should be played and what game mode it should be.

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