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The anticipated League of Legends world championship

There is no other eSport tournament that is anticipated by as many people as the League of Legends world championship is. This has led to a lot of LoL worlds betting being offered by both established betting operators and newcomers in the business. The finals in 2016 were watched by a stunning 43 million people and broke all previous records of LoL championship betting.

The number of bets placed on this incredible tournament, together with all the LCS betting going on throughout the year, has lead to LoL being one of the most popular games to bet on. In the following article, you’ll find out why League of Legends world championship betting is as popular as and where you should head for LoL championship betting.

LoL worlds betting – All you need to know

If you haven’t been LoL world betting before or have placed any bets on League of Legends at all, you might be wondering what there is to gain from doing this. Well, if you like having a good time or making an extra buck, these are both great reasons for League of Legends worlds betting.

The majority of people choose to place bets for pure entertainment purposes. As a fan of the game, you might already find the professional matches exciting, but this is nothing compared to having some money at stake. It doesn’t have to be any huge amounts, but just placing a small bet takes the experience to a whole other level.

When you’re looking for LoL worlds betting odds, it’s not only possible to bet on match winner, but you have a huge selection of other options as well. This includes who will destroy the first tower, kill the first Baron/Dragon and score the first blood. These are however just a few of the 30ish entertaining markets you’re able to find.

Imagine having some money at stake on who will score the first blood and destroy the first tower. The action packed matches will turn into a life and death situation as you cross your fingers and hope for the best when an early gang takes place in one of the lanes. Now imagine if this was LoL world championship betting taking place in the finals or any other important match that your favorite team is playing. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that! For the ultimate experience you are however able to place live bets during the match, such as who will take down the next tower.league of legends bets ebetfinder text breakerAlthough the majority of people mainly look for amusement and excitement in League of Legends world championship betting, there are those that see it as an opportunity to make some extra money. As this tournament attracts a lot of people interested in placing real money bets, you’re able to find plenty of different LoL worlds betting odds.

The odds compilers, in other words the people who are setting these odds are no different from you and me, which means that you’re able to find flaws in their reasoning and take advantage of them. These people are usually very knowledgeable of the game, but as there is a wide selection of different markets to choose from and plenty of operators offering LoL worlds betting, it’s possible to find odds that will work in your favor.

If you’re interested in learning more about markets and how to become a successful bettor on LoL, you’ll find more information in our LoL betting guide.

Where should I go for LoL world championship bets?

Before picking the operator to use for LoL world championship betting, there are a few things that you need to consider. Although the overall best eSport operator for LoL undoubtedly is Arcanebet, all eSport betting sites have their own strengths and weaknesses. You therefore have to ask yourself what you’re looking for in an eSport betting site before making your choice.

A lot of people are just interested in finding the best bonus for LoL worlds betting, which is understandable as a great bonus really makes it easier making a profit. You might however value a customer support that is always available or light speed withdrawal times a lot more than this. It should also be mentioned that even though there’s generally a good selection of odds for League of Legends worlds betting, some operators have a much wider selection than others.

In addition to the above, you have to consider if live streaming directly on site is important to you or not as not everyone offers this. This can be quite neat as you’re able to easily follow the game while live betting. Fast settling times and interactive betting with a cash out option can also be nice features to look for in a site. You also have to ask yourself if it’s important to be able to gamble on other things as well, such as casino games. While established bookmakers usually offer this, some of the best LoL world betting sites don’t.

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