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League of Legends, Rift Rivals 2019 NA-EU


League of Legends, CBLOL 2019


League of Legends, NEST 2019

05/25 05:00SinoDragon Gaming VS Suning Gaming
05/25 08:00Bilibili Gaming VS Invictus Gaming

League of Legends, LPL Summer 2019


League of Legends, LCK 2019 Summer


League of Legends, World Championship 2019


An introduction to LoL odds

League of Legends is one of the most popular games for betting real money on professional matches that are going down. This betting is done through the LoL odds that you’re able to find listed above. These odds are automatically updated and will always show the latest ones from upcoming matches that are soon to be played.

The odds are being shown in a so called decimal view, which is the most common way for them to be presented. This view means that the amount that you’re able to win if you were to place a real money bet is equal to your stake multiplied with the odds. Should you for instance place a bet of €100 on odds 1.45, your winnings would be €145 (1.45 * 100) if the outcome you’re betting on occurs.

At the moment, all of the LoL betting odds that you’re able to find listed above are for the outcome of which team that will win the match. To the left you’ll find the two teams are competing and to the right the odds that these have been given for winning the match. The more likely the bookmakers consider a team to win, the lower the odds will be.

Although we’re currently only listing League of Legends odds for match winners, you’re able to find odds on several other outcomes as well by just clicking on one of the matches. This does for instance include which team that will get the first blood and which team that will reach a certain number of kills first. These different types of outcomes are called markets.

While some just prefer betting on the winner of the match, many find that a wide variety of markets make the betting experience a lot more interesting. If you’re one of those people and would like to find out all of the different type of markets that are available for LoL, we highly recommend checking out our League of Legends betting guide as we have the majority of them listed in this.

Making a profit on League of Legends betting odds

We all have different goals with our betting on League of Legends. For some of us it’s just an entertaining past time activity that increases the excitement of watching professional matches, while others aim to make as much money from it as possible. No matter what your personal ambitions are, we’re sure that making a profit from your betting is always welcomed.

There are several things that can help you in making a profit, such as using a bonus. The most basic thing is however understanding the bookmakers’ League of Legends betting odds and how you’re able to take advantage of them. All bookmakers base their odds on qualified predictions that they make and for you to be as successful as possible, you have to make better predictions and then choose odds that are in your favor.

To give you an example, a bookmaker will base their odds on match winners on knowledge that they have and research that they do. They will come up with a percentage likelihood that each team has of winning and then transform this likelihood into odds. Before the LoL odds are being presented on their site, they will also lower them a bit to give themselves an advantage.

Even though the bookmakers have this kind of edge, their predictions aren’t always the best and they do make mistakes. By taking part of betting predictions on LoL or doing a little bit of research on your own, you’re able to come up with better ones. If you do this and transform these predictions into odds, all you have to do to be profitable in the long run is placing your bets on odds that are higher than those you’ve come up with.

This may sound a lot more complicated than it really is and should you be interested in learning more, we have it all explained in detail in our section with LoL betting tips.

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