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The top 5 League of Legends betting sites

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These days it’s possible to find plenty of operators offering odds on professional LoL matches. It has started to become a bit of a jungle, making it hard finding that perfect LoL betting site that will suit your personal needs the best. Something that can be quite important if you’re looking for a long term betting experience that can provide you with a high quality level of entertainment. This is why we at eBetFinder have created this page – to help you find the LoL betting website that will give you the perfect experience.

With a team of hardcore LoL fans, we have played on and carefully reviewed close to 40 different League of Legends betting websites in the search for those that provide the overall best experience. The value of this has been based on several factors, such as the operator’s coverage of matches, fun markets, withdrawal times, campaign offers and the availability of the customer support. The welcome offer has also been taken into serious consideration, but if you’re just interested in a world class bonus to get your betting started, we recommend checking out our guide covering the best bonus for League of Legends.

As a result of the thorough research that we have done, we have found a couple of operators that stand out from the rest and listed these below. These are five of the best LoL betting sites that you can bet on, guaranteed to give you an amazing experience. As we have mentioned all of their pros and cons, you’ll be able to easily find the one site for betting on LoL that suits your personal needs the best. Please do however note that we haven’t written anything about the coverage of matches and markets as they all provide a fantastic one. Should you however be interested in knowing what operator has the absolute widest selection of fun markets, we recommend checking out our guide about entertaining markets for LoL.

Betway | 100% up to €150 (for selected countries)

+ Accepts UK players
+ Welcome offer with low minimum odds
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Regular campaign offers on eSports
+ Loyalty program that can earn you free bets
+ Mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Cash out option on bets
+ Good amount of casino games (300+ slots)
+ Plenty of other products (bingo, poker, lotto)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets
- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

Start betting with Betway!

Arcanebet | 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds (use code: EBETFINDER)

+ Visually impressive design that is easy to navigate through
+ World class welcome offer with no minimum odds
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within 1-4 hours during the day
+ Very fast settling times (usually as soon as the event has occurred)
+ Full and partial cash out option
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone

- Limited opening hours of support
- Poor selection of other products than eSports

Start betting with Arcanebet!

Unibet | Country specific welcome offers (usually valuable)

+ Been offering online gaming since 1999 and is very trusted
+ Very valuable welcome offer for certain countries
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat and e-mail
+ Good withdrawal and settling times
+ Very nice mobile app for iOS & Android
+ Cash out option on some bets
+ Huge amount of different products (casino, bingo, poker, scratch)
+ Welcome offer can be used with e-Wallets

Start betting with Unibet!

Betspawn | 100% up to €133,7 with a unique feature!

+ Impressive design that is well-structured and easy to navigate
+ Very valuable welcome offer with a unique feature
+ Bonus on your second and third deposit (50% + 25% up to €133,7)
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within an hour during the day
+ Fast settling times (instant on live, 15 min after match on pre)
+ Customer support available on live chat and e-mail
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Profit boost bonus on combination bets
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Previous match result statistics
+ Competitions and promotions every now and then
+ Decent selection of casino games (100+ slots)

- Limited opening hours of support

Start betting with Betspawn!

LeoVegas | Country specific welcome offers (usually valuable)

+ Valuable welcome offer for some countries
+ Loyalty program with monthly prize draws
+ Visually appealing design and easy navigation
+ 24/7 support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Withdrawals often processed upon contact
+ Fast settling times of bets
+ Cash out option on some bets
+ Very nice mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Huge selection of casino games (more than 1200!)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets

Start betting with LeoVegas!

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A thorough look at how we choose the top sites for League of Legends

In contrast to some other websites that recommend League of Legends operators, we at eBetFinder are very strict when choosing the sites that belong among the best. One of our core values is to provide all of our users with as accurate and helpful information as possible and the best sites we list are therefore only chosen after very careful consideration. As we encounter new LoL betting sites of high quality we also make sure to update our lists so that these are always as fresh as possible.

We fully understand that every person has different needs and priorities when choosing a betting site for LoL and therefore these won’t necessarily match with ours. With that being said, our experience of having worked in the I-gaming industry for many years and having several passionate LoL bettors on our team have taught us that there are certain qualities that the majority find to be more important than others when picking their LoL betting site. These are the qualities that our rating is based on.

The most important factor taken into consideration is the amount of professional League of Legends matches that the operators have LoL odds provided for, as well as the selection of entertaining markets that is offered for these matches. Being able to find the match one is interested in betting on is absolutely crucial and having a wide selection of different markets to choose from is a great way to get a more versatile and entertaining betting experience.

While some may have a better coverage than others, all of our above listed LoL betting websites will always have a fantastic coverage of both matches and markets. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t make it into the top.

Next on the priority list affecting our decision of who makes it into the top five sites are a few different things with promotions being one of them. These are usually highly popular taking part of and often a great way to increase the chances of making a profit. We therefore look at how valuable the betting operators’ welcome offers are and how often temporary campaigns are being offered, such as time limited free bets, cashbacks and deposit bonuses.

Together with these promotions, we also take the availability of the customer support into consideration, as well as how long it takes for a requested withdrawal to be processed and for a placed bet to be settled. These are all factors that can play a big part of the quality of the betting experience on LoL. However, as these are not considered to be quite as important as the match coverage for instance is, there is no guarantee that all of our top sites will have a 24/7 customer support and super-fast withdrawal times, although it’s very likely that some of them will.

Last on the priority list are a lot of smaller and less important things, but that still have an impact on the quality of the experience. This can for instance include the amount of deposit methods offered, if there’s any live streaming of LoL matches and if there’s a cash out option on bets placed. It can also include several other things, such as how well the betting operators’ websites are structured and if they’re easy navigating on; if they provide statistics of previous match results and the range of products they offer to gamble on other than League of Legends.

Now that you can know which LoL betting sites are the best, why not find out more about placing bets on LoL? In our LoL betting guide you’ll learn how to become a successful bettor of the game and much more!

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