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Introduction to League of Legends betting

» League of Legends sites | Becoming successful | Different markets | FutureBenefits to the scene «

A lot of skilled enthusiasts of LoL are asking themselves how to make money playing League of Legends. While many would surely like the answer to be becoming a professional player and earning hundreds of thousands by competing in leagues and tournaments, the vast majority will unfortunately never be able to reach this dream. It is however possible to use knowledge of the game and the competitive scene to earn a little extra by placing real money bets on the professional teams that are battling it out.

The fact is that out of all the eSport games available, League of Legends is one of the most popular to bet on. This is actually not too much of a surprise considering that LoL has a tremendous player base and that it’s possible to get a top notch betting experience. So where can I bet on League of Legends games that the pros are playing? Well, as a lot of players have been finding an interest in betting on League of Legends, a huge amount of sportsbook providers are nowadays putting a lot of effort in providing odds on the game.

With professional matches regularly going down, this means that you can be more or less certain that you’ll always have a wide selection of matches to bet on no matter what eSport betting site you turn to. By choosing one of the top LoL betting sites that we have listed, you will however guarantee yourself the best possible experience, which for instance includes having a wide variety of entertaining markets to place your bets on. These markets do not only make the experience a lot more fun and exciting, but can also be valuable for those who are looking for profitable LoL bets.

In the following article we will tell you everything about these entertaining markets, how you’re able to increase your profits and other interesting information about betting on LoL.

Becoming successful in League of Legends betting

Whether it’s betting on LCS, the world championship or any other LoL matches, we all choose to place our bets on League of Legends for different reasons. Some of us just want to get that extra level of thrill and entertainment that it adds to the action packed matches with the professional teams going at each other. Others may be in it to expose and take advantage of the eSport betting sites’ weaknesses to try and make some serious money out of it. Most of us are likely to be sitting somewhere in-between the two, but no matter what category you’re belonging to, we can probably agree that making a profit from your LoL bets is always a pleasure.

To make money with LoL betting, there are a lot of things that can help, but one of the most important ones are being knowledgeable and doing your research. This includes having a good understanding of the meta game and staying up to date with changes that are made to it. It also includes looking up match history on the teams that you’re interested in betting on. By knowing how the teams have previously performed in matches against each other, you might be able to get a good tell on how the current one will turn out as well. By checking out recent matches they’ve played against other teams, you may also get a good idea of their current form.

What’s just as important as doing your research well is placing the right bets. Having knowledge is very valuable, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t place your bets on odds that are actually profitable for you in the long run. To do so, you would have to estimate the percentual chance each team has of winning, turn this into odds and then only place your bets on odds that are higher than these. This may sound a lot more complicated than it really is. By heading over to our section of LoL betting tips, you will find it all explained in detail. Here you’ll also get a better understanding of the knowledge that you can gather to help you make a profit.

league of legends betting text breaker

If you’re really into making the most of your LoL betting and taking it seriously, you should consider having a dedicated bankroll and storing this on an e-Wallet such as Skrill or Neteller. Having a bankroll for eSports betting is the perfect way to have control over the money that should be spent on League of Legends betting. You’re supposed to keep this separated from the rest of your economy and set limits to it so that you don’t spend too much of it on one single LoL bet.

The reason for storing the bankroll on either Skrill or Neteller is so that you can easily make fast transactions between several eSport betting sites. Now why should you use several different sites? Well, if you really want to make money betting on LoL and you have some time to spare, you would be interested in placing your bets with the operator that offers the best odds. These odds can vary a lot from one match to another between different sites.

By using several different eSport betting sites, you’re also able to take part of regular campaign offers and welcome bonuses, which is usually the easiest way to boost your profits. Some of these bonuses are of course more valuable than others, but they’re overall recommended taking part of. If you’re interested in finding out what of some of the most valuable welcome offers you can get for LoL are, check out our section about the best LoL betting bonus.

Markets for betting on League of Legends

Even though more or less all eSport betting sites have a great match coverage of League of Legends, the amount of entertaining markets offered is varying a lot from one site to another. Below you’ll find a list of the vast majority of those markets that you’re able to come across while betting on LoL. Some of these are common ones that are frequently offered for matches at some bookmakers, while others are special markets that are only available on certain events.

Should you be interested in knowing which operators have the best coverage of these markets or where you can find a specific one offered, you’re able to do this in our guide of the top bookmakers for entertaining markets on League of Legends.

Common markets

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Correct map score
  • Over/under total maps
  • Over/under total kills
  • Over/under total time
  • Over/under total dragons slain
  • Over/under total barons slain
  • Over/under total towers destroyed
  • Odd/even total kills
  • First team to get a No. of kills

  • Largest multi kill in match
  • Team to not lose any map
  • Team to not win any map
  • Team to win at least 1 map
  • Team number of maps won
  • Team to slay first dragon
  • Team to slay first baron
  • Team to slay first rif herald
  • Team to destroy the first tower
  • Team to destroy the first inhibitor
  • Team to get most kills
  • Team to get most kills (handicap)

  • Team to draw first blood
  • Team to score a penta kill
  • Team to score a quadra kill
  • Type of dragon first killed
  • Both teams to slay a baron
  • Both teams to slay a dragon
  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor
  • Player of the tournament
  • Team to reach the finals
  • Tournament winner
  • Group winner
  • Region winner

Special markets*

  • Side to get the most wins
  • Side with the most towers destroyed
  • Side with the most gold earned
  • Side with the most dragons slain
  • Side with the most barons slain
  • Over/under total kills
  • Over/under total towers destroyed

  • Over/under total gold
  • Over/under total dragons slain
  • Over/under total barons slain
  • Over/under average map duration
  • Over/under the time of the shortest map
  • Over/under the time of the longest map
  • Team to get first blood + win map

  • Player to deal most damage to champions
  • Player to earn the most gold
  • Player to get the most kills
  • Player go kill the most minions
  • Player to place most wards
  • Type of 1st, 2nd and 3rd dragon
  • Will any team slay an elder dragon?

* Please note that all of the special markets listed above are for the entire tournament played. Over/under total kills listed under special markets therefore describe the total kills in the tournament while over/under total kills listed under common markets is for one specific match.

The future of LoL betting

If you love betting on League of Legends as much as we do or if it’s a newfound interest of yours, you’ll be happy knowing that the future for it is looking extremely bright. Although eSports betting is still in its very early phase, being quite a new phenomenon compared to traditional sports, there is already a huge amount and a wide variety of bets on League of Legends available. This includes everything from taking part in League of Legends world championship betting to odds being offered on matches belonging to country specific championship leagues, such as the Turkish or Korean one.

More or less all eSport betting operators are covering the game and although some cover more matches than others, most of them are doing a great job. Amongst the top LoL betting sites there is also a huge variety of different markets, which is almost as good as bets for popular soccer matches. As the eSports industry is growing and setting new records every year, we’re expecting that most eSport bookmakers will increase their coverage of LoL even further. Up until now this is exactly what’s been happening and we don’t see anything stopping this from betting text breaker 2It’s uncertain when the first bet on League of Legends was offered, but what we do know is that Pinnacle, one of the first major eSport operators, had their first bet taken on the game in the autumn of 2011. Since then there’s been a tremendous increase in the amount of bets taken. If we’re looking at number released by Pinnacle, it took them about a year to go from their first 100,000.00 bets to their first 500,000.00 bets. To put this in perspective, it only took them four months to go from 4 million bets to 5 million.

All of these bets are not only taken on LoL, but other eSport games as well. However, considering that League of Legends has a huge player base and is in fact the most popular choice to bet on, it’s fair to say that a large portion of these bets were indeed taken on LoL. This is clearly showing a growing interest in betting on League of Legends, which eSport betting sites of course will be picking up on.

As a lot of LoL betting operators are doing a great job with offering matches on the game, we probably won’t see that much of an increase in the match coverage. We are however expecting a lot of them to step up and offer a wider selection of entertaining markets. There probably won’t be any new type of markets introduced anytime soon, which means that the ones listed further up on the page are what you can expect. This means that eSport betting sites that are already doing an exceptional job with these probably won’t improve that much in the near future. All of those that are currently only offering bets on match winner and handicap, we do however expect to see a huge increase from.

How bets on League of Legends can improve the scene

Whether you’re placing bets on League of Legends just to get an awesome form of entertainment, adding that extra level of excitement to the action in the professional matches, or are in it to try and make some serious cash, you’re actually improving the competitive scene at the same time. The more we’re betting, the more we’re contributing to the growth of the scene.

As mentioned before, betting on League of Legends is quite a new phenomenon compared to traditional sports and many eSport betting sites are therefore not that focused on it. With that being said, we are of course seeing a lot of bets being offered on LoL. There are however not many marketing campaigns around it, because a lot of operators don’t feel like it’s worth the time and money. Every time we’re placing our bets, we are however signalizing to the industry that there is an interest for betting on LoL and when this interest gets big enough (that is when enough bets are being placed), the operators will notice this and take action.league of legends bets ebetfinder text breakerAll of the League of Legends betting sites are competing against each other, so if there’s a big number of potential League of Legends bettors out there, they of course want to reach us and have us bet at their site and not at any of their competitors’. The easiest way to reach out to us is by simply advertising. As we’re mainly watching streams, youtube and downloading our movies and series, TV commercials isn’t really the way to reach us. It’s also extremely expensive.

So how do they reach us? They do it by making sponsorship deals with the professional teams. This way their logo can be seen on the players’ outfits, which we will notice every time we’re watching a match go down or an interview with a player. These sponsorship deals result in the organizations getting an economic boost, hence improving the competitive scene. The more popular betting on League of Legends get, the bigger this economic boost will get as more and more eSport operators will be interested in making such deals. This makes it possible for the teams to negotiate up the prices.

Even though the whole process of eSports betting is in an early phase, sponsorship deals like this has already happened. The LoL betting site ggBET has for instance formed sponsorship deals with several teams, such as Team Fnatic.

League of Legend Tournaments

International Worldwide Tournaments

Mid-Season InvitationalMSIWorldwide
World ChampionshipWCSWorldwide
Rift RivalsBlue RiftRRLCS
Red RiftRREast Asia
Yellow RiftRRLatin America
Purpul RiftRRPacific
Green RiftRRCIS – TR – VB
All starsASEWorldwide

Top tier leagues

North America League of Legends Championship SeriesNA LCSNorth America (NA)
Europe League of Legends Championship SeriesEU LCSEurope (EU)
League of Legends Champions KoreaLCKSouth Korea (SK)
League of Legends Pro LeagueLPLChina (CN)
League of Legends Masters SeriesLMSTW/HK/MO
Campeonato Brasileiro de League of LegendsCBLOLBrazil (BR)
Liga Latinoamérica NorteLLNLatin America North (LAN)
Copa Latinoamérica SurCLSLatin America South (LAS)
League of Legends Japan LeagueLJLJapan (JP)
Turkish Champions LeagueTCLTurkey (TR)
League of Legends Continental LeagueLCLCommonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Oceanic Pro LeagueOPLOceania
SEA Tour ChampionshipSEASoutheast Asia (SEA)
Vietnam Championship SeriesVCSVietnam (VN)

Second tier leagues

North America Academy LeagueNA ALNorth America (NA)
League of Legends Challengers KoreaCKSouth Korea (SK)
LoL Secondary Pro LeagueLSLPChina (CN)
Elite Challenger SeriesECSTW/HK/MO
Vietnam Championship Series BVCSVietnam (VN)
LJL Challenger SeriesLJL CSJapan (JP)
SLTV Challenger LeagueSLTV CLCommonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Circuito DesafianteCDBrazil (BR)
Hero of CitiesHoCChina (CN)
Demacia Cup/ChampionshipDCChina (CN)
LOL KeSPA CupLOL KCSouth Korea (SK)

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you liked it, please feel free and share it with your friends.

Should you need to refresh your memory on how the game is played, don’t hesitate heading over to the League of Legends gameplay page.

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