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Best sites for eSports betting in India

So you’re an India based video game enthusiast looking for an awesome eSports betting experience? Then you’ve come to the right place! On this page we have gathered some of the best sites to bet on eSports in India. You’ll find these conveniently listed below.

Note that all brands on this page allow you to create your betting account in rupees.

eSports betting site

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Is eSports betting legal in India?

There is actually no straight answer to this. There is an old central law called The Public Gambling Act of 1867, which prohibits all gambling. This does, however, not mention anything about playing casino games or betting online.

So what’s the deal with online gambling? Is eSports betting legal in India or not? It depends on where you’re currently living as the government has left it up to each state to decide. Some states have fully legalized gambling while others have prohibited it.

It should also be mentioned that a couple of states don’t have any laws on the subject at all making it a grey area. Should you be living in such a state your gambling activity won’t be legal, but it won’t be illegal either so you can never get in trouble for it.

With the below list of states you can easily find out if you’re at any risk eSports betting in India or not.

Legality status of online gambling

Andhra Pradesh: no law Jharkhand: no law Punjab: no law
Arunachal Pradesh: no law Karnataka: no law Rajasthan: no law
Assam: no law Kerala: no law Sikkim: legal
Bihar: no law Madhya Pradesh: no law Tamil Nadu: no law
Chhattisgarh: no law Maharashtra: illegal Telangana: no law
Goa: legal Manipur: no law Tripura: no law
Gujarat: no law Meghalaya: no law Uttarakhand: no law
Haryana: no law Mizoram: no law Uttar Pradesh: no law
Himachal Pradesh: no law Nagaland: no law West Bengal: no law
Jammu & Kashmir: no law Odisha: no law
no law = you are safe to bet and gamble on esports online

Suggested payment methods for eSport bets in India

While attempting to place an eSports bet in India you may quickly realize that it can be a bit troublesome. Well, the bet itself is actually very easy to place. However, depositing with rupees to be able to do so isn’t always an easy task as banks in India don’t go hand in hand with online gambling.

If you’re attempting a deposit by Visa, Mastercard or by making a bank transfer, you will find that this will fail a lot. Not only can this cause you a tremendous amount of frustration, but you may not get your money into the betting site at all no matter how many attempts you make.

Luckily there is an easy solution to all of this and it’s called an e-Wallet.

Depositing with rupees using an e-Wallet

If you haven’t heard about e-Wallets before, they’re basically bank accounts. The most recognized ones that we highly recommend using are called Skrill and Neteller. These two payment methods are both supported by the vast majority of bookies that offer eSport bets in India.

Setting up an account is easy and once you’ve created one you can fund your e-Wallet by using a credit card or by making a bank transfer. If using Visa or Mastercard the money will instantly appear. By visiting the betting site you can then use this e-Wallet to deposit, which is a very simple process.

This way you’ll bypass all of the problems that card and bank transfers normally cause when depositing to an eSports betting site in India. Not only that, but using e-Wallets is actually a better option in some other regards as well.

Your cash outs are a lot faster as there is no transaction time between the bookie and the e-Wallet. As soon as a withdrawal has been processed you will receive the money. It’s also a safer option than using credit cards as you never have to provide any sensitive information.

There are two downsides to using e-Wallets though. Some sites offering bets on eSports in India won’t allow you to use their welcome offer if you deposit with Skrill or Neteller. When making transfers between an e-Wallet and a bank account some smaller fees will also apply.

All in all this type of payment method is, however, by far the best one for a smooth experience as an Indian thrill seeker. Should you like to you could even receive a Mastercard to your e-Wallet making withdrawals from it very convenient.

What games are available for eSports betting in India?

More or less every title that has a moderate sized competitive scene. What games you’ll find odds on can, however, vary quite a bit from one Indian eSports betting site to another. Some only offer the most popular titles while others offer bets on much lesser played games like Smite and Street Fighter.

Below we have mentioned three of the competitive gaming industry’s most recognized ones which you’re almost certain to find bets on no matter what site you choose.

Dota 2

Being one of the biggest eSport games in Asia, a lot of Indian thrill seekers are looking to bet on Dota 2. Should you be one of these, you can expect a fantastic experience. The best eSport betting sites in India are covering anything from minor events to qualifier matches and the most prestigious tournaments.

Not only this, but you can also look forward to a wide range of entertaining markets. In addition to match winner you can find odds on the team destroying the first tower, the team being first to slay Roshan and if a player will get a godlike streak or not. This is just to mention a few – there are a lot of them available.


Another worldwide popular title that definitely hasn’t missed the eSport fans in India is CS:GO. This is in general the game that bookies offer the most odds on. No wonder though seeing how many tournaments and competitive matches that are always running for this title.

Should you be interested in betting on CS:GO, you’ll definitely have a huge selection of odds to choose from. We’re not just talking about various matchups where you can bet on the winner, but just like Dota 2 there are a lot of different markets offered. Some of these include how many rounds in total there will be in the match, if a bomb will be planted on a certain round or not and the number of kills that will occur on a round.

League of Legends

Being the most played game in the world, it’s to little surprise that bookies offering eSports betting in India love this title. There’s an overall huge interest in betting on League of Legends. Just like the two mentioned games you can therefore expect to get an amazing experience.

In addition to hundreds of matchups being up for betting every month you’ll find plenty of different markets to bet on. Just to mention a few, you can find odds on the team scoring first blood, getting to a certain number of kills first, destroying the first inhibitor and slaying the first dragon.

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