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Looking to get started with some awesome eSports action? EGB is one of the best places you’ll find! Not only do they cover a lot of matches from a wide selection of games and have several fun markets that you can bet on, but with plenty of live streaming and an awesome player chat you’re able to follow the heat of the action while you’re talking with other bettors about it. With fast settling times, an interesting player point shop, entertaining promotions, around the clock support and good withdrawal times, EGB is just an amazing bookie!

Continue reading the full review to find out everything there is to know about EGB or just head over there and check it out yourself!

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Breakdown of EGB

Pros and Cons

  • Great eSports coverage
  • Fast settling times
  • Play money to try the site out
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live streaming on a lot of matches
  • Player point shop to buy bonuses etc
  • Chat room to talk with other players
  • Welcome offer can be used with e-Wallets
  • No other products than eSports
  • Limited deposit methods
  • Design/navigation could be a bit better

Welcome bonus

Cashback up to 600$

EGB will match your first deposit up to a stunning 600$. The money will however not be paid out instantly, but in 5 different blocks as you play (your deposit divided by 5). For every cashback dollar you need 500 player points and you get 10 points for every dollar placed on a bet with odds 1.3 or higher.

It’s possible to make a withdrawal while having the bonus active, but EGB does reserve the right to cancel the bonus if you make a withdrawal that would leave your account balance lower than it was on your first deposit. As long as your balance is left with a higher amount than on your first deposit, you can however cash out any profits that you make without risking to lose the bonus. The bonus will stay active for three months.

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About EGB

Image2 of EGB eBetFinder

EGB is just a great place for anyone who is looking to bet on eSports. With a wide selection of different eSport games and a good match coverage, you can more or less be certain to find what you’re looking for here. It’s not necessarily the bookmaker that has the number one coverage, but it’s definitely one of the top ones. Along with the good match coverage, you’ll be able to find a couple of entertaining markets as well, which makes the whole experience a good deal of fun.

To be able to try the site out before you decide to deposit any money, you have play money that can be used to place bets just like you would with real money. If this ever runs out you can easily reset it by yourself. Should you decide to deposit, you’ll get a cashback as a welcome offer. It’s not the most valuable bonus, but opposed to some other bonuses out there you have nothing to lose in taking part of it, which makes it a nice addition. Should you clear the bonus, you’re actually able to buy more in a player point shop that they have on the site. This shop also offers pure money and gamer equipment to be bought, such as really nice mouses, mousepads, keyboards and headphones from famous brands like Razer, Steelseries and more.

The player points are earned for every bet you place, but extra can also be earned by completing daily quests such as placing 5 bets on pistol rounds in CS:GO. It’s not only rewarding, but really entertaining as well! Speaking of entertainment, you’ll find a couple of fun promotions at EGB that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. They for instance have a Dota 2 pick promotion, which means that you can predict what picks and bans there will be in certain professional tournaments and compete against other bettors doing so.

Image of EGB eBetFinder

In addition to this, you’ll find a huge amount of live streaming directly on their site, which means that you can easily follow the action of the bets you’ve placed. You’ll have the option to choose between a lot of different tournaments being played and for convenience, you are able to minimze and move the stream window to the bottom of the site so that you can navigate and place bets without having to miss out on any of the action. Not only that, but you’ll find a player chat next to the streams with numerous other bettors who are discussing the games and sharing information on who to bet on.

With a support that’s available 24/7 through live chat, e-mail and phone, as well as good settling times and withdrawal times that are up to standards, EGB offers an awesome eSport experience. Another great thing is that more or less everyone can enjoy betting with EGB as there are only a few countries not allowed to play (Singapore, UK, USA).

So what’s the catch?

EGB is probably a great place for anyone who is looking for some good eSport experience, but for those who like to combine betting with other gambling products such as casino games, it might not be as exciting. EGB is a pure eSports bookie which means that there are nothing else to gamble on than eSports. You won’t find any other sports or any casino games. This can of course be easily dealt with by having one account with EGB for eSports and then another with for instance LeoVegas for casino games, but some just like to keep all their gambling at one place.

Another downside of EGB is that they have a limited amount of deposit methods. There are only a few supported and the most common ones like Visa and Mastercard are not. They can however be withdrawn to. If you like to deposit with credit cards you can easily do so by using Skrill or Neteller, which we personally think are the best ways to deposit and withdraw to as these methods are usually the fastest. Visa and Mastercards can be linked to both Skrill and Neteller and as EGB offers the possibility to deposit with these, it makes it possible to deposit with credit cards. Not everyone might however like this type of solution, which could make the limited deposit methods a negative thing.

Lastly the design might feel a bit amateurish, making the navigation a bit harder than it would have to be. It’s not a big deal and it’s actually really easy getting used to it, but it’s still worth mentioning it. There’s also some outdated information on their website that for some reason hasn’t been removed, which gives a bad impression. | Promo commercial from Laser Studio on Vimeo.

Games to bet on

EGB offers a very solid variety of different games to bet on. You can more or less always be sure to find bets offered on all of the most popular eSport games, as well as on a couple of the lesser played ones. An exception would be Clash Royale which we are yet to find offered. You can however always request odds to be added by speaking with the support, even though there is no guarantee that they will be. Check below for a list of games that you’ll definitely find matches on while betting with EGB:

  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone

  • Heroes of the Storm
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch

  • Rocket League
  • Smite

  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Tanks

eSport markets offered

The variety of different markets offered at EGB is quite good, which brings a lot of added value to the betting experience. Betting on these fun markets really increase the entertainment compared to just placing bets on the match winner. It is however important to know that not all games have a wide variety of special markets offered. Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO are the games you’ll be able to find the most for. This is not that unique to EGB, but unfortunately special markets for other games are not that commonly seen in the current state of eSports betting. Below you’ll find a list of markets that you may come across when placing bets with EGB:

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Over/under total kills
  • Over/under total kills on a round
  • Over/under total maps
  • Over/under total rounds

  • Over/under total time
  • Team to get first kill on a round
  • Team to score first blood
  • Team to win certain round
  • Team to win certain No. of rounds

  • Team to win at least 1 map
  • Team to win no map at all
  • First blood in over/under 100 seconds

  • First team to No. of won rounds
  • First team to certain No. of kills
  • Overtime or not
  • Tournament winner

Withdrawal & Settling times

At EGB withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours. However during their payment department’s office hours, it usually only takes a few hours before it’s processed.

When it comes to settling of bets, these are usually settled quickly once the results are in. You can in other words expect to have your bets settled while the match is on-going should the event you bet on have occurred.

Casino & Other games

EGB is a pure eSports bookie, which unfortunately means that no casino or other games are being offered at the moment. For a bookmaker that also offer an awesome eSports experience and have a few casino games as well, we highly recommend checking out Vitalbet.

They however only offer a few and if you’re looking for a lot more than that, Bet365 or Bethard is probably your best choice as they do quite well in eSports too.

Payment methods

EGB is offering the following payment methods:

  • Alipay
  • Neteller

  • Paysafe
  • Qiwi Wallet

  • Skrill
  • Webmoney

  • Yandex Money

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Core & Restricted countries

Currently EGB has no specific core markets, but residents of the following countries unfortunately can’t play:

Singapore, UK, USA

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