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Everything You Want to Know About the Dreamhack Cosplay

Costume play or cosplay was started during the late 20th century and now it has become so much popular across the globe. The first official cosplay competition was held in Japan during the 90s and later many other competitions were organized in different companies. Dreamhack is a Swedish event company that has taken cosplay to a whole new level. Now it is allowing cosplayers across the globe to show their talent and win impressive prize money for their performance. You might be wondering that how I can take part in the Dreamhack Cosplay and what it requires to be the best. So, continue reading and you will get all the answers for your queries related to cosplay competitions.

How to get information about Dreamhack Cosplay event?

You do not need to be a cosplayer, if you want to attend the event. All you need is the information regarding where the next Dreamhack Cosplay event will be organized. You can get the details online. Dreamhack provides all the details regarding its events through its official website. You can visit the website, buy the passes, and then attend the event. This production company organizes the cosplay events in various famous cities. So, if you are visiting one of those cities, then you must attend the event. It would be a huge fun to see cosplayers in some famous costumes of movies and video games.

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How to prepare for the cosplay competition:

Many people believe that it is the costume that makes cosplayers win or lose, but that is not true. The costume is just a part of the whole getup. You need to observe the character you are trying and you also need to adopt that character’s moves so that you can get into the characters properly. So, the first step would be preparing a costume of your favorite character. The next step would be learning the movements and attributes of that character so that you can portray that particular character properly on the stage.

Prepare for the auditions:

Numerous cosplayers wish to partake in Dreamhack Cosplays. This company selects only a few talented cosplayers through the auditions. So, if you are willing to be the main attraction in a major cosplay event, you should prepare for the auditions. You can details regarding the auditions online and then apply for an opportunity. Learn what it takes to get selected and then present your cosplay skills in front of the judges. You will get a chance of presenting your talent in front of a big audience, if you get selected for the main event.

What prize the cosplayers get after winning the Dreamhack Cosplay competition?

If you will perform well and if your costume is the best, you can receive the prize between $2000 and $5000. The prize money changes frequently. You get some great opportunities to perform at other events as well. Dreamhack is a company that features top cosplayers in many events. The cosplayers receive a handsome salary for their work and that’s what makes it more interesting.

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