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eBetFinder recommends the following sites to place bets on Dreamhack tournaments:

Arcanebet filter logo
Score: 98%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- Amazing eSports coverage

- Outstanding welcome offer

- Full and partial cash out option

- Fast withdrawal and settling times

- Live streaming on a lot of matches

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Bet365 filter logo
Score: 98%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- Mobile app

- Cash out option

- 24/7 customer support

- Live streaming on eSports

- Amazing eSports coverage

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Betspawn filter logo
Score: 96%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- Good welcome offer

- Fast withdrawal times

- Promotions on eSport

- Great eSports coverage

- Previous match result statistics

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GGbet logo
Score: 94%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- 24/7 customer support

- Amazing eSports coverage

- Nice design and navigation

- A lot of live streaming on eSports

- Could have faster withdrawal times

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More betting sites for Dreamhack

What is Dreamhack betting?

Simply put, Dreamhack betting is placing real money bets on the competitive matches that are taking place at Dreamhack. It’s a form of entertainment that can also be profitable for those lucky or knowledgeable enough.

Dreamhack is the largest gamer event in the world, which features tens of thousands of gamers that bring their computers, have an awesome time and battle it out against each other on various games.

It all started back in 1994 in a local school cafeteria in Sweden where only 40 people attended. Since then the event has been a yearly tradition in Sweden and since 2002 it’s been held twice a year in the Swedish town known as “Jönköping”. One event is held in June and the other one in November. These events usually last for four days.

Even though Sweden is the place the event originated from, it has spread to several countries in Europe and even made it all the way to America in 2016.

Dreamhack has been steadily growing and is nowadays featuring several competitive tournaments on various eSport games, with hundreds of thousands of euros up for grabs. As eSports and betting on eSports have been a rapidly growing market the past year, placing bets at Dreamhack and the tournaments taking place there has also become very popular.

These days you’re able to find several eSport betting sites offering bets on Dreamhack tournaments. In the below section you’re able to find the best of the best and a short review about them.

Best sites for betting at Dreamhack

If you’re looking for an awesome Dreamhack gambling experience, there are four eSport betting sites that you should definitely take a closer look at! While some of their features are the same, they also have distinct differences. Which one that suits you the best is all about what you’re looking for in an eSports betting site. The five operators  are Arcanebet, Bet365, Betspawn, ggBET and EGB, all of which you can read more about below.

Arcanebet filter logo

Arcanebet | Most bang for the buck!

Arcanebet is our personal favourite as they have an amazing welcome offer with no minimum odds required. This alone makes it worth the while to pay a visit to them. In addition to this, they have an awesome match coverage of more or less all eSport games, which of course includes them doing a great job covering tournaments going down at Dreamhack. For the most popular games, you’ll find a nice selection of entertaining markets to choose from, such as which team will get first blood and a certain number of kills first.

If you’re into fast withdrawal and settling times, you’ll also be very pleased as they are very quick when it comes to this. For some of your bets you can also find a cash out option, which means that you can make a profit from them before the match has actually ended.

Being more or less a pure eSports betting site, you’ll find a really cool gamer design that is also easy as pie to navigate through. In addition to this, they have a lot of live streaming directly on site and support the payment method Skinpay, which makes it possible to deposit with skins you’ve collected from games. Their only real downside is that their support (which is available on live chat, e-mail and phone) isn’t a 24/7 one. If you’re into casino games, it should however also be said that they unfortunately don’t offer any of those.

Visit Arcanebet

Bet365 filter logoBet365 | The king of entertaining markets!

Bet365 is always a great place for eSports, dreamhack bets included. You’ll be able to find a wide selection of matches to bet on from plenty of different eSport games. What’s special about Bet365 is that they are the kings of entertaining markets. Even though the other eSport betting sites mentioned may have a nice variety of them, no one can beat the selection that Bet365 is offering. It is however a close call with Betspawn that is also doing an amazing job.

Bet365 is also the place you should head to if you would like a really nice casino to complement the eSports betting. They have more than 600 slots, several table games and a live casino. In addition to this, you’ll find a pretty good welcome offer, a cash out option and withdrawal times that are definitely up to standards. You can also count on always getting the help you need as they have a 24/7 customer support on live chat, e-mail and phone.

Visit Bet365

Betspawn filter logoBetspawn | An overall amazing place!

Betspawn has a little bit of everything, which makes it an amazing place for most people. Putting a lot of their focus on eSports, their coverage is simply amazing and one of the best you’re able to find. Not only do they have a lot of matches covered from a wide selection of eSport games, but they are doing a great job with providing entertaining markets to bet on as well. It’s almost as good as Bet365’s selection, which means that it’s world class! In addition to the eSports coverage, you’re able to find a section of casino games, which includes a wide range of slots.

To get you started on the right foot, Betspawn has a valuable welcome offer for new players. It’s not as good as Arcanebet’s, but being a matched deposit bonus with low wagering requirements, it’s definitely great to take part of. You’ll also find promotions and competitions offered every now and then when a major tournament is going down, which is a big plus.

Other positive qualities of Betspawn are that they have a really nice and well-structured design, which makes it super straight forward to place your bets. They also have plenty of live streaming, statistics over previous match results and super fast withdrawal times as a withdrawal is usually processed within an hour during the day. The only real downside with them is that the customer support (available on live chat and e-mail) isn’t a 24/7 one.

Visit Betspawn

GGbet logoggBET | Promotions on a regular basis!

ggBET is the place you should head to if you would like to take part in regular promotions. They unfortunately don’t have any welcome offer, but they do offer deposit bonuses, cashbacks and free bets on a regular basis. Their coverage of eSports and tournaments going down at Dreamhack is also a world class one. Market wise they can’t compete with Bet365 and Betspawn, but they still do have a nice selection of those on the most popular games, whereas their match coverage is an oustanding one.

At ggBET you’ll also find a well-structured design that is easy to navigate through and a lot of live streaming, which makes the live betting experience a great one. In addition to this, a 24/7 customer support is offered on live chat, e-mail and phone. You’re also able to switch up your betting with fun in a casino. The selection of games is not as big as the one Bet365 is offering, but if you just want a little slot or table game action on the side, it might be enough. If you’re into CS:GO, they have a slot machine based on this game, which is definitely worth paying a visit to.

Apart from no welcome offer, the downside with ggBET is their withdrawal times. For smaller amounts it’s usually pretty quick, but the higher they become, the longer it can take.

Visit ggBET

EGB filter logoEGB | Player chat, player points & play money!

EGB offers a unique experience compared to the rest. They don’t have quite as good eSports coverage as the other mentioned eSport betting sites, but for most it’s probably more than enough. They do cover a lot of matches going down at Dreamhack, have several different eSport games covered and also offer a couple of different markets to bet on.

Even though it’s not the place with the best eSports coverage, they do offer some interesting features that the other mentioned sites don’t. You do for instance have a player chat available, which means that you can talk to bettors that are online. You’ll also find a player point shop which you can buy bonuses, real money and gamer equipment like mousepads and headphones in. These points are gathered by placing bets and for completing daily quests that they have, which can be quite fun to take part of. Another unique feature is the fact that you’re able to try the site out with play money.

Other than the above, you’ll find a 24/7 customer support (live chat, e-mail and phone),  a lot of live streaming, fast settling times and withdrawals that are usually processed within 24 hours. Their downsides are that their welcome offer isn’t the most valuable one and that you won’t find any other products than eSports.

Visit EGB

What games can I bet on at Dreamhack?

Your Dreamhack betting experience might actually look a little bit different from one year to another as different games are being offered. In other words, competitive tournaments are not always held for every game. With that being said, you could more or less count on all of the most popular eSport games having an action packed tournament hosted, hence also being able to bet on.

Below you’ll find a list of eSport games that have had tournaments held, most likely also will in the future and have had bets offered by eSport betting sites.

  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone

  • Heroes of the Storm
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League

  • Starcraft 2
  • Street Fighter 5

Best bonus for Dreamhack betting

Taking part of a really nice welcome offer is by far the best way to make sure that your dreamhack betting experience gets off on the right foot. With the right bonus, your chances of making a profit are highly increased. The problem is finding the right one as there are a lot of mediocre ones and even those that have terms and conditions that make them unfavourable of taking part of.

Luckily, we at eBetFinder know good bonuses and have two that you definitely should look into. The first one is offered by Arcanebet and is by far the best one, but you’ll also find a pretty good offer from Bet365.

Arcanebet eSport bonus

Bonus code: ebetfinder

By using the above bonus code when making a deposit to Arcanebet, you’re able to get a 100% match of it up to €100. If you deposit €100, you’ll get another €100 in bonus money. For the bonus to become your own money, the deposited amount + received bonus needs to be wagered 7 times.

Now you may think that this isn’t something outstanding, but what’s truly amazing about the wagering requirement is the fact that you have no minimum odds required. Usually you have to place bets on at least 1.5 in odds (sometimes even 2.0) for them to count towards the wagering. With Arcanebet’s welcome offer it doesn’t matter how low the odds are, but even if you place bets on 1.01 they will count towards the wagering, making the bonus one of a kind.

In addition to this, you’ll have as much as 360 days to complete the wagering. Just remember to use the bonus code “ebetfinder” when making your deposit.

Claim the Arcanebet bonus here

Bet365 eSport bonus

Even though the welcome offer at Bet365 can’t compete with Arcanebet’s, it’s a pretty good one and definitely worth mentioning. Depending on where you’re from, you’re able to get a 100% deposit bonus up to either €50, €100 or €200. To receive the bonus, you have to claim it under your account and then also wager your deposit once on at least one selection of odds 1.5 or higher. Once this is done, the bonus will be added.

To make a withdrawal, the wagering requirement you have to fulfill is 3 times the deposited amount + received bonus on at least one selection of odds 1.5 or higher. As long as you choose your bets wisely, it shouldn’t be too hard completing this.

Claim the bet365 bonus here

The future of Dreamhack betting

If you’re attending yourself or just love the Dreamhack event and placing bets as much as we do, you’ll be pleased to know that the future of betting on dreamhack tournaments is looking extremely bright. Not only is the number of participants increasing for every year, making an already record holding event even bigger, but both the eSport and eSport betting market have been showing very positive trends the past couple of years.

The market research company Newzoo have predicted new records in the eSports economy the coming years and the eSports betting company Pinnacle have released numbers showing that betting on eSports have and is increasing exponentially. As everything seems to be growing, you can be sure that more and more tournaments will take place at dreamhack and that the coverage of those tournaments will become even better by eSport betting sites. Dreamhack gambling is already very popular and easy to take part of, but it will definitely become even bigger in the future.

Upcoming and past Dreamhack events

We’ve already witnessed plenty of Dreamhack events during the past years, but as the event seems to have no stop to it, there’s a lot more to look forward to! Below you’re able to find some of the events that have already been and several upcoming ones. Should you like to read more about them, just click on more information. Please note that we currently don’t have information about all of them, but we will add it as soon as possible.

Upcoming events

DreamHack Winter 2017Dec 1 – Dec 4 (2017)Jönköping, SwedenMore information

Past events

DreamHack Denver 2017Oct 20 – Oct 22 (2017)Denver, ColoradoMore information
DreamHack Montreal 2017Sep 8 – Sep 10 (2017)Montreal, CanadaMore information
DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017Aug 30 – Sep 3 (2017)Malmö, Sweden More information
DreamHack Atlanta 2017Jul 21 – Jul 23 (2017)Atlanta, Georgia
DreamHack Valencia 2017Jul 13 – Jul 16 (2017)Valencia, Spain
DreamHack Summer 2017Jun 17 – Jun 20 (2017)Jönköping, Sweden
DreamHack Tours 2017May 6 – May 8 (2017)Tours, France
DreamHack Austin 2017Apr 28 – Apr 30 (2017)Austin, Texas
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017Feb 15 – Feb 19 (2017)Las Vegas, Nevada
DreamHack Leipzig 2017Jan 13 – Jan 15 (2017)Leipzig, Germany

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