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Dota 2, ESL One Katowice 2019


Dota 2, North American Dota Challengers League S2

01/20 00:00TEAM TEAM VS Truffle Salt
01/20 20:00Black Sheep! VS Feels Nugget Man

Dota 2, The Chongqing Major

01/20 02:00Team Liquid VS The Pango
01/20 02:00Vici Gaming VS J.Storm
01/20 02:00Evil Geniuses VS Team Aster
01/20 02:00Fnatic VS The Alliance

An introduction to Dota 2 odds

Dota 2 is nowadays a very popular game to place real money bets on, which is done through the odds that you can find in the list above. These odds are being shown as decimals, which is the most common way to view them. If you were to place a bet on any of these, the money you would receive back on a win would be multiplied with the amount that the odd is showing. To give you an example, a €10 bet placed on an odd of 2.00 would result in €20 being paid out if you win.

All of the Dota 2 odds that you can find above are on upcoming matches that are being played between professional teams. These are automatically updated and therefore always as fresh as they can get. At the time being, this list is only showing odds for which team that will come out as the winner of the match. By clicking on any of them, you can however find odds on several other markets as well, such as who will get the first blood and the number of total kills that will occur in the match.

These different types of outcomes is a very nice addition to only betting on match winner as it makes the experience a lot more fun and exciting. If you’re interested in finding out more about the markets that you might come across, we highly recommend checking out our Dota 2 betting guide. You’ll find the vast majority of them listed in this.

Making a profit on Dota 2 betting odds

While many of us find betting on Dota 2 as the perfect way to up the excitement of the professional matches that we love to watch, it’s always a nice addition when the bets end up resulting in a profit. Unlike casino games that are only based on luck, betting is quite the skill and can therefore pay off good to those that are talented.

No matter what eSport betting site you choose to bet on, the odds are manually chosen by a single person or a team that are basing these on knowledge and research. This is done by them making a percentage based prediction of the matches’ outcomes and then transforming these into odds. Before these odds are being published, the operator slightly lowers them to give themselves a bit of an advantage.

Although the operator has this edge, it’s not unusual for them to set odds that aren’t actually reflecting a correct prediction. This means that it’s very possible to do your own research and gather your own knowledge to come up with better predictions and then take advantage of their odds to make a profit. It should also be mentioned that we as bettors have the advantage of using bonuses, which can be very profitable.

Should you like to learn more of all of this and how you can make a long term profit on betting, we highly recommend checking out our page of Dota 2 betting tips.

Dota 2 International odds

The International is the renowned world championship for Dota 2, which is occurring once a year. This event is always extra exciting betting on as all of the best teams in the world are competing for an amazing prize pool of more than $20 million! With this much money up for grabs, we’re always able to witness the professional teams bringing their absolute A-game, resulting in some really sick gameplay.

You’re usually able to find dota 2 betting international odds several weeks before the tournament is being held. These odds do of course not involve the winner of a certain match, but what you’re able to bet on is the winner of entire tournament. What’s interesting about these odds is that they constantly change between eSport betting sites over the weeks up until the tournament is held. If you keep your eyes open on them and place your bets early, you’re often able to find some great value.

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