Dota 2 game modes

image of matchmaking regions dota 2The game modes in Dota 2 are divided into three different categories; Practice modes, Normal modes and Ranked modes. The practice ones are simply for practice purposes and getting better in the game, while the normal modes are for casual play and the ranked modes for competitive action. In the ranked modes you will receive or lose MMR (Match Making Ranking) depending if you win or lose the game. When playing ranked matches you will always play with and against people that have about the same MMR as yourself. The Dota 2 gameplay will naturally vary depending on what game mode you’re playing.

Practice modes

Practice against bots: As the name tells us, you will in this mode be able to practice against bots. You can either choose to play together with other players on your team or to have bots on your team as well. The bots can be set to five different difficulty levels; passive, easy, medium, hard and unfair.

Practice 1v1: In this game mode you will only play in the mid lane against another player. As this is a practice mode, the game will end when a player dies two times or when the first mid tower is destroyed. This mode is perfect for anyone who wants to become the best in handling the very important middle position.

Ranked modes

All pick: This mode starts with each player having the possibility to nominate a hero that they would like to ban. From the heroes selected, two randomly chosen heroes will then be banned and can’t be picked. Once this is done, teams will take turns picking one hero each at a time. The team who starts picking first is randomly decided.

image of captains mode dota 2Captains mode: This is a highly competitive mode which all professional tournaments are being played in, hence the basis of Dota 2 betting. Here one player will be selected to be the captain of the team and will be doing all of the banning and picking for the entire team. The team is of course able to speak and make suggestions in the chat, but in the end it’s up to the captain to decide. The mode starts with the captains of the teams taking turns banning one hero each. After that, one team will pick one hero, followed by the other team picking two and then back to the other picking one again. After this, there’s yet again a banning phase. This time each team will ban two heroes each, taking turns doing so, banning one at a time. This is then again followed by picking, where two heroes will be picked in each team, taking turns doing so, picking one at a time. There is then a last ban of one hero each and then a last pick of one hero each, taking turns doing so.

Random draft: In random draft you will only find a pool of 50 randomly selected heroes to choose from. Each team will take turns choosing one hero each. This mode is more or less like all pick, but with a limited hero pool and with no banning being done.

Normal modes

All pick: Normal all pick is played almost identically like the ranked one with teams taking turns to pick heroes. Unlike the ranked one there is however no banning taking place in this mode.

Captains mode: This mode is identical with the ranked captains mode. The only thing that’s different is that this match will not count towards any ranking.

Random draft: Random draft is being played just as the ranked one with the difference that this is a casual mode with no ranking involved.

Ability draft mode dota 2Ability draft: This mode is a very casual one. Here every player will receive a randomly selected hero, but without any abilities. The abilities from each of these heroes + two other randomly selected heroes are located in the middle (making 48 abilities in total) which can be picked from. Players will take turns picking the abilities they would like to have on their hero, making it completely custom made and causing both mass confusion and a lot fun in the game.

Least played: In least played you will only get to choose from the heroes that are your least played ones. Every player will have different heroes to choose from, as they will all have their least played heroes making this the perfect mode to learn some new heroes. There’s no taking turns picking in this mode, but everyone may pick at any time. There is however a timer and if you haven’t picked before this reaches zero, you will be given a random hero.

All random: In all random each player in each team is automatically given a random hero from all of the available heroes. As the team composition can be quite unfair in this mode, it’s a very casual one that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

All random deathmatch: In this mode each player in each team first start with a random hero just like in all random. The difference in this mode is that each time you a player dies, he’s respawned as a new, randomly chosen hero. There’s also only a total of 40 heroes for each team, which means that in addition to the normal objective, the game can be won by killing 40 enemy heroes.

Apart from the above modes, you’ll also find an Arcade that offers a completely different experience. This is a place where the community is creating maps and setting up the rules. It is very similar to how the Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 map community works.

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