Dota 2 arcade

Dota 2 arcade (fun play)

Image of dota 2 arcade sectionIf you want a relaxing break from the normal Dota 2 game modes or just really want to enjoy yourself, the Dota 2 arcade is the perfect place to go to. Whether you’re playing together with friends or just soloing with random players, you will have a blast here. This section is all about community made fun maps and the creativity is amazing.

Have you ever played community made maps from for instance Starcraft or Warcraft, you will immediately recognize a lot of the maps. You will find several different tower defense maps, role playing type of maps, arenas, different remakes of the original game such as being able to play 10 vs 10 instead of 5 vs 5 or playing the game with every hero buffed like crazy. There’s a huge selection of different fun maps to choose from and a lot more categories than the ones mentioned.

Dota 2 arcade is purely for fun and aimed for a casual play style. You will rarely come in contact with the pro scene here and definitely not find any Dota 2 bets offered for these maps.

dota 2 arcade

arcade dota 2

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