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Bonuses have been carefully selected and reviewed to ensure you get the most bang for the buck


eSports operator

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Welcome offer

Deposit bonus
100% up to €100


6x wagering (bonus + deposit)
No minimum odds required
(You can wager on 1.01 odds)
360 days to complete bonus

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Welcome offer

Risk free bet
up to €50
code: EBF50


First bet is fully returned if lost
up to a total of €50. The only
requirement that exist is that
the returned stake needs to be 
wagered 5 times on odds 1.5. If
bet is won there is no wagering!

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See review for a full list of accepted countries

A good CSGO bonus will increase your profits

Whether you’re looking to make as much profit as possible on CS:GO betting or if winning extra cash is just an added benefit to the entertainment, using a good CSGO bonus will undoubtedly increase the money that you make. It’s therefore highly recommended taking part of them, which leads us to why we have created this page for you.

Since the eSport operators aren’t too keen on giving away their cash, it’s unfortunately quite rare to come by a really valuable bonus for CS:GO. With the thorough research that we at eBetFinder are constantly doing, we have however come by a few outstanding welcome offers that you shouldn’t miss out on. To help you out, we have listed all of these above, starting with the best real money CS:GO betting bonus.
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Find your temporary CS:GO eSports bonus

While welcome offers are usually the bonuses that have the highest value and are best in taking part of for boosting profits, a temporary CS:GO eSports bonus can also be very advantageous to use. This is a bonus offered to already registered players and that is usually only available for a limited period of time and then replaced with something new. This bonus can include anything from a competition with pure cash as a prize, a deposit bonus, a free bet, a risk free bet or some kind of betting bonus.

As it can be quite a challenge keeping up with all of the temporary bonuses that different operators are offering, we have created a bonus section that you can visit to quickly find an offer of your liking. This section is regularly updated with new offers from various betting sites and you therefore don’t have to search the net for them yourself!

How the value of a CS:GO bonus is determined

As you may or may not already know, it’s very common for a bonus on CS:GO and overall offers to have some kind of terms and conditions. These are added by the operators so that it shouldn’t be too easy for us bettors making a profit from them.

The most common condition you’ll find is a wagering requirement. This means that you’re given CS:GO bonus money from the offer you’re taking part of and for this to become your real, withdrawable money the wagering requirement has to be fulfilled.

This wagering requirement usually states that the CS:GO bonus money received (and sometimes your deposit as well) has to be turned over a certain number of times, on a certain minimum odd. The higher this wagering requirement is, the less valuable the bonus is usually considered to be as you might have to place a lot of bets that are risky for you.

As much as this valuation can be true, the wagering requirement doesn’t necessarily affect the value of the bonus. The fact is that if you’re just placing smart bets every bonus will be just as profitable taking part of. For the casual bettor placing these kind of bets can be easier said and done, but if you’re interested in finding out how you’re able to do this, we have it all covered in our guide of CS:GO betting tips.

A good welcome offer is always a great way to get the betting started. Should you however like to know more about the overall best sites for betting on CS:GO, we highly recommend checking out our article about the top 5 sites for CS:GO betting. In this you’ll find all of the information that you need to make the perfect choice!

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