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The 5 best new CS:GO betting sites 2018

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As CS:GO is one of the most popular eSport games to bet on, it’s possible to find a huge number of sites for CS:GO betting. You could more or less pick any bookmaker and find that they have matches covered on the game whenever a decent sized tournament is going down. Just having a match covered does however not make an operator the best site for CSGO betting. There is so much more to consider, such as if they provide a wide selection of entertaining markets, a valuable welcome offer, fast withdrawal times, etc. There’s also those who prefer betting with skins and therefore have to take the deposit method skinpay into account in their search for the best cs:go skins betting site.

No matter what you’re looking to bet with, you can be sure to find safe CSGO betting sites that will match all of your requirements in this article. Having played on and reviewed close to 40 different eSport operators, we have with careful consideration picked out the top 5 ones for CS:GO. These all provide a stunning coverage of matches and markets on CS:GO, which will guarantee you a world class betting experience. Should you however like to get more in-depth information about the markets offered from different operators, we recommend heading over to our guide about entertaining CS:GO markets where you’ll find everything you need.

As all of the below operators are experts in covering matches on CS:GO, we have not noted this down as a strength for them. In the below list you will however be able to find all of their other strengths, as well as weaknesses, which will make your pick of the best CS:GO betting site an easy one. If you’re just interested in finding out about the most valuable welcome offer you can get, we recommend checking out our article about the best CS:GO bonus for betting.

Betway | 100% up to €150 (for selected countries)

+ Accepts UK players
+ Welcome offer with low minimum odds
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Regular campaign offers on eSports
+ Loyalty program that can earn you free bets
+ Mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Cash out option on bets
+ Good amount of casino games (300+ slots)
+ Plenty of other products (bingo, poker, lotto)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets
- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

Start betting with Betway!

Arcanebet | 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds (use code: EBETFINDER)

+ Visually impressive design that is easy to navigate through
+ World class welcome offer with no minimum odds
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within 1-4 hours during the day
+ Very fast settling times (usually as soon as the event has occurred)
+ Full and partial cash out option
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone

- Limited opening hours of support
- Poor selection of other products than eSports

Start betting with Arcanebet!

Unibet | Country specific welcome offers (usually valuable)

+ Been offering online gaming since 1999 and is very trusted
+ Very valuable welcome offer for certain countries
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat and e-mail
+ Good withdrawal and settling times
+ Very nice mobile app for iOS & Android
+ Cash out option on some bets
+ Huge amount of different products (casino, bingo, poker, scratch)
+ Welcome offer can be used with e-Wallets

Start betting with Unibet!

Betspawn | 100% up to €133,7 with a unique feature!

+ Impressive design that is well-structured and easy to navigate
+ Very valuable welcome offer with a unique feature
+ Bonus on your second and third deposit (50% + 25% up to €133,7)
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within an hour during the day
+ Fast settling times (instant on live, 15 min after match on pre)
+ Customer support available on live chat and e-mail
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Profit boost bonus on combination bets
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Previous match result statistics
+ Competitions and promotions every now and then
+ Decent selection of casino games (100+ slots)

- Limited opening hours of support

Start betting with Betspawn!

LeoVegas | Country specific welcome offers (usually valuable)

+ Valuable welcome offer for some countries
+ Loyalty program with monthly prize draws
+ Visually appealing design and easy navigation
+ 24/7 support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Withdrawals often processed upon contact
+ Fast settling times of bets
+ Cash out option on some bets
+ Very nice mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Huge selection of casino games (more than 1200!)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets

Start betting with LeoVegas!

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How the best sites for CS:GO betting are determined

We at eBetFinder have a great passion for eSports and the i-gaming industry and take our job of rating CS:GO operators very seriously. We know all too well how different betting sites can vary in quality and how frustrating it can be when they don’t provide an experience that we’re expecting them to. It’s therefore with careful care and consideration that we rate operators and frequently search the net to find the best CS:GO bet sites.

Although we understand that every bettor has different needs, there are two things that weigh very heavily when we decide which CS:GO sites fit in the top 5. This is the amount of CS:GO matches that the operators are covering and what type of different markets they provide for them. Even though some are just looking to bet on the most popular matches, we find that the operator has to cover the majority if not all of the professional matches to be considered one of the best. Having CS:GO odds offered on a wide variety of different markets is also something that we highly value as we believe this adds an extra level of entertainment to the betting experience.

While the match coverage and different markets always are the corner stones of our rating, we also pay close attention to the availability of the customer support, as well as how fast withdrawals are processed and cs:go bets settled. Having worked for well-known betting sites ourselves, we’re very familiar with how many bettors find it important to always be able to get the help needed and receive money from bets and withdrawals quickly. This is something that we ourselves value when place our bets and these factors are therefore also well reflected in our rating, even though they’re not just as important as the coverage of CS:GO matches and markets.

Together with these factors, we’re also looking at the value of the welcome offer provided and how often temporary campaigns are being offered, such as deposit bonuses, free bets, risk free bets and competitions. While some people are not interested in taking part of any promotional offers at all, a lot of bettors are which is no wonder as they can be very efficient in boosting profits and sometimes even contribute to a more entertaining experience. This is therefore quite an important factor in our rating as well.

After the already mentioned factors, all of the small things that can influence the betting experience to better are considered. This includes, but is not limited to, the type of deposit methods offered, the navigation on the CS:GO site, what type of other products that are being provided (such as casino games), the amount of live betting and live streaming, as well as if there’s a cash out option to use.

If you’re interested in knowing more about betting on CS:GO, don’t hesitate checking out our CS:GO betting guide. In this you’ll find information about all of the different markets that can be found, what is required to become a successful bettor and other valuable information.

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