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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 logoEven though there are some exceptions to the rule, the games released in the Call of Duty series are often very similar to one another. Of course, if you compare the first one released in 2003 with the last one released in 2016, it would be a huge difference. But if you would compare each game year after year, you would find that they are very similar and that every game usually only brings some new features that are then added into the core game. For now we have decided to keep the information under gameplay and game modes about the second recent game, Black Ops 3.

Generally speaking, the game is all about equipping yourself with a set up of your choice, killing the enemy, gaining score streaks and completing the objective to win the map. What objectives needed to be completed depends on the game mode. There is two game modes called “Free run” and “Zombies” that are very different from the rest, but we have this all covered further down under “game modes”.

When it comes to equipping yourself, this is mainly done before the game starts. You have 10 different allocation points that are to be spent on a number of different selections. This allows you to customize your character exactly the way you want to play it. There is however a level system, which means that you won’t have every possibility unlocked at the start, but would have to unlock it gradually as you’re playing the game. The different slots available which you can allocate your points in are the following:

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 pick 10 customizationPrimary: This is your primary weapon slot where you can choose from a list of Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles.

Secondary: This is your secondary weapon slot where you can choose from a list of Pistols, Launchers and a Knife.

Optics: This allows you to equip different optics to your weapon, for instance one that can see infra red.

Attachments: These are various attachments you can equip to your weapons. For instance allowing you to have faster reload time, increased ammunition or moving faster when aiming down your target.

Perks: These are 18 various passive abilities that you can equip. You for instance have the option to make your footsteps and actions silent, be able to see enemy footsteps, take less damage from explosives and loot ammunition from fallen players.

Lethal: This allows you to equip various lethal equipment like grenades and explosives.

Tactical: This allows you to equip various tactical equipment like flash bangs or EMP-grenades.

Wild cards: These cards affect your slot customization and for instance allow you to take a second perk, a second attachment, a second lethal or to be able to have another primary weapon equipped in your secondary slot.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 specialist classOnce you’ve set up your character like you want it, you’re ready to join a map. When having entered a map you will then get the option to choose another two things. First of all you must choose a specialist class. There are nine to choose from in total and they all have a unique weapon as well as a unique ability that you can use alongside what you’ve already equipped. In addition to this you also need to choose what score streaks that you want. A score streak is special ability that you are given when you reach a certain number of points without dying. The more powerful the ability is, the higher the score streak required. There are 18 score streaks in total. One of the cheapest abilities is the possibility to call in a “UAV” that will reveal the enemy team on the radar. One of the most expensive ones is a heavily armored robot with a machine gun that can be set to defend an area of your choice or to follow and protect you.

Call of Duty game modes

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Team Death MatchTDM Deathmatch (also known as TDM) is all about what we really came for; the killing! In this mode you’re divided into two teams and the objective is to simply wipe out the opposing team. The winning team will be the team that either reaches a certain point limit or has the most points when the time runs out.

Free-for-All (also known as FFA) is a mode for all of us trigger-happy people which are all in for the killing and mindlessly just shoot at everything that move. In Free-for-All you are all by yourself and the goal is to achieve the highest points within a certain amount of time or reach a certain point limit the fastest.

Domination is played in two teams and is a strategic mode where you have to play both offensively and defensively. The objective is to capture and hold three control points that are scattered around the map. To capture a point, one must stand near it for 10 seconds, without any enemies standing near it. Demolition is a classic mode in where the objective for one of the teams is to destroy a bomb site by planting a bomb, while the other team’s objective is preventing this from happening. The mode is very similar to Search and Destroy, but with the main difference that you respawn upon death.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Kill confirmed game modeKill Confirmed is a mode that is a mode that is very similar with Team Deathmatch. The mode is played in two teams and the objective is to kill the enemy and score the highest points. The points in Kill Confirmed are however not rewarded upon killing your enemy, but by collecting dog tags that drop on killing your enemy.

Hardpoint is a mode where a so called hardpoint is being spawned on the map. The objective for each team is to rush to this hardpoint and then defend it from the enemy team. As long as the enemy team is not in the hardpoint, points are being scored. Should the enemy team however get near it, it will be marked as “contested” and none of the teams will gain any points. During a match the location of the hardpoint is shifting several times. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the map stands victorious.

Search and Destroy (also known as S&D or SnD) is a game mode that is very similar to demolition. In other words one team is set to plant a bomb at a bomb site, while the other team is supposed to prevent that from happening. The main difference is however that in Search and Destroy you are only given one life per round, whereas in Demolition you have unlimited respawns. This way, the round can not only be won by bombing a bomb site or defending it, but also by eliminating the enemy team.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Capture the FlagCapture the Flag (also known as CTF) is all about capturing the opposing team’s flag and CTF CoDbring it to your own team’s flag. Each time this is done, a point will be scored. If the enemy is currently holding your team’s flag, you must however return this before you will be able to score. Uplink is a mode that is similar to Capture the Flag. At the beginning of the map a satellite drone is placed in the middle of the map. The objective is for each team to pick this up and bring it to the enemy’s uplink station, which is located in the enemy’s base. Halfway through the map, teams switch sides. The winning team is the team that either reaches a certain amount of points first or the team with the highest points after a certain amount of time.

Safeguard is a mode where one of the teams has to escort a robot to a designated point, which is usually located near the enemy team’s spawn point. The robot must not only be escorted to this point, but needs be escorted along a specific, predetermined path on the map. While one of the team has to escort the robot, the other team has to prevent this from happening. The robot can be disabled for a short period of time by shooting it.

Gun Game is a Free-for-All game mode which is all about fast kills. Each player starts with a basic weapon and each time an enemy is killed with your weapon; this is then upgraded to another weapon. There are 20 different weapons in total and the winning player is the one who have made a kill with each and every weapon, or the one who have reached the highest weapon tier when the time runs out. Should a player get killed by a melee attack, or somehow commit suicide the player will be demoted to their previous weapon.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Freerun game modeFree Run is a fun-type of mode that has a completely different setting than the rest of the game. The mode consists of several challenging courses where you have to race through them on the fastest possible time. During the courses there are also certain weapon challenges and if a shot is missed there will be a penalty to the total time.

Mercenary Moshpit is a mode that is great if you’re a single player type of player. This is a mode that consists of a variety of different game modes and the teams are always divided randomly.

Chaos Moshpit is like Mercenary Moshpit a mode with a variety of different game modes and where the teams are divided randomly. The only difference between Mercenary Moshpit and Chaos Moshpit is that Chaos Moshpit contains all the respawn game modes on small maps only.

Arena is a mode with two teams where respawning is turned off. The objective is simply to kill the opposing team, but there’s a small twist to it. Should there at some point only be one player from each team left, a flag will spawn at a random location and if it’s being captured by one of the players, that team wins.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombie modeZombie is a co-op survival mode with a completely different setting than the original Zombies CoDgame. The mode is played by 1-4 players and the objective is to survive endless waves of zombies that are attacking. By killing and damaging the zombies and by repairing barriers that are built up, players gain points that can then be used to purchase weapons, unlock new areas and activate special objects. Occasionally the zombies will drop various power-ups when killed that can then be picked up, making the round easier. There is no end to the number of rounds and the zombies become stronger, faster and come in larger numbers for each round completed. There are 23 different maps to be played in total and 40 different playable characters to choose from.

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