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The 5 best Call of Duty betting sites

With a growing number of eSport operators offering bets on Call of Duty you’re able to find some really awesome Call of Duty betting sites. In this article we have gathered the five top ones, all of them guaranteed to give you a world class betting experience on the game. As much as they are all amazing, every CoD bets site does however have its own unique qualities with its own pros and cons. In the lists below you’re able to find out all about these so that you can easily pick the site that is best suited for you. Please note that we haven’t written anything about the coverage of Call of Duty matches as all of the betting sites mentioned below have an amazing coverage of this.

Should you only be interested in finding out which operators have the absolute best welcome offers you can get for Call of Duty, we recommend heading over to our section of the best CoD betting bonuses. In this you’ll be able to find all of the best offers and more in depth information about the bonuses, such as the wagering requirements.

Arcanebet | 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds (use code: EBETFINDER)

+ Visually impressive design that is easy to navigate through
+ World class welcome offer with no minimum odds
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within 1-4 hours during the day
+ Very fast settling times (usually as soon as the event has occurred)
+ Full and partial cash out option
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone

- Limited opening hours of support
- Poor selection of other products than eSports

Start betting with Arcanebet!

Betspawn | 100% up to €133,7 with a unique feature!

+ Impressive design that is well-structured and easy to navigate
+ Very valuable welcome offer with a unique feature
+ Bonus on your second and third deposit (50% + 25% up to €133,7)
+ Compelling level up system with new rewards every month
+ Withdrawals that are usually processed within an hour during the day
+ Fast settling times (instant on live, 15 min after match on pre)
+ Customer support available on live chat and e-mail
+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Previous match result statistics
+ Amazing selection of casino games (900+ slots)

- Limited opening hours of support

Start betting with Betspawn!

GGBET | 100% up to €50 (use code: EBF50)

+ 24/7 customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Regular promotions (cashbacks, deposit bonuses and free bets)
+ Nice and well-structured design
+ Team information on certain matches
+ Possibility to deposit with bitcoins
+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Decent selection of casino and other luck based games

- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

Start betting with GGBET!

Esportsbetting | Two risk free bets valued at €13.37 each

+ Valuable welcome offer with stake returned if you lose
+ Monthly loot quests (challenges with great prizes at stake)
+ Stunning design that is easily navigated
+ Enormous database of team and match statistics
+ Fast settling times (especially for live bets)
+ Plenty of live streaming offered on matches
+ Decent selection of casino games (200+ slots)

- Limited opening hours of support

Start betting with Esportsbetting!

Betway | 100% up to €150 / £30 free bet (for selected countries)

+ Accepts UK players
+ Welcome offer with low minimum odds
+ 24/7 customer support on live chat, e-mail and phone
+ Regular campaign offers on eSports
+ Loyalty program that can earn you free bets
+ Mobile app for iOS and Android
+ Cash out option on bets
+ Good amount of casino games (300+ slots)
+ Plenty of other products (bingo, poker, lotto)
- Welcome offer can’t be used with e-Wallets
- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

Start betting with Betway!

How the betting sites on Call of Duty make it into the top

Choosing the best Call of Duty sites might seem like an easy task, but for us at eBetFinder there’s a lot of time spent doing this. It’s very important for us to provide our users with accurate information that will be as helpful as possible and the sites listed among the top are therefore only chosen after very careful consideration.

There are several factors taken into account when we rate betting sites that provide odds on Call of Duty. Apart from being a secure and trusted site to bet on, the amount of matches covered on the game is the most important thing for us. To be listed among the top CoD sites it’s therefore not enough that a few matches are offered every now and then, but a wide selection of matches has to be covered whenever a decent sized tournament is going down.

While security and match coverage is the number one priority, there’s a range of other factors that are not quite as important, but that still have a great impact on an operator’s rating. One of these factors is bonuses, which partially includes how valuable the operator’s welcome offer is. It does however also include how often temporary campaign offers, such as time limited deposit bonuses, free bets and cashbacks are being offered.

As promotions are usually great to use for increasing profits while betting on CoD, these are always taken into consideration and it’s therefore likely that you’ll find a lot of valuable bonuses among the top sites listed. It is however never guaranteed as factors such as fast withdrawal and settling times, as well as the availability of the customer support are considered to be equally important.

If an operator has a world class welcome offer, promotions offered on a regular basis, a 24/7 customer support and fast withdrawal and settling times they will of course always make it into the top Call of Duty betting sites, assuming that their match coverage and their security is on point. It is however very rare to find operators like these and therefore a CoD site with a less valuable welcome offer might make it into the top if they for instance provide a 24/7 customer support and have very fast withdrawal and settling times.

Apart from the already mentioned factors, there’s a third group with a huge number of other factors that are taken into consideration as well. In this group everything else that has an impact on the CoD betting experience is taken into account, such as deposit methods offered, live streaming of Call of Duty matches, as well as the design and navigation of the operator’s website. It can also include if a cash out option is offered on bets and how wide the selection of other products to gamble on is.

There is in other words, as previously mentioned, a tremendous amount of consideration and thought put behind every Call of Duty betting site that is listed among the top ones, all to make sure that you’re able to get as good of an experience as possible.

Now you know which CoD betting site you should pick, but there is still more to learn about CoD betting. In our Call of Duty betting guide you’ll find information on how to become a succesfull bettor of the game, the future of betting on it and much more!

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