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Introduction to betting on Call of Duty

As eSports and betting on eSport is still quite a new phenomenon, a lot of people are asking questions such as “can you bet on Call of Duty?”. Well, believe it or not, but Call of Duty has become popular and big enough as an eSport to have bets offered by betting operators.

The game made its first entrance into the eSports scene with the release of the fourth game, Modern Warfare. At that time the tournament prize pools were very low and there were no eSport betting sites offering any CoD bets on those matches. It’s unsure when the first bets were offered on Call of Duty, but it’s certain that the eSport betting sites with biggest focus on eSport have had several CoD bets offered since the release of Black Ops 3 in 2015.

As there is more or less a new game released in the franchise every year, this means that both the competitive Call of Duty scene and compilers at eSport betting sites constantly has to adapt to new gameplay and game modes. Something that they seem to do very well. These days there are several eSport betting sites and well established bookmakers that are offering CoD betting on matches from competitive tournaments going down. In our dedicated section of the top 5 Call of Duty betting sites, you’re able to find the best places to go for some serious betting action on Call of Duty.

Why should I bet on CoD?

There are mainly two reasons to choose to bet on CoD. The first one, which is the reason that most of us at eBetFinder choose to place bets, is because we love the franchise and it’s highly entertaining to place a small live bet while watching a professional match go down. While it’s good fun just watching a game go down as it is, to bet money on Call of Cuty when pros play important matches makes it so much more interesting. It doesn’t have to be any large amounts, but just having something extra at stake really ups the excitement and the way you embrace yourself in the match.

The second reason is to make some extra money. Unless you want to rely on luck, this requires that you do a bit of research. You’re simply competing against the odds compiler at the eSport betting site and how much you’re able to make in the long run partially depends on your knowledge compared to his. There are however a few other things that can help you make some extra money, which we’ll take a look at in the section below.

Becoming successful in betting on CoD

If you’re just looking for entertainment, becoming successful is easy as pie. You just have to find a site that suits your needs well, bet money on Call of Duty, sit back and enjoy the match unfold while crossing your fingers that your betting prediction is right. If you on the other hand would like to make some extra money, you got some work to do.

The most important thing if you’d like to succeed in betting on Call of Duty is to be very knowledgeable about the game and the professional teams. As a new game is released every year, it’s important to ask yourself how well the professional teams adapt to the new features that are introduced. Not only adapting to changes in the game should be taken into consideration, but as players in eSport teams are replaced every now and then, you have to think about this as well and how that’s affecting the teams.CoD text breaker 1

If there are previous match statistics available of the teams playing, this is highly recommended to look up and study to give you a better understanding of what the chances of each team are. You should also know what type of match it is and how important this is to win for each team. Is it the grand final of the tournament or is it just a group stage match where one of the teams have already advanced? If the latter, the team that has already advance might not care that much about winning the match and may therefore perform worse than they otherwise would.

Apart from the knowledge of the game itself, there are other factors that can help you making a profit in the long run. Having a dedicated bankroll for your betting and learning how to handle this is always a great idea. This helps you manage your money better and set important limits so that you don’t spend too much on a single bet. You would also like to pick out a few eSport betting sites (the more you can handle, the better) that you compare CoD odds between so that you place your bets at the eSport betting site that is giving the highest value. To prevent having your bankroll scattered on several different sites, it’s recommended to use an e-Wallet like Skrill or Neteller as withdrawals and deposits are usually very fast with these. This makes it easy for you moving your money around and placing your CoD bet at the eSport betting site offering the best odds.

Taking part of a CoD bonus is also a great way to increase your profits as you receive extra money from the operator. If you choose the right bonus, a couple of well-planned bets or Call of Duty wagers will have that extra bonus money turned into your own cashable in no time. Picking valuable bonuses is actually the easiest way to boost the money you make. It is however important to understand that not every bonus is worth taking part of as there are some that will put you in a disadvantage and will be very hard to wager. Luckily though, we at eBetFinder have listed all of the the best Call of Duty bonuses, all worth taking part of.

Markets for Call of Duty gambling

Even though bets offered on Call of Duty has become a lot more common among eSport betting sites lately, you usually won’t find any other markets offered than match winner. At times you might be able to see handicap, map winner, correct map score and outrights such as tournament winner offered, but all in all the markets are very few when betting on CoD. The sites that are most likely to offer the best variety of them are the ones that you’ll find in our section of top 5 Call of Duty betting sites. This page is regularly being update with the operators that offer the best Call of Duty betting experience, which the coverage of entertaining markets is a big part of.

The future of CoD betting

Lately there has been an increase in the number of eSport betting sites that are offering bets on Call of Duty, which is making the future for betting on the game looking very bright. The eSport market has also been growing bigger for every year and the predictions are that this will continue. The same can be said for the number of eSport bets that are being placed.

Pinnacle, who was one of the first established sites to offer eSport betting have seen a huge increase the last couple of years. It took them five years to reach their first 2 million bets, whereas the second two million took less than a year. Since then this exponential growth has kept increasing and they are now predicting to have 5 million bets placed within just one year.CoD text breaker 2If we look at the prize pools in professional tournaments held in Call of Duty, we can see that these have been increased the past years as well. For a while, the largest tournament prize pool was capped at $1,000,000.00, but in the world league of 2016 this was doubled to an astounding $2,000,000.00. Even though the most recently released game, Infinite Warfare has taken a bit of a beating from critics, several $200,000.00 tournaments have already been hosted, as well as one with a $700,000.00 prize pool. Even though the world championship of 2017 will also offer a smaller prize pool than last year ($1,500,000.00), the total amount for 2017 is looking to become higher.

With the increase we’re seeing in all of these areas, eSport betting sites are becoming more and more interested in and focused on eSports. As long as the competitive scene won’t die out, this means that we will continue to see an increase in the number of eSport betting sites offering bets on CoD. Not only that, but we can definitely expect to see several entertaining markets beting offered as well. Betway are already offering a few, but it’s far from the selection that they have on CS:GO. In the future it is however likely that it will be a lot more closer to it, even though betting on Call of Duty might never become as big as betting on CS:GO.

Most likely we will also be able to see CoD specific promotions when a major tournament is being played. The only eSport betting site that we currently know having eSport game specific promotions is EGB, which they do for Dota 2, but as the eSport industry is growing this will definitely become more commonly seen as well.

How Call of Duty gambling can improve the scene

If you like betting on Call of Duty as much as we do and would like to see more eSport betting sites offering bets and more markets offered by them, one of the solutions is actually placing more bets. When we and other people do so, we’re showing that there’s a real interest in this. That this is something that people want. Of course if the amount of bets are small, there aren’t many eye brows that will be raised. However, when the bets reach a certain amount, the eSport bookmarker will realize that there’s a value in putting some effort into marketing Call of Duty betting.

To reach out to the right audience, there will be sponsorship deals made with professional Call of Duty teams, just like the eSports betting site ggBET has made deals with several professional Dota 2 teams. These deals will of course benefit the teams economically, but they will eventually also increase the possibility to bet on the game. This is because other eSport betting sites will notice that there actually is a value in offering bets on the game.

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