Match preparations

One of the most important things in succeeding with eSports betting is having a good match preparation. Therefore we have taken a closer look at what this means and what you could do to increase your chances of winning.

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Preparations before betting

Knowing the teams and players

Image of Dota 2 team Wings gamingThis is something that very well may be what will win you the bet, hence we can’t stress enough how important it is knowing the strength and the weaknesses of both the teams and the players you’re considering betting on. In games like Overwatch and Starcraft 2 where different maps are being played, there’s usually one team that will have an advantage; not based on their skill, but based on their liking and experience of the map itself. By checking previous match statistics, you will give yourself an upper hand placing your bet.

Another thing to consider is if there have been any changes to the teams recently. A key player might have left the team and been replaced with another one, which could have a huge impact on the team dynamics. Even though the team member might be considered a more skilled player, he might not get along with the other players or may not communicate as well as is needed.

It’s also very important knowing how winning/losing the match will affect each team. If you for instance are betting on a qualifier match, one of the teams might already have qualified, hence losing won’t matter for them. This could have a great negative effect on their performance or/and they might even experiment with new strategies that could cost them the game. For the other team, this could on the other hand be a must win for them to able to qualify, which could then lead to increased motivation and performance.

Knowing the current version of the game

Unlike traditional sports where rules rarely or never change, the different eSport games do so constantly. If a new patch is released and this for instances comes with changes to heroes in Dota 2 or champions in League of Legends, this is very important to be aware of. Some of the heroes/champions changed could be one of the key heroes/champions to a team’s strategy and have a great negative or positive effect on it. Some games may also have occasional, major patch notes that will completely change the game mechanics. In such case, it’s important to consider how well and quickly each team adapt to changes like these.

Knowing the match and map format

It’s important to consider how many matches will be played before a winner is decided. The more matches played, the more likely it is that the most skilled or favorite team will win, whereas if only one match is played, the least favorite team might be lucky or just happen to play better in that particular match.

In some games like CS:GO, it may also be to your advantage knowing the strength and the weaknesses of the map being played. On some maps, the Terrorist planting the bomb have an advantage, while the Counter-terrorist preventing this from happening have the upper hand on other ones.

Never let your emotions get to you

It’s always very important to make an honest judgment of each team’s chances and not base these on your emotions. Your favorite team might for instance be in the finals and even though it would suck betting against them, it could also be a decision that would make you a nice profit. Therefore it’s always best to put your emotions aside and look at each match objectively.

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