Entertaining markets: The top bookmakers for LoL

A wide selection of markets to bet on is always the perfect way to spice up the action and get the most fun out of the experience. In this article we’re taking a look at some of the top bookmakers for entertaining markets on League of Legends.
Entertaining markets League of Legends

Compare and find the widest selection of markets

If you’re looking to get the most fun out of your experience betting on League of Legends, having a wide selection of markets to choose from is the way to go! In the below list you’ll find all of the different markets that we have noticed being available so far listed to the far left. In the top column you’ll then find some of the best bookmakers with the widest selection of these markets. You’ll be able to easily see which they provide as this is marked with an X.

Even though most of the markets are usually offered, please do note that they can vary from one match to another.

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Match winnerXXXXX
Map winnerXXXXX
Correct map scoreXXXXX
Odd/even number of killsXXXXX
Odd/even number of killsX
Over/under total mapsXXXXX
Over/under total killsXXXX
Over/under total timeXXXX
Over/under total dragons slainXX
Over/under total barons slainXXX
Over/under total towers destroyedXXX
Over/under total inhibitors destroyedX
Largest mutli kill in matchXX
Team to win at least 1 mapXXX
Team to win no map
Team A/B number of maps wonX
Team to draw first bloodXXXXX
Team to get certain No. of kills firstXXXX
Team to score the most killsXX
Team to score quadra killXX
Team to score penta killXX
Team to destroy the first towerXXXXX
Team to destroy the first inhibitorXXXX
Team to slay the first dragonXXXXX
Team to slay the first baronXXXX
Team to slay the first rift heraldXX
Type of dragon first slainXXXX
Both teams to slay a dragonXX
Both teams to slay a baronX
Both teams to destroy an inhibitorX
Team to win the tournamentXXXXX
Team to reach the finalsX
Region of the tournament winnerXX
Selection of special markets*PoorPoorModeratePoorPoor
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*In difference to most markets that are available for a wide selection of matches, special markets are only offered for certain tournaments. These may for instance include which of the two sides (red or blue) that will have the most wins, towers destroyed and gold earned in the tournament or in a specific number of matches played. It may also include several over/under options such as how many minutes the shortest and longest map in the tournament will consist of or the total amount of champions killed in it.

Please note that we’re updating this guide on a regular basis, but that there might be rare occasions when the information provided isn’t fully up to date.

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