Entertaining markets: The top bookmakers for Dota 2

To make the most out of your Dota 2 betting experience, it’s good to have a wide selection of entertaining markets to choose from. Therefore we have taken a look at some of the bookmakers that offer the best selection.
Entertaining markets Dota 2

Compare and find the widest selection of markets

A wide selection of different markets is not only making your Dota 2 betting experience a lot more exciting, but can also be more profitable for you as you might be able to find easier bets. With our thorough research we have collected most of the markets available for Dota 2 and listed some of the top bookmakers that currently have the best selection of these. In the list below you can easily see which eSport betting site offer each market by the green X.

Even though it’s quite common that the same markets are being offered, please note that they might vary between different matches.

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Match winner X X X X X
Map winner X X X X X
Handicap X X X X X
Correct map score X X X X
Draw no bet X
Double chance X
Odd/even number of kills X X X X X
Odd/even number of maps X
Over/under total maps X X X X X
Over/under total kills in match X X X X
Over/under total kills for team X
Over/under total time X X
Over/under total Roshans slain X X
No. of kills at a certain time X
First blood within a certain time X
Team to win at least 1 map X X X
Team A/B number of maps won X X
Team to draw first blood X X X X X
Team to destroy first tower X X X X
Team to destroy first barrack X X X X
Both teams to destroy a barrack X
Team to slay first Roshan X X X X
Both teams to slay Roshan X
Team to get certain No. of kills first X X X X
Team to get a specific kill in match X
Team to get the most kills X
Player to score the most kills X
Player to get the highest networt X
Will a third map be played? X
Will a courier be killed? X
Will a godlike streak occur? X
Will an ultra kill occur? X
Will a rampage occur? X
Will aegis be snatched? X
First active rune type in match X
Largest multi kill in match X X
Mega creeps in match (yes/no) X
Tournament winner X X X X X
Team to reach the finals X X
Region of the tournament winner X
Selection of special markets* Poor Wide Wide Poor Poor
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*Special markets differ from the rest as these only appear on certain tournaments and include tournament specific outcomes, such as the most banned hero in the tournament and the team that will win the longest match.

Please note that this guide is being updated on a regular basis, but that rare occasions may occur when the information provided isn’t completely up to date.

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