Entertaining markets: The top bookmakers for CS:GO

To get the best possible experience betting on CS:GO, it’s highly recommended having a wide selection of entertaining markets. In the following article you’ll find some of the top bookmakers offering the best selection.
Entertaining markets CS:GO

Compare and find the widest selection of markets

While some bookmakers are only offering match and map winner, others have a huge selection of entertaining markets on CS:GO. Not only does this make the betting experience a lot more fun and exciting, but it could actually also help you in making a profit. Having more markets to choose from, means a higher chance of finding easier bets to place.

In the below list you’ll find many of the markets available for CS:GO and some of the bookmakers that offer the best selection. You’ll find the markets to the left and can easily spot which bookmaker has each market available by the green X. Please note that not every match may have all of the markets available, but this could vary from one to another.

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Match winnerXXXXX
Map winnerXXXXX
Correct map scoreXXXXX
Correct score after a No. of rounds
Double chanceXX
Stake back on a drawXX
Winner of 1st half of mapX
Over/under total mapsXXXXX
Over/under total roundsXXXXX
Over/under total kills on a roundX
Over/under total player kills
Odd/even number of roundsXXXX
Odd/even number of mapsX
Team to win at least 1 mapXXX
Team to win no map
Team A/B number of maps wonXX
Team to win a certain roundXXXXX
Team to win a certain number of roundsX
Team to win certain No. of rounds firstXX
Team to get first kill on a round
Team to win both pistol roundsXX
Team to get most killsXX
Team to get most first bloodsX
Team to get most headshotsX
Overtime or notXXXX
Tournament winnerXXXXX
Region of tournament winnerXX
Team to reach the finalsX
Selection of special markets* ModerateModerateWidePoorModerate
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*Special markets only appear on certain matches and may for instance include odds on player specific outcomes, such as the average damage of a player on a round and the headshot percentage of a player. It could also be match specific outcomes, such as if the bomb will be planted on a round and if there will be a hand grenade kill.

We strive to always have all information up to date and this guide is therefore frequently being updated. Please do however note that there may be rare occasions when the information isn’t fully up to date.

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