Esports Betting Bonuses

Using bonuses as you bet on eSports is one of the best ways to increase your chances of making a profit. On this page, we have gathered the best signup bonuses we have come across after reviewing hundreds of eSport betting sites and going through their welcome bonuses' terms and conditions.

Best Signup Bonuses for eSports Betting

Free bet bonus up to
10 freebets worth
N1 Bet

Bonus Codes

Esport SiteBonusBonus Code
GGBET100% up to €/$200EBF20
Cyberbet100% up to €/$250EBETFINDER
Lootbet100% up to €/$200EBETFINDER
Lootbet100% uo to €/$1,000LOOT
1Bet100% up to €/$100WB1001B
BETUS125% up to $3,125JOIN125

No Deposit eSport Bonuses

No deposit eSport bonuses are bonuses that you can get without having to deposit any money to the eSport betting site. For instance, upon creating an account, you would be instantly credited with a free bet or a small amount of money. Unfortunately, these types of eSport bonuses are very rare to come across, and therefore, we have none to share at the moment.

How Do I Claim a Signup Bonus?

To claim a signup bonus, follow these eight steps:

  1. Visit an eSport betting site of your choice.
  2. Click the signup button to create an account.
  3. Verify your account via e-mail and phone number.
  4. Navigate to the cashier of the site.
  5. Choose to accept the signup bonus.
  6. Enter your bonus code if required.
  7. Make a deposit.
  8. Get your bonus added to your account.

While these are the most common steps to claim a signup bonus, please note that the process can vary from one eSport betting site to another. For instance, at GGBET, the signup bonus is activated under your account profile and not in the cashier. This is also where bonus codes must be entered at some eSport bookies.

To be sure how the signup bonus is claimed at the eSport site you want to bet with, head to its promotional page where the bonus can be found and read through the instructions of it carefully.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Many eSports betting bonuses come with wagering requirements; especially those that give you extra cash when you make a deposit. The purpose of this wagering requirement is to prevent players from instantly withdrawing the bonus money they have been given.

Before cashing out, the received bonus amount must be staked on sports a certain number of times. It is also common that minimum odds apply, which means that only bets that are made with these minimum odds would count towards the wagering.

Here's an example.

You deposit €/$100 and claim a signup bonus that gives you 100% extra. Thus, you receive €/$100 more. The wagering requirement of the bonus is 15x with minimum odds of 1.75.

This means that in order to cash out the extra €/$100 you have received, you must place bets for a total sum of €/$1,500 (15 * 100). All of these best must also have an odd of at least 1.75.

It is common for wagering requirements to be time limited. For instance, a time limit of 30 days may apply. If the bonus is not wagered within this time, it would be forfeited.

You must also know that the wagering requirement of some eSport betting bonuses is not based only on the received bonus amount, but also on the amount you deposit. In the example above, the wagering requirement would then be €/$3,000 (15 * 100 + 100).

Different Types of eSport Bonuses

At eSport bookies, you can come across several types of eSport betting bonuses, which include matched deposit bonuses, free bets, risk-free bets, cashbacks and competitions. Below, we have briefly described these offers.

Matched Deposit Bonus

A matched deposit bonus is a bonus that will give you extra money on a deposit. The amount you receive is not only based on the amount you deposit, but also on the match percentage of the bonus, which can vary. Here's an example:

Deposit AmountMatch PercentageBonus Received
€/$10050% €/$50

Almost all deposit bonuses come with a maximum amount. This means that even if you deposit a lot, you will not always get a bonus for the entire amount. For instance, if you claim a 100% bonus with a maximum amount of €/$100 and make a deposit of €/$200, you would still only get €/$100 in bonus.

Free Bet

A free bet is exactly what it sounds like. You get a bet credited to your account that holds a certain monetary value. It could be that you receive a free bet of €/$10 for being a loyal player or for making a deposit. This bet can then be used on any eSport match that you want.

What makes the free bet special is that it usually doesn't have any wagering requirement. The amount you win from your bet is credited as pure cash that can be instantly withdrawn. However, you are only credited the net profit of your win and not the value of the free bet itself.

For instance, if you use a €/$10 free bet on decimal odds of 3.00 and win, you would normally have €/$30 returned to you. However, as the free bet amount is not included in the payout, you would receive €/$20.

Risk-Free Bet

A risk-free bet is an eSport bonus that allows you to place a bet without the risk of losing any money, which makes it very valuable. For instance, if you bet €/$20 on an eSport match, apply a risk-free bet to it and your bet is lost, the full €/$20 would be returned to you. Usually, this is returned to you as a bonus with a wagering requirement, but the wagering requirement tends to be very low (such as 1x).

If you win the bet, you would receive the full winnings as you normally would placing a bet.


A cashback is a bonus that can come in two forms; cashback on net losses and cashback as a rakeback. The former is the most common to come across.

An example of a cashback on net losses is that 10% of all losses that are had in a week are returned to you. If you make deposits for a total of €/$100 and lose €/$50 during the week, 10% of €/$50 would be returned to you (€/$5). However, if you would make a profit during the week, no cashback would apply at all.

Rakebacks are much more valuable as these types of cashbacks apply whether you win or lose. For instance, it may be that an eSport betting site is giving all of its players a rakeback of 1%. If you bet a total of €/$1,000, you would then receive €/$10 credited to your account even if you make a profit from those bets.


Competitions can be designed in many different ways. However, they are often simple and beneficial only to high rollers. It may, for instance, be that players compete on a leaderboard that has a prize pool of €/$10,000 with €/$1,000 awarded to the winner. To win, you have to be the player that wagers the most cash on eSport bets during the time span of the competition, which could be a week or a month.

Another way for a competition to be designed is that the player that wins an eSport bet with the highest odds is victorious. This is a much more interesting and fair type of competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Claim the Same eSport Bonus Twice?

There are eSport betting bonuses that can be claimed several times per week or even be claimed on every deposit that is made. However, the vast majority of bonuses can only be claimed once. This holds true for all signup bonuses which are restricted to one IP address, betting account and household only.

Is a Bigger Bonus Always Better?

A bigger bonus means more potential profits that can be made, but it isn't necessarily always better. The wagering requirements of a bonus play a very important role. If the minimum odds of the wagering requirement are too high, you wouldn't be able to wager the bonus comfortably without taking big risks. If the wagering requirement is too big in itself and the time limit of the bonus is too short, you also wouldn't have time to wager the bonus.

The best eSport bonuses are those that are big, but also have wagering requirements that can be fulfilled according to your style of betting.

Can I Use a Casino Bonus for Betting on eSports?

No. A casino bonus is only for slot machines and possibly also live dealer games. Not for eSports. There are hybrid bonuses though that can be used on both products, though they are quite rare to come by.

Do Bonuses Have a Withdrawal Limit?

Most eSport betting bonuses do not have a withdrawal limit. This means that you can cash out as much as you've won from it once its wagering requirement is fulfilled. But, there is no rule without an exception. Some eSport bonuses will have a limit, allowing you to only withdraw a certain maximum amount. To find out if this applies to a bonus, always read the terms and conditions of it.

Why Can't I Withdraw My Bonus Funds?

Bonus funds are almost always tied to a wagering requirement that must be fulfilled before a withdrawal of the money can be made. This means that a certain amount of money must be staked on eSport bets before the bonus is released and becomes your own cash. You can read more about wagering requirements here.

Can I Use My Bonus for Live Betting?

Yes. More or less all eSport bonuses can be used on live betting as well as pre-match betting.

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