X-Bet Rampage Series Season 4 is here!

X-Bet Rampage Series

In collaboration with Epulze.com, the top ranked eSports betting site X-Bet is hosting yet another season of the successful Rampage Series. If you haven’t heard about this before, the series is a Dota 2 cup where twelve invited teams and four qualifying ones are battling it out for a share of a €5000 prize pool. It’s not a tournament for top ranked teams, but one where talented newcomers get a chance to prove their skills, make a name for themselves in the professional scene and earn some money to further their careers.

X-Bet is constantly searching for rising stars and in this fourth season of the series, it’s sixteen teams in the SEA region that will get a moment in the spotlight for a chance to profit. These are the following ones:

» Execration (PH) «

» Neon Esports (PH) «

» 496 Dota (VN) «

» Exclamation Mark (TH) «

» EVOS Esports (ID) «

» ArkAngel (PH) «

» Task US Titans (PH) «

» yG (MN) «

» Dragon Gaming (CH) «

» SG Dragons (PH) «

» Rex Regum Qeon (ID) «

» Veteran (MM) «

» Clutch Gamers (MY) «

» DeToNator (JP) «

» WG Unity (MY) «

» Team Admiral (PH) «

TH = Thailand, PH = Philippines, VN = Vietnam, ID = Indonesia, MN = Mongolia, CH = China, MM = Myanmar, JP = Japan, MY = Malaysia

The tournament kicks off today – the 28th of January – and will last until the 17th of February. There is no group stage, but the cup is played in a big double elimination bracket. All of the matches except for the three first rounds in the lower bracket and the grand finale are being played as BO3. The final match is BO5 and the first rounds in the lower bracket are BO1.

Should you like to follow the heat of the action, every match in the tournament will be streamed on EPULZE official twitch channel. To spice up the excitement further, X-Bet is also offering betting on each and every encounter. Not only with the option to bet on the match winner, but as is usually the case with X-Bet you’ll have plenty of thrilling markets to choose from.

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