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Electronic sports or eSports is an umbrella term for organized video game competitions where participants are professional players taking part as single players or teams. Even though land-based and online competitions of video games have been a part of the young culture since time immemorial, it used to be mostly amateur players who took part. The popularity of professional gaming came around the 2000s. Today popular video games being part of eSport tournaments include:

Dota 2League of LegendsCounter-Strike
Rainbow Six SiegeCall of DutyFortnite

Some of the top news in the domain of the above-mentioned eSport industries have been listed below.

The racism plaguing Dota 2

In the light of the racist, the xenophobic and controversial comment made by Sebastian “7ckngMad” Debs, more popularly known as Ceb, the organization he associates himself with has put forward their response concerning the troublesome incident. OG has sharply criticized Ceb for his words written during a Dota match on the 23rd of May.

“We want to make it very clear; we firmly condemn all the offensive words that Ceb used during that game, and we took actions accordingly.”

If you haven’t been part of the drama, Ceb said that russian people were whores and animals from a third world country.

As a punishment, Ceb has been deemed to donate all of his earnings at the Epicenter Major to a charity he chooses to. The choice will be made public for the world to know. Additionally, he has been fined an amount equal to his monthly pay.

With the outrage on Reddit, Ceb have also posted an informal apology and explanation of his sayings in the Dota 2 subreddit.

Counter-Strike: The Evil Geniuses updates

After a break of seven long years from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, Evil Geniuses guaranteed a 3-1 triumph over Astralis at the ESL in New York this Sunday.

With a whopping 13-2 lead on Inferno, EG made sure to finish off the first map with 16-3 at the Barclays Center, thus getting themselves an important 1-0 edge in a best out of five match setup. A more competitive second map led Evil Geniuses to a 9-4 lead that eventually resulted in a 16-12 win on Dust II.

Astralis owned the third map by fighting back harder. They managed to survive double overtime and won Train 22-20. It wasn’t enough though as Evil Geniuses took charge and finished off a convincing 8-1 lead with a victorious score of 16-8 on Nuke. This paved their way to triumph.

Evil Geniuses stole the show and took $200,000.00 back home together with a prestigious trophy. Astralis won $40,000 as the runner-up.

League of Legends: The all-time crowd puller

The League of Legends free-organization period opened on Monday leading up to a massive chase by players and the team of players all over the world for their next goal and colossal signing. A roster shuffle led to the publication of the results for members from European, North American, Chinese and South Korean areas of professional League of Legends play.

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