The future of mobile eSports

As the usage of mobile devices continue to increase, a new generation is growing up with touch screen games. With the growing eSports industry, this is setting the way for what will become an explosion in mobile eSports.

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Mobile eSports is reaching new levels!

Every time we are not ourselves indulged in our mobile devices, we see other people who are. Whether it’s playing games, watching YouTube or just goofing around on the net, it’s there, everywhere, all the time. With the growing use of mobile devices, several companies producing applications and games for them have appeared. We even have two games that have managed to successfully make it as eSport games, even though they can only be played on mobile devices. We’re talking about Clash Royale and Vainglory.

Clash Royale is quite a simple, but very addictive game which is more or less a mixture of a tower defense, MOBA and collectible card game. The interesting thing about Clash Royale is that this was just released about a year ago and in November last year there was a competitive tournament with a $73,000.00 prize pool, where the winner got $25,000.00. Even though these are small amounts compared to some of the big names in the world of eSports, this is for us quite astonishing considering it’s quite a simple mobile device game. What’s even more interesting is that it’s actually possible to bet on Clash Royale on some bookmakers like Vitalbet and ggBET.

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When it comes to Vainglory, this has been around a while longer than Clash Royale as it was released in 2014. The game is a pure MOBA, which is extremely well created. The graphics are stunning for being a mobile device game and the gameplay is almost as good as any of the popular MOBAs. Vainglory has had more than ten tournaments with a prize pool higher than $30,000.00, whereas the world championship that was held in December last year had a stunning $120,000.00 prize pool, with the winning team taking home $60,000.00. As the game is being played in teams of 3, this is actually a bit lower per person compared to Clash Royale which is played solo, but the amounts are still staggering to us. Just like with Clash Royale, it’s actually also possible to bet on Vainglory at Vitalbet and ggBET.

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The future of mobile eSports

Image of Vainglory being played on iPadeSports in general is constantly growing. According to super data research, the value of the global eSports industry had increased by 19% in 2016 compared to 2015. As this is growing, as well as mobile devices getting more and more advanced, we certainly believe that the mobile eSports scene will grow immensely the coming years. Not only this, but according to the market research company NPD group, mobile device games are being played more than games on any other devices between ages 2-17. This is indicating how promising the future is for mobile eSport games; there’s a generation growing up playing games on touch screens. Kristian Segerstale, who is the COO of the company behind Vainglory, have said that he believes that within a decade a mobile device game will have one of, if not the highest amount of players.

The market for mobile eSports is still a fairly new one with fairly low competition, which offers great possibilities for mobile device game developers. One may however expect that huge developers like Blizzard or Valve will soon cease this opportunity. Blizzard of course already have experience with this as their game Hearthstone is a popular eSport game that can be played on mobile devices.

What’s also really interesting is that we’re starting to see sponsorship deals being made between bookmakers and professional eSport teams. This is still a new phenomenon, but ggBET for instance recently made a deal with the team Alliance and team NP. They are actually also contributing to all the eSport teams as 1% of every winning bet that is being placed on a specific team will go to that team, which is quite unique. Bookmakers like this are in the betting world a perfect indicator of how eSports is growing. It’s just a matter of time before we see other bookmakers offering eSports doing this as well, which will further fuel the already growing eSport industry.

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