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What do you look for in a betting site? Do you want great eSports coverage? Fun and interesting markets to bet on? A customer support that’s always there for you? Light speed withdrawal times? Amazing bonus offers? Maybe a nice casino to hit the reels when you’re feeling lucky? Well, of course you do! Therefore we have created the tool you need to easily and quickly provide you with all of this information, to help making your choice of eSports betting site a super easy decision!

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eBetFinders ambition

Just as our slogan tells, our ambition is to make eSports betting as easy as possible for you. Now you may think that it’s not exactly rocket science and you’re right, it’s not. However, with the huge amount of eSport betting sites out there, chances are that you won’t be picking the one that is best suited for you and your needs. That’s where we come into the picture. Everyone has different opinions on what makes a good betting site, as we all value welcome bonuses, withdrawal times, customer service, amount of eSports covered, other games, etc differently. With that in mind, our ambition is to provide you with the tools needed to be sure that you pick the best site just for you and that this is quickly and easily done.

Furthermore we want to use our years of experience in the betting industry to answer all questions that may come to mind and to give you tips and tricks that will make your betting experience as smooth as possible. We also want to provide you with important news updates that will help you to make the most of your experience. This includes providing you with information about upcoming tournaments, attractive campaign offers and anything else that is relevant for giving you the best possible experience.

It’s also very important for us that the information we provide you is accurate. We know there are a lot of sites who provide information that is not up to date and how frustrating this can be. Therefore our ambition is to put a lot of effort into making regular updates, ensuring that our information is always up to date.

Lastly, this site is for you and your needs. Therefore our ambition is to always listen what you have to say and make changes accordingly, as well as trying to make any wishes you have come true.

Where are we at?

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We have created an eBetFinder that is a filter system very easy to use. It lets you filter betting sites based on the country you live in which will allow you to only see betting sites whose main focus is on your country. You will be able to see each site’s ranking carefully set by us and by hovering over that number with your mouse, you will be able to see a summarize of what is positive and negative with the site. Would you like to read a full review by us, you have the option to read more or you could go directly to the betting site to continue reading there.

To give you a better understanding on our rating system, we have a section called How we rate where we have carefully explained what parameters we rate each betting site.

We have created an FAQ where you are able to find the answers to some of the most common questions asked when it comes to online betting.

In our eBetGames section, you will be able to read everything about the most common eSport games. We have thoroughly explained gameplay, game modes as well as provided information about each particular game as an eSport.

Lastly we have our eBetNews section where we will provide you with updates about our site, important happenings in the world of eSports, attractive campaign offers from betting sites and anything else relevant around eSport and eSports betting.

What is planned for the future?

We constantly work hard to improve our site and implement changes and new features. We have a lot of ideas discussed for the future and among these are:

– An improved eBetFinder where you will be able to filter not only by country, but by deposit methods supported, eSport games covered and much more.

– Up to date information about upcoming tournaments for each eSports game.

– A careful comparison of each site’s eSports coverage. This will be a comparison made on a monthly basis where we compare each site’s eSports coverage and then provide you with the results. You will be able to see which site had the best coverage for each game, each month and also see the best coverage for all months combined.

In addition to this we will continue to add betting sites and eSport games as new ones are launched. We will also take any ideas that you have into consideration, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

To get started with your eSports betting experience, just head over to our eBetFinder and find the site that is best suited for you.

Good luck, have fun and don’t forget to share!

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