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The team behind eBetFinder is regularly doing eSport comparisons to keep information up to date and provide you with the best possible user experience. In this article you will be given a deep insight of how this is done.
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The ranking of eSports coverage

The majority of us working at eBetFinder have a favorite game that we bet on every now and then. Now, there’s no hiding that we personally prefer to play on a handful number of sites as these provide a much better eSports experience than others. There are always several factors that play an important role on where we decide to bet, but the most crucial one is the betting operator’s eSports coverage.

Although we only choose to play on certain sites, we always stay up to date with other betting operators. Doing this is the foundation of our rating system and why we are different from other review sites. Unlike a lot of other sites, we constantly change the ranking of the operators we have listed. We are well aware that a betting operator can change quickly and it’s therefore important for us to stay up to date with this so that you’re able to get the correct information from us.

To give you a better understanding of how we rate the eSports coverage, we make thorough eSport comparisons on a regular basis. This means that we within a two hour time period visit each and every betting site that we have listed (nearly 40 of them) and note down every game that they offer eSport odds on, how many matches they have and what type of entertaining markets that are offered for those. To make it fair, we only take matches that start the same day and two days ahead into consideration. This is an example of how it can look like:

BrandDota 2MLoLMSC 2MCS:GOMMatchesGamesAll markets

Please note that this is only showing a very few amount of brands and games. There are also no markets added. This is simply because the list would take up the entire article if we did 🙂 Beneath each and every game you find the number of matches covered at the time the comparison was made and under “M” is where the markets for each game would be. At the end you find the total number of matches, the number of games and all the markets added.

As soon as everything is noted down, we compare the information and make an estimation of how well the brands do. The coverage of the most popular games and the variety of entertaining markets make up a big part of the ranking, but the coverage of other eSport games are taken into great consideration as well. Any ranking given will be a percentage between 0 and 100. If a brand is given 100% this means that the coverage is about as good as it gets with the current standards of eSports betting, whereas 0% means that they had no coverage at all.

When the ranking has been estimated, this is then added up with estimated rankings from all the comparisons made within a three month period and divided by the number of comparisons made. This way the final ranking becomes an average of all the comparisons made the past three months. The exception to the rule is if a brand has clearly made big improvements in their coverage as earlier comparisons are then not taking into consideration. This is simply to make sure that a brand isn’t ranked lower than it deserves to be.

It’s a lot of work to regularly go through this, but it’s important for us to be able to give you accurate and up to date information. This way you’re always able to find the best possible eSports experience through us.

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