How big is eSports betting?

The interest in placing bets on eSport matches has never been higher. For every year it’s growing bigger and bigger, while the rate at which it’s growing is getting faster and faster. But how big is it? Let’s find out!
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eSports betting is becoming a huge thing

Betting on eSports is currently one of the hottest topics for bookmakers as it’s become very apparent that this will grow to become a huge industry for them. We’re at a point in time where games have taken a turn from being pure entertainment to becoming serious sports with million dollar prize pools. This is attracting a huge number of people to place real money bets on games of their liking.

So how big is eSports betting?

The past years several market research companies have been providing us with statistics and numbers that show how the eSports industry is rapidly growing. One of these companies are Newzoo, who recently presented that the total revenue for eSports is expected to grow from $493 million in 2016 to $696 million in 2017. By 2020 it’s expected that these numbers will have increased to a stunning $1.5 billion. These numbers do however not include the revenue for eSports betting,

Unfortunately we don’t have any exact numbers on how big eSports betting currently is, but according to Newzoo the revenues from it could very well be bigger than the eSports economy itself. This is based on the simple fact that traditional sports are. American football did for instance generate $13 billion last year. This is quite a lot, but betting on it generated a stunning $50 billion, which is almost four times as much.

Even though we don’t know the exact revenue of eSports betting, we are able to make assumptions based on this

What is the growth of eSports betting?

Growth of eSports bettingWith more and more bookmakers offering bets on eSports, adding a wider selection of games to bet on, covering more matches being played and offering more fun markets to choose from, it’s pretty clear that eSports betting is on the rise. The question is how fast it’s actually growing?

According to the betting company Pinnacle, who is one of the leading eSports betting operators, they have been offering betting on eSports since January 2010 and have been able to see a huge exponential growth of eSports betting. This means that the number of eSport bets placed has been growing bigger and faster for each year. The numbers that Pinnacle have provided us with speak for themselves.

In November 2015 they had their second millionth eSport bet placed, which means that it took them almost six years to reach their first two million bets. Their second two million did however go a lot faster as these were reached in October 2016, only a year after. This made their total eSport bets to four million, which by February 2017 had increased with another million in just four months.

This is clearly showing how the eSports betting trend is increasing exponentially, constantly growing bigger and faster. Pinnacle is not expecting any changes to this trend, but by January 2018 they’re expecting to have reached a stunning ten million bets.

Where can I find eSports betting?

As most bookmakers are aware of the huge growing interest in betting on eSports, many of them have a dedicated section for it. Their match coverage, selection of entertaining markets and games to choose from does however vary a lot from one bookmaker to another. Some are way ahead of others in providing us bettors with a good eSports experience.

We at eBetFinder have played on and carefully reviewed close to 40 different bookmakers offering eSports. We have made it as easy as possible for you to pick out the bookmaker that would be best suiting for you. If you have a particular game in mind that you would like to bet on, we highly recommend checking out our eSport game section as you’ll be able to quickly find the bookmakers best suited for each game.

Should you like to see all the bookmakers offering bets, arranged by the overall value of the eSport experience they provide, we suggest heading over to our eSports betting section. You’ll easily find out the pros and cons of each bookmaker and will be able to experience the perfect joy of eSports betting in no time.

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