Heroes of the Storm Western Clash

Image of Heroes of the Storm Western Clash IEM

Heroes of the Storm Western Clash IEM

Buckle up and prepare yourself for a weekend filled with remarkable Heroes of the Storm action! The Western Clash is starting on the 3rd of March, where you will find some of the best teams from around the world battling it out! It’s a tournment of eight teams competing for a total prize pool of $100,000, with the winners taking home $30,000. You will find the three best teams from North America; Tempo Storm, Team 8 and Gale Force eSports, the three best teams from Europe; Misfits, Fnatic and Team Dignitas, as well as two qualifying teams from Australia/New Zealand and Latin America; Nomia and Infamous.

The first matches will be played on the 3rd of March, another set of matches on the 4th and the last set, including the grand finals on the 5th. All of the matches will be streamed on twitch for you to follow and should you like to up the excitement and show of those precious betting skills, several different eSport betting sites will be covering these matches going down! In the first match Misfits will be up against the qualifying team Nomia. As Misfits currently have a 7 match winning streak it looks like it’s going to be an easy win for them, but one should never underestimate the underdog as history many times have taught us that even the least expected to win can come on top.

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Where to bet on the Western Clash IEM

You will find that several bookmakers will be covering the matches going down. Which site you should bet on depends on your preferences. Below you will find some information of what we consider being some of the best bookmakers covering the matches, as well as an odds comparison between them.

Vitalbet & ggBET

Misfits vs Nomia: 1.09 | 6.36
Team 8 vs Dignitas 2.20 | 1.61
Fnatic vs Gale Force: 1.35 | 2.99
Tempo Storm vs Infamous: 1.15 | 4.86

Vitalbet and ggBET both use the same sportsbook trader, hence their odds offered are the same. No matter which of these two bookies you choose, you’ll find that their eSports coverage is one of the best there is. Vitalbet is to prefer if you like fast withdrawal times as these are amazing. They also have a player chat, which is really nice as you can speak with other people. ggBET is a site only offering eSports, hence they have designed their site in a way that gives an awesome gamer feeling. If you’re a new player with them, you’re also able to receive 5$ free as a welcome offer.


Misfits vs Nomia: 1.073 | 8.620
Team 8 vs Dignitas 1.662 | 2.240
Fnatic vs Gale Force: 1.296 | 3.620
Tempo Storm vs Infamous: 1.121 | 6.400

Pinnacle is also a bookmaker that has outstanding withdrawal times as they are usually processed automatically, unless the amount is extremely high. Their eSport coverage is generally good, but on some games the markets offered may be a bit limited compared to Vitalbet and ggBET. On a more positive note, Pinnacle allows arbitrage betting, which few other bookmakers does.


Misfits vs Nomia: 1.05 | 7.00
Team 8 vs Dignitas 1.57 | 2.20
Fnatic vs Gale Force: 1.26 | 3.35
Tempo Storm vs Infamous: 1.10 | 5.50

Bethard usually does a great job with the eSports coverage, but it’s not quite as good as Vitalbet’s and ggBET’s. Bethard does however have one of the best withdrawal times in the industry, which actually beats Vitalbet’s. They also have a fairly good selection of casino games, wheres Vitalbet’s is quite poor and ggBET has none. Not everyone may be interested in this, but should you be interested in other forms of gambling than eSports betting, it’s good to have in mind. Futhermore Bethard is offering a 24/7 chat support and even though ggBET does this as well, Vitalbet doesn’t.


Misfits vs Nomia: 1.05 | 7.00
Team 8 vs Dignitas 1.58 | 2.20
Fnatic vs Gale Force: 1.26 | 3.35
Tempo Storm vs Infamous: 1.10 | 5.55

NetBet won’t beat Vitalbet or ggBET’s eSports coverage, nor do they beat Pinnacle’s or Bethard’s withdrawal times. They are however solid when it comes to both of these. Where NetBet is standing out from the rest of the bookmakers mentioned and the main reason to choose them, is if you like casino games as well, as they have an awesome selection of these.

Please note that we will do our best to have kept these odds up to date, but as bookmakers can change them at any time, we cannot guarantee that these will be 100% correct.

May the eSport gods be with you!

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