Finding the best odds

Finding the best odds and getting the most money out of your bets is definitely not an easy task, but there are a few tips and tricks that you could use which are important to be aware about.

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How do I find the best odds?

Know what bookies there are

As bookies are all competing against each other to provide the best odds, it’s in your best interest knowing what different type of eSport betting bookies there are. The more bookies you have to choose from and be able to compare odds between, the better. With that being said, you should of course limit yourself to an amount of bookies that you are able to handle efficiently. If you have a limited bankroll, it’s also highly suggested that you’re using e-Wallets to quickly move your bankroll from one site to another. In this case it’s also very important that you are using a bookie that you know will be able to process your withdrawals quickly, like for instance Bethard or Vitalbet.

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Make an objective prediction and value bet

If you know that a match is going to be played, make an objective estimation of the chances of each team winning before you check the bookies what odds are offered. Let’s say a match between Wings Gaming and Fnatic is going down. Before checking the bookies you make an estimation, preferably based on the match preparations you’ve done, that Wings Gaming will have an 85% chance to win. An 85% win chance would give an odds of 1.18 which is calculated by dividing 1 by 0,85 (1/0,85). When you have your estimated odds ready, you check the bookies and if you find odds offered that are higher than your estimation of 1.18, this means that your risk to reward ratio is in your favor and you should consider value betting this. If the odds offered are lower, you should however consider placing your bet on something else.

Worth mentioning is that bookies often give underdogs higher odds than they deserve if there is a strong public opinion for the favorite. The reason for this is simply because many bookies adjust their odds to reflect the public opinion and their expectations of which team the majority will bet on.

Don’t limit yourself to match winners

Picking the favorite team to win is probably the easiest thing you could do, but is usually also the least rewarding as the odds are usually low. This means that you would have to place huge bets (which is always a risk no matter how much in favor the team is) to be able to win a fair amount. If you on the other hand focus on over/under bets like total kills, game time, etc, you will find that the odds offered are considerably higher. Bookies like Betway usually also offer a lot of different markets such as the first team to reach a certain number of kills and if you’re betting on Dota 2, you might find markets like the first team to destroy the first tower or/and the first barracks. Usually the favorite team to win the match, is also the team who will do these things the first and the odds offered will be considerably higher on these special markets.

Use combination bets to accumulate higher odds

Instead of risking a high amount of money on a single bet, consider placing several bets on a lower amount, but on higher odds accumulated by using a combination bet of several matches. Let’s take match winner as an easy example. Let’s say you’ve found a match between Digital Chaos and Team Liquid where Digital Chaos is in favor and have been given an odds of 1.3 compared to Team Liquid who have an odds of 3.50 (hypothetically speaking). Even though you should always make your own estimations and match preparations, just judging by the bookie’s odds, Digital Chaos is in a huge favor and very likely to win. Should you bet €10 on them, you would win €13 in total should they win. Should you instead use a combination bet of 5 matches like this, that all have 1.3 in odds for the favorite team and 3.50 in odds for the other one, your total odds would be 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3 = 3,71. Should you bet €10 on this, you would win €37 instead which is a lot higher.

Betting on 5 matches like this of course increases the risk of losing, so what you could do is to lower the risk by placing two combination bet coupons like this, with different matches/markets on half the value (€5 each). With 3,71 in odds, you would still win €18,55 if just one of these combinations were successful, which would give a net profit of €8,55 instead of €3 from just betting on a single.

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finding the best odds

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