The epic showdown of Dota 2 vs League of Legends

It’s time for a heroic clash between the MOBA champions Dota 2 and League of Legends. Few games have as much animosity between them as these two. We have taken a look at the similarities and differences with an unbiased mind.
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Comparing Dota 2 and League of Legends

While the players within both Dota 2 and League of Legends often seem to hate each other in matches, they are usually very good at uniting and standing up for their game of choice. You’ll find that Dota 2 players often claim that only scrubs play League of Legends, while LoL players are just as quick defending their game as the best.

As we have both Dota 2 and League of Legends players in the eBetFinder office, we thought that we would make an unbiased Dota 2 vs League of Legends comparison to settle the hostilities ones and for all. We’ll start to cover the similarities, then head on over to the differences and lastly have a look at the betting possibilities of the two games.

The similarities between Dota 2 and LoL

Even though the player communities just love going at each other, we’re actually all sisters and brothers. This is simply because the main developer of League of Legends was also the main developer of Dota in its earliest days. This was back when the game was only a mod to Warcraft 3.

Although the two games have their differences, people not involved with either of them would probably say that they’re both the same. Before the nerd rage is kicking in, would that actually be such a surprise to hear? Both games have more or less an identical map with identical buildings and identical computer controlled units, where players battle it out with identical player controlled characters. They all just go by different names.

Dota 2 vs League of Legends: Similarities 

Dota 2League of Legends

It’s possible to merge the maps without any bigger difference

Dota 2 vs League of legends mini map

Let’s look at some Dota 2 and LoL differences

As much as there are similarities between the games, we’re also finding distinct differences when we get into the details. We have picked some of the most important key factors and listed these below so that you’re able to easily compare the two games.

Gameplay differences

Dota 2League of Legends
Learning curveVery steep with advanced mechanicsSteep, but not as advanced
Punishment of deathGold loss + long respawnShort respawn
Buying back into the game after deathPossible (with a cooldown)Not possible
Possibility to TP around the map?YesNo
Turn rate mechanicYes, every hero has a different turn valueNo, every champion turns instantly
Impact of spellsBigSmall
Mana cost of spellsHighLow
Power up runes on map?Every two minutesNo
Day/night cycle?Yes, affecting vision on mapNo
Game roles & lane compositionVery flexibleVery strict
Item build of Heroes/ChampionsVery flexibleVery strict
Items with active abilitiesPowerful with great impact on gameNot as important
Customization of Heroes/ChampionsTalent tree in match, nothing outsideSummoner spells, Runes & Masteries outside match
Game modesOne official (three lane map)Three official (three lane, two lane & one lane map)
Strength of Towers/TurretsWeak, allowing early tower divingStrong
Balance of Heroes/ChampionsWell balanced with many used in pro gamesPoor balance with much less used in pro games
Counter picking of Heroes/ChampionsPlays a huge roleNot as important
Killing Roshan/NashorGives an item that will resurrect the bearerGives a powerful buff to entire team and minions
Deny mechanicCan kill own creeps, players and buildingsNone existent
MMR systemPoor (account buyers is problematic)Great (queuing with preferred role)
Number of Heroes/Champions113 (all available at start)134 (only 14 available at start)

As you can see, Dota 2 has quite a few mechanics that League of Legends hasn’t, which is making the learning curve a bit steeper. It is for instance possible and in your best interest to kill your own creeps with low health in Dota 2. By doing so the enemy will receive less experience and this also prevents them from killing it themselves and getting gold. The same goes for Towers and allied heroes that are affected by a damage over time spell. Denying minions, turrets or champions isn’t possible to do in League of Legends.

Another big game changer is power up runes that spawn every 2 minutes in Dota 2. There will always spawn bounty runes that give gold and experience, but also a rune that can either give full movement speed, double damage, two copies of your hero, invisibility or reduced cooldown and mana cast on spell for a short period of time. In Dota 2 you’ll also find a turn rate on heroes, which most League of Legends players who have tried Dota 2 can’t stand. This is understandable as not having your hero move where you want instantly, but having to wait a 0.1 or 0.2 seconds can be quite frustrating.

There is also a night and day cycle to take into consideration in Dota 2 as this has a great impact on the vision of the map. Such a cycle and vision changer doesn’t exist in League of Legends.

It’s fair to say that League of Legends is a much more predictable game than Dota 2 is. If you look at the game roles, laning composition and item builds, these are more or less always the same in League of Legends. There are of course a few exceptions to this, but if we just look at laning phases, you usually have two champions on bottom lane, one in mid, one in top and one in jungle. In Dota 2 there is no “usually” as lanes vary widely from one game to another. You can go aggressive trilanes on top, aggressive trilanes on bot, do dual lanes on top and bot, etc. Item builds in Dota also vary widely as you have to counter and adapt to the enemies’ heroes and item builds, whereas you in League of Legends more or less go the same build.Dota 2 vs LoL texbreakerThere’s a lot of controversy about which game is more punishing for dying. The differences are that in Dota 2 you lose gold and have a long respawn time of your hero, whereas you in League of Legends have a much shorter respawn time with your champion. As much as this seems to speak in Dota’s favour, Dota 2 has a buy back mechanic that League of Legends doesn’t. This means that as long as everyone has gold saved up and haven’t used the buyback recently, it’s possible for the entire team buying back to defend after a lost teamfight. As this isn’t possible in League of Legends, it’s less forgiving to lose a teamfight as that fight will possibly cause you the entire game.

Another huge difference well worth mentioning is the fact that the pro scene in League of Legends are picking much the same heroes, whereas you’re able to find almost every hero in Dota 2 being used in major tournaments. If we compare the 2016 world championship of the two games, League of Legends had 53% of the champions picked, whereas Dota 2 had as much as 91% of the Heroes.

When it comes to the ranked system that the games use, League of Legends is definitely superior to Dota 2. In Dota 2 you more or less always get +25 points for winning a match, while you more or less always get -25 points for losing a match. This make account buyers (which is quite common) a problem in matches. If they are playing higher ranked games than their skill cap, they are going to ruin a lot of games before they end up in the MMR that they actually belong. This doesn’t happen to the same extent in League of Legends as you get rewarded with more points and punished with less for having winning and losing streaks. Another positive thing with League of Legends is that you’re actually able to pick your preferred role when queuing for a match, which is taken into consideration. In Dota 2 it’s a common problem that players argue over positions, especially the mid one.

Other differences

Dota 2League of Legends
Player communityCancerCancer with a heal
Active monthly player baseAround 13 millionAround 100 million
Tournaments with more than $500,000.00208
Biggest tournament prize pool to date$24,687,919.00$5,070,000.00
Total viewer hours on Twitch (July)24.3 million84.5 million

When it comes to the player community, this actually has a lot of similarities. Both games have quite an immature community where a lot of whining and blaming each other usually goes on in a match. In other words, it’s pretty much cancer. In League of Legends this cancer does however sometimes come with a heal to it. Every now and then you’ll find a player who is actually forgiving, which is very rarely seen in Dota 2. If someone threatens to kill your mother in Dota, he won’t stop killing her until you have actually muted the player or the match is over.

As you can see in the list, League of Legends is way more popular than Dota 2. Some (alot of LoL players of course) claim this to be a sign of League of Legends being a better game, while others (many of them Dota 2 fanboys) say this is due to the game being released much earlier, having simpler game mechanics and less computer requirements. To avoid a fierce battle in the eBetFinder office, we will take the cowardly route and stay unbiased to this. We will  however state the fact that tournaments with high prize pools are way more common in Dota 2, whereas the top prize pool is more than four times as big.

The differences in real money bets

Betting on eSports is something that has become quite common recently and seems to be growing bigger for every year. Out of all the eSport games that are available to place bets on, Dota 2 and League of Legends are actually among the most popular ones. We at eBetFinder have played on and carefully reviewed close to 40 different eSport betting sites and there is not a single one that hasn’t offered bets on matches on Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Even though this seems to make them similar in betting circumstances, League of Legends is currently the game that has by far the most bets offered for it. Even though it’s not hard at all to find Dota 2 bets, there is more or less always a huge selection of them on League of Legends – way more than on Dota 2. You’ll also find that the selection of entertaining markets is wider on League of Legends, although not bad for Dota 2. Below you’re able to find all of the available markets for both games.

Dota 2 markets

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Correct map score
  • Odd/Even total kills
  • Over/Under total maps
  • Over/Under total kills
  • Over/Under total time

  • First blood in over/under 100 seconds
  • First team to reach a no. of kills
  • If a third map will be played
  • Team to win at least 1 map
  • Team to win no map
  • Team A/B number of maps won
  • Team to draw first blood

  • Team to destroy first tower
  • Team to destroy first barracks
  • Team to slay first Roshan
  • Player getting godlike streak
  • If courier will be killed or not
  • Tournament winner
  • Team to reach the finals

Should you be interested in finding out more about betting on the game, we have a smashing betting guide for Dota 2, as well as dedicated sections for the best welcome offers and overall top rated Dota 2 betting sites.

League of Legends markets

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Correct map score
  • Over/under total maps
  • Over/under total kills
  • Over/under total time
  • Over/under total dragons slain
  • Over/under total barons slain
  • Over/under total towers destroyed
  • Odd/even total kills

  • Team to win at least 1 map
  • Team to win no map at all
  • Team number of maps won
  • Team to slay first dragon
  • Team to slay first baron
  • Team to slay first rif herald
  • Team to destroy the first tower
  • Team to destroy the first inhibitor
  • Team to get most kills
  • Team to get most kills (handicap)
  • Team to draw first blood

  • Team to score a penta kill
  • Team to score a quadra kill
  • First team to get a No. of kills
  • Both teams to slay a baron
  • Both teams to slay a dragon
  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor
  • Player of the tournament
  • Team to reach the finals
  • Tournament winner
  • Group winner
  • Region winner

Looking to place a few bets on League of Legends yourself? Then we highly recommend checking out the League of Legends betting guide.

We hope you enjoyed this Dota 2 vs League of Legends article. If you liked it, please feel free and share it with your friends.

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