CS:GO vs Overwatch – The battle continues

One of the hottest topic amongst gamers is if CS:GO or Overwatch is the better game. Well, we’ve asked the community and got the answer for you! Let’s find out!
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One game to rule them all

History tells of a peaceful time where the one and only first person shooter was Counter-Strike. A testosterone filled community was of course going at each other, typing out “fucking noob” in capital letters each and every map. At the end of the day, everyone did however go to sleep happy, knowing that they were all a part of the same cancerous community. It was a beautiful time.

Then out of nowhere came a contender and created chaos out of order. Overwatch was released, dividing the community in Counter-Strike and creating a battle of godlike proportions. A battle that gamers have spent endless hours in and that seems to have no end to it. On one side we find a whining army from Valve and on the other a crybaby force from Blizzard Entertainment.

Can the games even be compared?

One game offers the possibility to play as either Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist with a few different weapons that pretty much do the same thing. One might have a bigger bang than the other, but that’s about it. In the other game you have the possibility to play as more than 20 different characters with several unique abilities. While your special features in one game consist of being able to run, sit, walk and duck, the other let’s you teleport, become invincible, create walls of ice, fly, heal and god knows what.

Some crazy people would argue that with these differences you can’t really compare the two. Now isn’t that a hippie type of mentally? If we didn’t compare there wouldn’t be a battle and with no battle there couldn’t be one game to rule them all.

Top 10 community statements

To maintain peace in the eBetFinder office, we have taken the cowardly route and chosen to observe the battle rather than participate in it. We therefore asked the community what game is the better one. Here are the top 10 answers:

1. “More people in Overwatch have told me to kill myself than my 13 years in cs.”

– Unless you’re suicidal and looking for motivation, this clearly gives a point to CS:GO.

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 1 – 0

2. “There is so much porn of Overwatch it’s ridiculous”

– Well, this quickly evened out the score. After thoroughly investigating this, Overwatch seems like a damn good game. We’ll do some more investigation later tonight.

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 1 – 1

3. “Does CS:GO have a talking gorilla? I think not.”

– Solid point. Talking gorillas, flying elephants and headless zebras make up any good game.

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 1 – 2

4. “I haven’t played CS in 15 years and never tried Overwatch, but I’ll go with CS:GO”

– Nice to have a political view on it! You go, bro!

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 2 – 2

5. “I hear CS:GO is fantastic if you like aim bots.”

– The girl’s highschool bathroom is to the left. In here we don’t do rumors. No points!

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 2 – 2

6. “CS:GO is more respected among the gaming community.”

– Respect is good. Respect gives huge online penis. Point goes to CS:GO!

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 3 – 2

7. “If you’re talking about which one is more brain dead and casual Mario Kart friendly, then Overwatch.”

– Just mentioning Mario Kart in the same sentence is clearly a point to Overwatch! Any guy would cheat on their fleshlight for Mario!

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 3 – 3

8. “You need a NASA PC to run Overwatch”

– No offense to all the potato users out there, but really? I guess half a point to CS:GO!

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 3.5 – 3

9. “Overwatch by a mile. It’s just way too fun compared to CS:GO.”

– Playing for fun in 2017? What’s wrong with this world?! I guess half a point to Overwatch!

CS:GO vs Overwatch: 3.5 – 3.5

With a tied score of 3.5 to both games and only one community statement left, shit just got real!

The next one will act as a tiebreaker and decide the final result!

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