Big Winnings at ArcaneBet and eBetFinder Is the Lucky Charm

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It’s no secret that we at eBetFinder have a tight relationship with ArcaneBet. Back when we got started with our website four years ago they were one of the first brands that we promoted. At that time eSports betting was quite limited among brands. Not at all as widespread as it is today. ArcaneBet reached out to us as a new operator highly focused on the eSports vertical.

After some discussion and reviewing the brand as thoroughly as we could to make sure it was legit, we began working with them and have done so ever since. The brand has always been a quality site in our eyes and to all our visitors here at eBetFinder we have had the pleasure of offering an exclusive welcome bonus that is incredibly lucrative as it has no minimum odds to the wagering requirement.

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This post isn’t about our relationship with ArcaneBet though, but what I wanted to share with you is a success story that just recently happened last month. A player of ArcaneBet who registered through us here at eBetFinder won and cashed out a huge sum of more than €130,000.00. While this person of course is a fan of betting on eSports, it was the newly added casino section of ArcaneBet that he made this profit on; more specifically the live casino game Crazy Time.

To us here at eBetFinder, it all started when we checked our affiliate account one day and were flabbergasted over the stats that we noticed. Here’s an image of how it looked:

Big win at Arcanebet
If you don’t already know, our business model here at eBetFinder is to guide eSport enthusiasts to the best gambling sites and for that the brands that we choose to work with reward us. The sum above shows that we have made a negative profit of €130,754.50 which means that someone had this amount not only won, but also cashed out.

A few weeks later there was an e-mail sent out to all partners of ArcaneBet and I quote parts of it:

“Have you heard the news? One of our players just won 130.876,42 EUR in cash, just for being him.”

“Just kidding! We don’t run a charity here, but we are that generous when it comes to paying our players and partners in full, in real cash only! We want every single word we write to be backed up by money. Every. Single. Time.”

“We encourage and promote success stories at, and we believe that such actions lead to a long-term and long-lasting partnership, built on trust and transparency, where all parties involved (players, affiliates and casino) have to gain.”

Once I read it I told my colleague that this has to be our guy. The sum was almost identical and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t. Just a few days ago another e-mail dropped in my inbox confirming my assumption. I was asked to write a news post about it and why not. ArcaneBet is a great brand and if anyone has ever doubted it this is solid proof that big winnings aren’t left unpaid.

If you want to sign up with ArcaneBet and take part of the fantastic welcome bonus that we have gotten he opportunity to offer, we do appreciate if you do it through us here at eBetFinder. We are here for you as a player and this is our way of making it a possibility to run the website. Not only do we aim to guide you to the best sites, but we also offer to help should you, against all odds, encounter any problems with any of the operators that we promote.

Visit ArcaneBet With eBetFinder as Your Lucky Charm

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