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The success of Asia Summit 2018 encourages Perfect World and PGL to host the CS:GO Asia Championships

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The Chinese video game developer, Perfect World and PGL (Professional Gamers League) have recently announced that they will be the proud hosts of a new Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament called CS:GO Asia Championships. It will be one of the more lucrative Asian CS:GO events as it will have a $300,000.00 prize pool which is pretty high for anyone’s standards.

The tournament will take place in Shanghai, China and fans have already started asking for more information regarding the illustrious event. So far we know that the CS:GO Asia Championships will be an invitational event and that Natus Vincere is the first certain candidate to grace the first edition of the tournament.

Anyone interested in more details than this will have to wait until this year’s Dota 2 Asia Championships come to a close as PGL and Perfect World have confirmed that they will give additional details and information after this tournament has finished.

The last CS:GO tournament to be hosted by Perfect World was the CS:GO Asia Summit, which proved to be a big success both commercially and in terms of the number of viewers and the reviews it got from the professional CS:GO community. In it, teams such as MVP PK, Grayhound, TyLoo and B.O.O.T fought in single elimination matches which were played in a best out of three format. The prize pool for the tournament was $60 thousand and MVP PK was the team that won it.

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asia csgo winnersTyLoo were the local favorites who entered the tournament after successfully competing and winning the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Chongqing 2018. They did however not manage to continue that good form at the Asia Summit 2018 as they succumbed to a surprise defeat at the hands of Grayhound in the semifinal. After winning one map each, TyLoo lost the last and deciding one on Cache 16:13.

In the other semi final, MVP PK fought it out against B.O.O.T and won quite easily 2-0 meaning that they scheduled themselves a meeting against Grayhound in the final in what was setting up to be a rather evenly matched encounter.

In the final, MVP PK had a flying start to the match and lost just three rounds in the first half. Grayhound then managed to perform a comeback and notched up five winning rounds together which meant that they brought down the deficit to just three rounds. This was however all they could do as MVP PK’s XigN was successful in defusing the bomb in what proved to be the breaking point in the first map, which MVP PK won 16-9.

The fight on the second map (Nuke) was a much closer encounter as it was make or break it time for Grayhound, which meant that they had to give their best performances in order to stay in the match. This was their map pick so they had that going for them. However, once again, MVP PK stormed out of the gates and went on a seven round winning run. This proved to be crucial to the final outcome of the map and the match, because even though Grayhound managed to claw their way back into the map, they still lost it, 19-17 and had to settle with a 2-0 defeat at the hands of the superior MVP PK.

MVP PK went home with $30 thousand more than when they arrived with at the Asia Summit 2018, while Grayhound got half of that and had to settle for $15 thousand.

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