An Eastern European Final at the CS:GO Asia Championships?

Asia Championships 2018 CS:GO

The CS:GO Asia Championships finale is soon to begin

And we might see two Eastern European teams battle it out in it!

The Chinese outsiders VG.Flash and the Korean underdogs MVP PK have finished their participation at the CS:GO Asia Championships 2018, but four other teams still remain with a fighting chance of getting their hands on the $150.000.00 winner’s share of the $300.000.00 prize pool tournament taking place in Shanghai, China.

The Chinese and Korean sides were eliminated after they finished last in their groups, behind the likes of group winners Natus Vincere and, as well as the teams NiP, Heroic, EnVyUs and TyLoo. For winning their groups, the Ukrainian NaVi and Polish earned themselves a guaranteed spot in the semi-finals, while the second and third placed teams from both groups faced each other early this Sunday morning for the two remaining spots, which the Chinese TyLoo and Danish Heroic grabbed.

As it currently stands, it seems like the final match has a very big chance of being an Eastern European affair in which Edward, Zeus, flamie, s1mple and electronic from NaVi will try to outwit and outfight NEO, pashaBiceps, Snax, byali and MICHU from

Both of these teams have fared relatively well at big events in the past, but NaVi is the obvious favorite in an eventual final as they are ranked as number two in the CS:GO World Rankings, only behind the exceptional Danish side Astralis. This ranking in itself is a major achievement, but their role of being the favorites becomes even more apparent when one considers the Ukrainians’ recent form.

NaVi won at the StarSeries i-League Season 5 Finals, which recently took place in their home country, finished second at the DreamHack Masters Marseille and got a third place finish at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals, as well as one at the ELEAGUE Major 2018.

Things weren’t always this good for Natus Vincere though, as their form oscillated quite drastically last year and at one point in November they were ranked as the 17th team in the CS:GO World Rankings. Since then they have however improved their performances significantly and recorded a rise in the standings in every subsequent month.

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When it comes to, they defeated Heroic and TyLoo in the group matches leading up to the playoffs in the current event, but both of those battles were tightly contested affairs against currently higher ranked teams. What those matches showed was however a which is capable of something great. The encounters reminded Polish fans of a three month period of the beginning of last year, when reigned supreme in the CS:GO scene, won the prestigious DreamHack Masters Las Vegas and were deservedly ranked as the number two team in the world.

In the months that followed from that period, the Polish team’s form did however decline significantly and now they find themselves in the 36th position at the world rankings and are at their lowest ebb. That’s why their two confident performances at the current event were incredibly important for the future aspirations of this team which is destined for big things to happen, but needs that initial push to get them back on track.

The final match of the CS:GO Asia Championships 2018 will be played in a best out of three format and is scheduled to take place tomorrow on the 18th of June at 12:00pm CET. Whether the two Eastern European teams will make it into this grand finale will be decided a couple of hours before this as Virtus.Pro is facing TyLoo at 05.00am and Natus Vincere is taking on EnVyUs at 09:00.

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