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What if you woke up and found out that the car you drive to work was no longer the Toyota you knew, but a destructive tank? What if your home was no longer the sweet home you knew, but a garage full of destructive tanks? What if your family was no longer around, if you had no need for sleep or food and if all you knew was how to maneuver a destructive tank? What would you do in a…

World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is a team-based, tank-shooter MMO (massively multiplayer online game). The the game is developed by a Belarusian company called Cypriot and was first released in Russia in the summer of 2010. It then made its way to China, Europe and North-America in the spring of 2011, Singapore and Vietnam in the spring of 2012, Korea in the winter of 2012 and Japan in the autumn of 2013. The game started off as a PC exclusive release, but was 2014 also released to Xbox 360 and then later on to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As the game was a huge success on PC, it was then also made into a mobile version called World of Tanks Blitz. In addition to this, there is also a board game to be found under the name of World of Tanks Rush and a card game named World of Tanks Generals.

Bet on World of Tanks

World of Tanks eSport eventWorld of Tanks was first recognized as an eSports game when it debuted at the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2012. The prize pool for that tournament was then a modest $49,000.00, with the winning team bringing home $28,000.00. To date, the official World of Tanks competitive tournament, WGL (Wargaming league) now offers a prize pool much bigger than that; $300,000.00, with the winning team bringing home a nice amount of $150,000.00. This may seem like pocket money compared to some other eSport games like Dota 2 or LoL, but this prize pool is what has opened up the possibilities to bet on World of Tanks which was previously not possible. Not only is hardcore eSport betting sites like Vitalbet and eBettle offering this, but more or less all bookmarkers have World of Tanks covered when bigger tournaments are being held.

Markets for betting on World of Tanks

Even though you will find World of Tanks available for betting on most bookmakers when there’s a good sized tournament being held, the variety markets offered are pretty much nonexistent. You will of course be able to bet on the match winner and a site like Bet365 is also likely to offer bets on who will win the tournament, but other than that you currently won’t find any other markets.

World of Tanks gameplay

World of Tanks gameplayWorld of Tanks may look simple on the surface and it may be as well depending on how you choose to play. The layers do however go deep in this game and it can be very strategic and tactical. To keep it simple, you basically take control of an armored fighting vehicle from the early and mid-20th century, get thrown into a random map and start blowing other tanks up. The game is played in teams of two and the objective is to destroy all vehicles on the opposing team or in some game modes capture a base (you can read more about this under “game modes” further down). There are over 50 different maps to be played and in most game modes you don’t have the option to choose which to play, but enter a random one. There are over 300 different tanks to choose from categorized into light, medium and heavy tanks as well as tank destroyers and SPGS (Self-propelled guns, also known as Artillery). These all have different characteristics and roles in the game.

Light tanks
are small and very fragile as they don’t have the armor to protect them from gunfire or being rammed into. They also lack when it comes to firepower, using smaller weapons like rapid fire guns to their offensive. The light tank’s strength is however its great speed; being the fastest type of vehicle in the game, its great view range and superb camouflage. This makes the light tank the perfect choice for scouting.

Heavy tanks
are large, well armored tanks that usually take the front of the battle. Typically their job is to take control or hold certain strategic points of the map. As the tanks have very poor maneuverability and camouflage, they do best in straight and narrow passageways that make any contact with the enemy head-on. When the heavy tank is out in the open it can easily be sniped or ambushed.

Medium tanks can take on several roles in the game as they are very well balanced. The performance varies greatly from one tank to another, but when it comes to maneuverability, armor and gunfire they are generally somewhere in between the light and heavy tank. The maneuverability is good enough to be able to quickly relocate and the gunfire strong enough to do plenty of damage. Even though they have a fair amount of armor, it’s however not enough to withstand head to head on battles.

are like light tanks very fragile vehicles with bad protection. Unlike the lSPGight tanks, these do however come heavily equipped on the offensive and generally carries the most powerful gunfire in the game. Their primary attack is for instance high-explosive shells. Unlike any of the other type of tanks, SPGs are able to aim and shoot over terrain and other structures by entering a birds-eye view when aiming. Their role in the game is usually support; staying behind and well-positioned, taking down targets that other tanks may have trouble with. This usually involves heavy tanks and snipers.

Tank destroyers
are the direct-fire bad boys of the battle field. Even though one tank destroyer may vary widely from another, these are generally the best direct-fire vehicles in the game. Due to their heavy gunfire, tank destroyers are often used for taking down heavily armored tanks. Some well-armored do it best at close range and may even take a role similar to the heavy tank at the front end of the battle. Others, with little to no armor do best as snipers, aiming down their enemies from a distance.

In addition to the huge variety of tanks in the game, you also have to select a crew that will handle your tanks. The size of the crew depends on the vehicle you choose and varies between 2-6 members. The crew members all have different roles that must be chosen and there are 5 different to choose from. These are Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator and Loader. The 5 roles all provide different stats to your tank like improved view range, accuracy, maneuverability and much more.

World of Tanks tank upgradesWhile commencing in battles, both your tank and your crew members gain experience which enables them to level up and become stronger. They can also be leveled up by spending credits which is a type of currency in the game, also earned from battles. Credits are not only used to level up your crew and tanks, but to buy new tanks, equipment, ammunition, and for repairing your vehicles. When it comes to equipment, there are several different ones that can be mounted onto your tank, all granting different stats. When reaching higher levels, upgrades, repairs and buying new tanks can become quite expensive.

World of Tanks game modes

There are currently six different main modes in total to be played in World of Tanks in which some of the main modes contain a few different game modes. These are Random Battles (Standard, Assault & Encounter),Team Battles (two-flag Assault),Team Training, Tank Company Battles, Clan Wars and Strongholds.

World of Tanks mapRandom Battles involve three different game modes that are much like each other. These are called Standard, Assault and Encounter. When looking for a random battle, you by default have a 60% chance entering Standard and a 20% chance entering Assault or Encounter. All random battles consist of two randomly put together teams of 15 players in each. In the standard battle there are two bases and the game can either be won by eliminating the enemy team or by capturing their base within 15 minutes. Capturing a base is done by maneuvering into a circle and staying there long enough. The more tanks in the circle, the faster the base will be captured. In the assault battle there is one team that has been given a base they are supposed to defend, while the other team is supposed to either capture this or destroy all of the enemy tanks. If the attacking team fails to do so within 10 minutes, the defending team wins. In the encounter battle a base is located in the middle of the map, while the two teams start on two opposite sides of this. The objective is to either capture this base or to destroy all enemy tanks. Should two teams be capturing the base at the same time, the capturing will not take place.

Team Battles rely heavily on you and your team working together by coordination and communication. This is currently the mode used in professional competitions like the Wargaming league. The two battling teams consist of 7 players each, opposed 15 players in the random battles. Differently to any other battles, team battles have a mod called two-flag Assault. This is just like normal Assault, but with the defending team having to defend two bases instead of just one. The capture time is also increased, while the battle time limit is decreased.

Tank Company Battles is the mode of choice if you want to setup your own team before entering a battle. You can either invite friends or setup a team with random players. You then also get to battle a team that’s been set up by either friends or random players. In tank company battles, the winning team receives a portion of the losing team’s experience and credits, which is unique to this mode. This makes the winning team receiving more than they normally would, while the losing team will receive less than they normally would.

World of Tanks training modeTeam Training is the perfect mode if you are less experienced and would like to get to know the maps, strategic points, tanks etc. In this mode you create your own room (or join a room already created by another player), which allows you to choose the map you would like to play. You also have the option to play solo together with your friends. In this mode no experience or credits can be gained.

Clan Wars are much alike any other 15 vs 15 battle, but with some exceptions. First of all the players on each team all come from the same clan which means the battles are a lot more competitive and harder to win. To win you’re required to work together well as a team and make good, strategic moves which mean that using a program like teamspeak to communicate is more or less mandatory. Secondly, if you die with your tank in a clan war, this will then not be possible to use in other clan wars for a certain period of time. Also, opposed to some other modes, you will not be able to see the tank picks that the opposing team have made before you actually encounter them on the map. The map and which side each team will start on is also pre-determined.

World of Tanks strongholds game modeStrongholds is a mode for clans which allow buildings to be created in so called strongholds, outside of the actual battles. These buildings then give certain bonuses to all of the clan members. For instance increased experience and credits may be gained in battles with some buildings constructed. The buildings can be upgraded to improve the rewards, but they can also be attacked by other clans. The time of attack can only be during a one hour span each day, where that one hour span is decided by each clan. As the stronghold is vulnerable for attack every day, this means each clan has to be prepared to defend themselves should they want to make the most of the rewards.

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