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Welcome to a place with an ancient energy source called the Halcyon Well. As this source may provide an incredible power for technology and magic, it attracts heroes from all over that want a piece of it. The great powers will however not come easily, but one must fight for it. As the stakes are high, alliances have been formed and great battles are taking place. Only one team can stand victorious. Welcome to…


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Vainglory is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) type of game that has been exclusively released to mobile devices (iOS and Android) and is really setting the bar for the future of mobile eSports. The game is developed by a company called Super Evil Megacorp and have been created by former employees from Riot Games (the creators of League of Legends) and Blizzard Entertainment (the creators of Heroes of the Storm and several other popular games). Vainglory was released on the 16th of November 2014 and has since then received great reviews for its amazing graphics, level design and enjoyable characters.

Bet on Vainglory

Vainglory eSports eventVainglory has since early development been intended as an eSports game and is currently growing within that genre. Even though the current number of prize pools and tournaments can’t compare to most other eSport games, it’s actually possible to bet on Vainglory on some bookmakers. It is however only bookies that are really into eSports, like eBettle, ggbet and Vitalbet currently offering this. Vainglory is however on a steady upswing and had a tremendous growth in 2016 as its player base was tripled and the first Vainglory championship tournament was held. This had a prize pool of $120,000.00, which is currently the biggest prize pool in any Vainglory tournament. Recently five professional eSport teams (Echo Fox, Fnatic, Immortals, NRG and Rogue) also joined in and will be competing in Vainglory 2017. This is setting the way for what we believe will be an even bigger growth for Vainglory in 2017 and with this, more bookmakers will hopefully recognize the game and start offering bets. If they do, you can be sure that we’ll cover it.

Markets for betting on Vainglory

Even though there are a few eSport bookmakers offering bets on the biggest Vainglory tournaments, they have yet not chosen to offer a variety of different markets. Currently you will only find match winner as a market, and possibly also which team that will win the tournament.

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Vainglory gameplay

Image of Vainglory being played on iPadVainglory is a very strategic game where victory has everything to do with team composition and how well you work together. The game is played in different matches with two teams of 3 players in each battling it out. On average a normal match takes about 20-25 minutes. Before the game starts, each player in each team has to pick a hero to play. There are several different type of heroes, which are categorized into Assassins, Mages, Protectors, Snipers and Warriors. Every hero in each category has a range of different abilities or spells that can be used by consuming energy that your hero has. Further down we will take a closer look on the the pros and cons of each hero category, but let’s cover the basics first.

When heroes have been chosen, each team starts on two opposite sides of a map, in a Sanctuary, which together with a Vain crystal and three turrets make up your base. In the Sanctuary you are able to purchase items and equipment from a shop, which will strengthen and aid your hero in battle. You’re also able to heal your hero on health and energy by standing in the Sanctuary. The Vain crystal in your base needs to be protected by all means. If this is destroyed, the enemy team will win. Vice versa, you would have to destroy the enemy’s Vain crystal to be victorious. To be able to destroy this, all enemy’s turrets must first be destroyed. There are three of them in the base and two of them on a straight lane that’s connecting your base with the enemy’s.

Each team’s Vain crystal is throughout the game regularly spawning minions. These minions are vicious beasts that will move towards each base, killing everything in their way. Killing these minions will grant you gold to purchase items and equipment, as well as experience which will increase the level of your hero, unlocking more powerful abilities and spells. Experience is gained by just standing close to a dying minion, but to be able to obtain the gold, you have to be the one making the killing blow.

Vainglory image of KrakenGold and experience can also be earned by killing monsters in a jungle. The jungle is located directly to the south of the straight lane. The jungle is not only containing of monsters, but has two minion mines, a gold mine and a shop as well. In the shop you’re able to buy the same items and equipment as the shop in the Sanctuary, but can be very convenient to use as you don’t have to move back to your base. Each minion mine can be captured by killing the miner of each mine. When a minion mine is captured, your newly spawned minions will have increased strength and if you manage to capture both of the minion mines, the minions will have maximum strength. Minion mines can at any time be stolen by the enemy team if attacked. Like the minion mines, the gold mine can be captured by killing its miner. When successfully captured your team will receive the amount of gold that had currently been generated in the mine. Gold is constantly being generated in the gold mine, but only released in different cycles. For every full mining cycle that you control the mine, the gold will be released to your team. Eventually a very powerful jungle monster called the Kraken will spawn by the gold mine. The team who kills him by striking the final blow, will capture the Kraken who will then fight for the team.

As we have now covered the basics of the game, let’s get back and take a deeper look into the different hero categories.

Vainglory hero selectionAssassins are generally the heroes that deal the most physical damage in battles, but are also one of the weakest on defense. This means that they do best when sneaking up on their target or if another hero can engage the battle and act as a shield for them. Assassins are heroes that do a great job killing the jungle monsters and farming these for gold and experience.

Protectors are support heroes that can aid other heroes when farming in the jungle, by looking out for enemy players and help killing the monster. In team battles, Protectors are bullies that get close and function to disrupt the enemy, as well as preventing them from getting away.

Mages use powerful spells as their offence and do best from long range as their defense is weak. In early game, they do best in the lane where minions will tank for them so that they don’t get in close combat, which they would in the jungle.

Snipers are like mages best when they can attack from a distance as their defense is weak as well. It’s usually wise to have at least one mage or sniper in the team as they do well in the lane. In the later part of the game they will also be a great asset taking down towers.

Warriors are heroes that are balanced between attack damage and defense and are usually always a good choice to have in the team. They do a great job killing the jungle monster, just like the assassins and do well in close combat, just like the protectors.

Remember that each hero category has its own strength and weakness. To be able to be victorious, it’s important that you choose heroes that work well together and complement each other’s strength and weaknesses.

Please note that not all heroes will be available in the beginning of the game, but must be bought for currency. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend your own money if you don’t want to. In Vainglory there are two type of currencies; Ice and Glory. Ice is the premium currency that will indeed cost you real money, but you also have the Glory one that can be earned for every match that you play. The amount of Glory gained for each match can be increased with good behavior as there is a Karma system in the game with different levels. Karma points are gained for every match that you complete and lost for every match that you abandon. Every time your Karma level up, the amount of Glory gained for each match will be increased. Glory can also be gained by completing daily achievements that you will be able to find on your player profile.

Vainglory image of legendary cardsCurrency can not only be spent on buying heroes, but also for buying card packs which you will be able to turn into alternate skins for your heroes, which will change their appearance in the game. There are four different rarity of cards in the game; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. There are also three different tiers of skins that can be obtained. Every skin will require a certain collection of cards and the higher the tier, the higher the requirements will be. Cards can not only be bought, but for every match that you complete there is chance that there will be card drop. If you’ve gathered a lot of cards that you don’t have any use for, these can be exchanged for other cards, but it will not be a 1:1 ratio. Cards are exchanged by turning your unwanted cards into essences, which is then used to create new ones. A common card rewards you with 1 essence, whereas it cost 6 to craft a new one. For Rare cards you get 6 essence, whereas a new cost 30. Epic cards give you 30 essences, whereas a new cost 120 and lastly Legendary cards give you 120 essences, whereas a new one cost 360.

Vainglory game modes

A part from the standard game mode and practice mode, there are currently two official ones that can be played; Battle Royale and Blitz.

Battle Royale is basically the same as the standard mode, but with one difference. In this mode all players start at level 4 and with 2000 gold to spend which makes the matches a lot faster.

Blitz is a completely different mode than the normal game as the objective is not to kill the Vain crystal, but to be the first team to reach 15 points or have the highest points after 5 minutes. Points are gained by killing heroes (1 point) and taking down turrets and killing miners (3 points). Should the game be tied after 5 minutes, the team who scores the next point will win.

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