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It is finally time for Capcoms martial arts expert Ryu, flexible high kicking Chun-Li, fire breathing Dhalsim and the rest of the well-designed characters from Street Fighter 5 to enter the world of betting. We are hyped to see our heroes from this amazing fighting game take the big step into the eSports scene. Street fighter 5 betting, here we come!

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Street Fighter made its debut in the arcades August 1987 and was played on a 384 x 224 px screen, driven with a Motorola 68K CPU (8Mhz processor) and featured a 2 player mode. It was a big hit and kids from all around the neighborhood gathered around the machine and competed with each other to become the best. Who would have ever thought that the game one day would become an eSport?

The game has evolved many time since then and we’ve seen countless of versions of it. Many from the older generation have a soft spot for Street fighter II Turbo: Hyper fighting and Street Fighter II: The world warrior, which were one of the first versions of the games that people could actually play in their living rooms on a Super NES and Super Famicom. Street Fighter has a rich history with one of the tightest and most beloved communities within all of the gaming communities. It’s been 30 years since the first release and the game is going stronger than ever.

Bet on SF5:

Even though Street Fighter 5 betting is a new phenomenon there are already several bookmakers offering bets on matches going down. Currently bet365 eSports is the overall top choice, but for those who want amazing withdrawal times, Bethard and Pinnacle is a definite must to check out. To see several bookmarkers finally starting to offer bets on this is amazing game could boost the already well-established community many times over. You might remember the sickest comeback of all time, EVO 2004. Now imagen having a bet placed in a moment like that and how that would amplify the experience.