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Smite championship with big audienceEver since the development of Smite, the plan has been to make it into an eSport. As an introduction, a tournament was hosted on the release date, where the eight best teams at the time being got to battle it out for a prize pool of $200,000.00. The first official championship was then hosted in January 2015 which had a stunning prize pool of $2,600,000.00. At the time, only two tournaments had ever had a prize pool larger than that, which were both two Dota 2 championship tournaments.

A common trend for eSport tournaments has been that the prize pool is increasing year by year, but for the Smite championship held in 2016 it was decided that the prize pool should be decreased. It was a decision taken by Hi-Rez (who are the developers of Smite) after having it discussed with the competitive team owners, professional players and the eSports community.

It was agreed that having more tournaments hosted with smaller prize pools rather than having one with a huge one, would be the most beneficial for everyone. This is also a good thing for people enjoying Smite betting since it will get us more Smite matches to bet on. The prize pool offered 2016 was $1,000,000.00, which then further decreased to $675,000.00 in 2017.

When it comes to betting sites and finding odds for Smite betting, this is unfortunately not that commonly seen. With a few exceptions, it’s only betting operators that are seriously into eSports who are providing odds on matches whenever a tournament is going down. Luckily though, some of these operators are also some of the best you can find for a high quality experience. Head on over to the section below and you’ll find out all about these.

The best sites for betting on Smite

If you’re looking for an amazing experience placing bets on Smite, it’s highly recommended that you choose one of those that we have listed below. Out of a huge number of operators that we have played on and regularly pay a visit to, these are by far the best for Smite. Not only are they the ones that will have the best coverage of matches, but they also have other features that bring value to the experience.

In the list below you’ll be able to find out everything about the strengths and weaknesses that these operators have, which will make your choice an easy one. If you’re only interested in finding out what operator has the best welcome offer you can get, we recommend skipping this section and heading over to “the best bonus when Smite betting” which you’ll find further down.

Arcanebet | 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds (use code: EBETFINDER)

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- Limited opening hours of support
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+ Fast settling times (instant on live, 15 min after match on pre)
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+ Possibility to deposit with skins and bitcoins
+ Profit boost bonus on combination bets
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+ Competitions and promotions every now and then
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- Limited opening hours of support

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GGBET | 100% up to €50 (use code: EBF50)

+ 24/7 customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone
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+ Plenty of live streaming of matches
+ Decent selection of casino and other luck based games

- Withdrawal times could be a bit faster

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Markets available when placing bets on Smite

As Smite betting unfortunately isn’t that commonly seen among betting sites, the markets offered are unfortunately also very limited. Usually you will only be able to bet on which team will win the match. At times you might however find that handicap and winner of a certain map, as well as winner of the tournament is also being offered.

Best bonus at Smite betting sites

If you’re looking to make a profit while Smite betting, there is no better way to do it than taking part of a valuable bonus. Therefore we have gathered some of the best welcome offers that you can find, listed below.

Arcanebet - 100% up to €100 with no minimum odds!

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At Arcanebet you’ll find a world class welcome offer that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. It’s currently the best bonus you can get for eSports betting. This is a deposit bonus of 100% up to €100. At a first glimpse this may look like any other welcome offer, but it’s far from it.

Although the deposited amount + received bonus have to be wagered 6 times, you have no minimum odds at all required on your bets! This means that you can minimize your risks by betting on safe matches with very low odds.

As you may or may not know, any other deposit bonus you’ll come across will say that you have to place your bets on certain odds for them to count towards the wagering. Usually these odds are somewhere between 1.50 and 2.00, which can make it challenging completing the bonus.

With Arcanebet’s welcome offer you never have to think about the odds as any bets will count towards your wagering. To make things even better, you have as much as 360 days to complete the turn over. Just remember to enter the above bonus code while making your deposit.

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As a new player with Betspawn, you'll be welcomed with a fantastic offer in a true gamer manner! This has a unique feature that makes it extremely valuable and one of the best for eSports betting. You're able to get a bonus of up to €133,7 on your first three deposits. The first one will be a 100% match, whereas the second will be a 50% match and the third one a 25% match.

The wagering requirement for the first bonus is 12 times the received bonus amount on odds 1.70 or higher. For the second and third, the received amount needs to be wagered 14 times on the same minimum odds. On all of the three bonuses you have as much as 120 days to complete the wagering.

At a first glimpse the wagering requirement might look a bit high, but thanks to the unique feature of the bonus it doesn’t really matter. Your real balance and bonus amount is in fact completely separated from each other and you can decide yourself which balance you would like to use depending on the bet you place.

If you place a bet with minimum odds of 1.70 or higher, the amount will always be deducted from your bonus balance (as long as you have enough). If you on the other hand place a bet with odds that are lower than 1.70, the amount will be deducted from your real money.

Although you can't make a withdrawal as long as the bonus is active, you're always able to cancel it and only lose your remaining bonus balance. This means that you're actually never committed to the wagering requirement with your own money.

You can use these to place safer bets, while you use the bonus balance for high risk ones. Should ever run out of the bonus amount, all you have to do is to cancel the bonus and you'll bet just like you would without any. If you on the other hand fulfill the wagering requirement, you have earned yourself some easy money!

This unique feature of Betspawn's welcome offer makes it extremely valuable. We therefore highly recommend picking this beast up!

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Smite gameplay

Smite gameplaySmite is played in two teams of five players in each. Each team starts in their own base located on two opposite sides of a map. The base consists of a fountain which players can regain health and mana from, a Titan that needs to be defended at all cost and three Phoenixes that continuously spawn minions every thirty seconds. There are three main lanes on the map which lead from one base to another and are guarded by a number of defensive towers that deal a high amount of damage. The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Titan. The minions which are periodically spawned from each phoenix help doing so, as they move along each lane, killing everything in their way.

Outside of the main lanes are areas referred to as “jungle”. These jungles are home to computer-controlled monsters that can be killed to gain experience and gold. Some of these minions are able to drop buffs which can be picked up granting either increased mana regen and cooldown reduction, increased damage, increased movement speed or increased attack speed. Once killed, these monsters then respawn after a certain period of time. There are two special monsters in the jungle, that spawn less frequently than the rest. One of these grants the entire team a damage buff when killed, while the other one grants the entire team a larger amount of gold.

Not only monsters in the jungle can be killed to gain experience and gold, but killing enemy minions, towers, phoenixes and players also grant this. Gold is also automatically, slowly gained throughout the game without having to kill anything and a small amount is also given to all players at the start of each game.

Smite choosing god to playBefore the game starts, each player has to choose one of a wide selection of different gods to play. Each god have four different abilities that can be acquired and levelled up, upon gaining a level which is done by gaining experience. There’s a maximum of 20 levels and each level requires more and more experience. The gold gained in the game is used to purchase various types of equipment, potions, wards and abilities to make the gods stronger. Currently there are five type of gods in the game; Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Assassin and Guardian.

Assassins are melee gods that deal a great amount of physical damage. As their hp is quite low and generally only have single target abilities, they do best as gankers, sneaking up on enemy players that are either alone on the map or out of position in a team fight.

Guardians are generally melee gods just as Assassins, but deal magical damage opposed to physical. Guardians also come equipped with a lot of area of effect spells opposed to single target ones. This, together with being the class with the highest amount of health and defense, makes them the perfect initiators and tanks in battles.

Hunters are ranged gods that deal a great amount of physical damage, but do so mainly from their basic attacks opposed to using a lot of abilities. This makes them very dependent on items, thus a must that they have a continuously high income of gold. Just like the Assassin, the Hunters’ health and defense is generally low, but as they are able to take on the battle from range, it’s not as big of a problem.

Smite abilities for mageMages are like Hunters ranged gods, but who deal magical damage opposed to physical. The class is very diverse amongst the gods as some rely heavily on area of effect abilities while others make great use of their basic attacks. Generally speaking, the Mages do best in dealing high magical damage from range as they are generally weak and lack escape mechanics. Some Mages do however have some healing abilities.

Warriors are like Assassins melee gods that deal physical damage. Their damage is not as high as the Assassins, but what they lack in damage the make up for in defense. This allows them to be more engaged in the battle opposed to a “hit and run” tactic. Like Mages, Warriors are very diverse as some gods rely heavily on abilities while others do best with their basic attacks. Some of the gods in the Warrior class also do great as tanking the enemy, with less focus on damage.

Smite game modes

Conquest is the main mode of Smite where two teams of five players in each battle it out on a three lane map. It’s considered to be the toughest mode of them all and is therefore also the most competitive one. There’s a ranked version of Conquest and a ranked league which allows players to move up in tiers. To become the best, there’s a total of 25 tiers to climb which are broken down into 5 different divisions with 5 tiers in each.

Smite arena game modeArena is a 5v5 mode just like Conquest, but is considered to be a lot more casual. Opposed to the three lane map in Conquest, Arena is a wide open, circle shaped map. The objective of Arena is to bring the enemy team’s tickets down to 0 from 500. Tickets are a form of score points that each team starts with and that are reduced by killing enemy gods and minions. Each team also has a portal on two opposite sides of the map and brining your own, allied minions into the enemy’s portal will also reduce their tickets.

Joust is a competitive mode that has a lot of similarities with Conquest. Unlike Conquest, Joust is however played with only three players in each team and on a map that has only one lane with one tower and one phoenix. Unique to Joust is a jungle monster called “Bull Demon King”. Killing this powerful foe grants the entire team a buff as well as disabling the enemy’s tower throughout the duration of the buff. Should the tower already have been destroyed, the enemy’s phoenix will then be disabled instead. Joust offers two ranked leagues which can be played. One of them is a normal Joust ranked mode with three players in each team and the other one is a 1v1 mode called Duel.

Assault is 5v5 mode where picking is disabled and every player is given a god at random. Like Joust the map consist of only one lane with one tower and one phoenix. Unlike it, there is however no jungle or neutral monsters at all. Unique to Assault is also the fact that there is no possibility to return to the base unless being killed, which means that you would have to die to be able to purchase items. To win, the enemy’s tower, phoenix and Titan must be destroyed.

Smite siege game modeSiege is a 4v4 mode that is played on a two lane map with two towers and two phoenixes on each lane. It has a lot of similarities with Conquest, but with less focus on farming gold and experience. The reason for this is that Siege offers the possibility to spawn a super minion called “Siege Juggernaut”. It’s a minion twice as fast than regular minions, much more resistant, deal bonus damage to structures and that allows players to teleport to it. The Siege Juggernaut is automatically spawned once a team reaches 100 points. Points are gained by killing enemy minions (+1 point), enemy gods (+5 points) and clearing neutral camps in the jungle (+9 points). There’s also a unique monster in the jungle called the “Wild Juggernaut” which once killed, allows another Siege Juggernaut to be spawned. To win, the enemy’s titan needs to be brought down.

Clash is casual 5v5 mode that is much like Conquest. It’s played on a two lane map with only one tower and one phoenix on each lane.

Match of the day is a special mode that will bring one of more than 50 different twists to the game each day. There is for instance “Battle of the Beards” which means that only gods with beards can be chosen. Another one called “Cooldowns Runneth Over” has all cooldowns greatly reduced and a third one called “Hoarder” means that every player will start with 100k gold allowing every item in the game to be purchased at once.

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