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Score: 98%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- Mobile app

- Cash out option

- 24/7 customer support

- Live streaming on eSports

- Amazing eSports coverage

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Betspawn filter logo
Score: 96%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- Good welcome offer

- Fast withdrawal times

- Promotions on eSport

- Great eSports coverage

- Previous match result statistics

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Score: 87%
eSports coverage: Welcome bonus: Customer service: Withdrawal time:






- Cash out option

- Live chat support

- Good eSport match coverage

- Limited support hours

- Limited variety of eSport markets

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Prepare yourself to parachute out of a plane and enter a brutal battlefield where no mercy is given. Unarmed and alone your destiny is in your hands, but remember. Whether you hide or search the grounds for weapons, one thing is clear. You will engage in battles, because at the end of the day, only man can make it out alive. This is…

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds

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Introduction to PUBG betting

In a world where eSports is growing bigger and bigger for every day, it’s to little surprise that the competitive nature in Playerunknown’s battlegrounds has made it into the scene. Only a few months after release, several well-known eSport organizations were already battling it out for prize pools of hundreds of thousands of dollars while a huge fan base was following the action on twitch.

Not only has the game become an eSport with a promising future, but the vast popularity of it has made PUBG betting available. As of now, only a few eSport betting sites are offering odds on the game, but it’s expected that many more will follow shortly. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about betting on PUBG, which includes giving you information about the best PUBG betting sites, what type of different markets you’re able to find and much more!

The best sites to bet on Playerunknown’s battlegrounds

Being a fairly new addition to the eSports genre, only a few betting operators are currently offering odds on PUBG. Among the top of these you’ll find Bet365 and Betspawn, which are both amazing choices when it comes to eSports betting . You’ll also find Bet-at-home, which is a site that has recently proven itself to put a lot of effort into providing odds on eSports.

Bet365 filter logo

Bet365 eSports

When it comes to the coverage of eSports betting, there’s no doubt that Bet365 is the king of the hill. They cover a lot of matches from several different games and are in general the operator that has the best selection of entertaining markets to choose from. Betting on PUBG is no exception to this, which makes Bet365 your best choice if you’re looking for betting action on the game.

In addition to an amazing eSports coverage, Bet365 has a customer support that is available 24/7 through live chat, e-mail and phone; an interactive cash out option; a nice welcome offer and good withdrawal and settling times. They also offer a wide range of casino games, which is perfect for anyone looking to switch up the betting with some relaxing entertainment of slots and table games.

Bet with Bet365

Betspawn filter logoBetspawn eSports

Betspawn is almost like a competitive brother to Bet365, always trying to be the best. This operator is fairly new, but has taken the industry by storm by providing a world class eSports coverage, which includes a wide range of entertaining markets to bet on. With an amazing welcome bonus offered to new players, this is the place where you’ll get the most value betting on PUBG.

At Betspawn you’ll also find a visually impressive and well-structured design that makes the navigation a pleasure. In addition to this, you’ll find very fast withdrawal times, previous match result statistics, a lot of live streaming and a couple of casino games to alternate your betting with. Every now and then, Betspawn also offers interesting eSport promotions to take part of.

Visit Betspawn

Filter logo for bet-at-homeBet-at-home eSports

In all honesty, Bet-at-home can’t compete with the level of quality that Bet365 and Betspawn offers, but it is after all still a decent site to use for placing bets on PUBG. Although no support during the night, they do offer their service on live chat, e-mail and phone throughout the day. They also have an interactive cash out option to use on some of the matches, as well as good withdrawal times.

If you’re looking for more than just PUBG betting, Bet-at-home does a pretty good job with providing other options. You’ll find a good selection of other eSport games and traditional sports to bet on, as well as a casino, virtual sports and poker section to visit.

Go to Bet-At-Home

Markets for betting on PUBG

If you’re looking for as many entertaining markets as possible on PUBG, Bet365 is currently your best option. With that being said, the selection of them is a bit limited at the moment. Below you’ll find a full list of those that you can expect to find odds on:

  • Match winner
  • Round winner
  • Region of winner

  • Top 3 finishes
  • Top 3 finishes on a certain round

  • Point match-ups
  • Point match-ups on a certain round

Why should I bet on PUBG?

Well, if you already enjoy following the action on Twitter, you will absolutely love having a bet placed. There’s nothing that can up the excitement of a match such as having a bit of money at stake. If you’re just in it for fun, it doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but just something at stake will give you that extra buzz of excitement when you’re following a player sneaking through the bushes, dodging bullets and taking down the competition.

It’s not just all about entertainment though, because it is actually possible to make some extra money when betting on Playerunknown’s battlegrounds. As you may or may not already know, the odds that you find on matches are manually selected by a team or single person. This basically means that your chances of winning in the long run depend on your knowledge compared to theirs. If you have a passion of following professional matches and know how well different teams perform in PUBG, you will be able to find flaws in the odds and take advantage of these.

The future of betting on Playerunknown’s battlegrounds

It’s very safe to say that the future of betting on PUBG is looking very bright. As a matter of fact, if we could bet money on the future of it, we would! Not only has the game taken the world by storm and become the most watched one on twitch, but the eSports industry is constantly growing, with betting included.

The developer of PUBG has also mentioned his ambitions of making PUBG into a popular eSport and although he’s claiming that there is quite a bit of work left, we’re already seeing hundred thousand dollar prize pools hosted for the game.

It’s expected that we in the near future will see several other eSport betting sites offering odds on PUBG. We will probably also find more entertaining markets offered by Bet365 and perhaps other betting operators as well.

How PUBG betting can improve the scene

If you as a fan would like to support the growth of Playerunknown’s battlegrounds as an eSport, this is actually possible through betting. Well, betting itself won’t give the professional teams in PUBG any money, but sponsorship deals made between them and betting operators definitely will.

Now sponsorship deals won’t just happen for any reason, but betting operators need a good one to market themselves through professional PUBG teams. This reason is of course that the betting operators see a market of people who might be interested in PUBG betting, which is where our bets placed come into meaning.

The more bets that we place, the more are we sending a message that the interest for betting on PUBG is a big one. When the betting operator notices this and the huge audience of people that are already watching the game, it’s likely that sponsorship deals will be made. This way the betting operator’s logo may for instance be seen on the clothing of professional teams, while the teams receive a well needed economic boost, allowing them to grow.

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