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Welcome to the massive battle arena that goes by many names. While some know it as King of Glory, others are clashing on battlegrounds they call Strike of Kings. Tales told by brave warriors who have fallen in battle speak of a war lost in the Realm of Valor. While the name remains a mystery, the objective is clear. Choose your fierce hero, pick your allies wisely and battle your way to victory!
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What is King of Glory?

History tells that the team at eBetFinder stumbled upon this game while noticing that Bet365 eSports were offerings bets on a game called King of Glory. Having never heard of this game, the team started to do some research and quickly found themselves intertwined in a mystery. With almost no hits searching for King of Glory on the almighty google, something wasn’t right.

With thorough investigation it eventually turned out that this game goes by another name. Well, actually not just one other name, but three of them. King of Glory seems to be the name of the game in China and is also the most commonly used one worldwide, while the names Strike of Kings, Honor of Kings and Realm of Valor is used in some other locations.

Now on to the big question, what exactly is this game? Let’s head on over to the header below and find out!

The mobile version of League of Legends

While some fans of the game might be picking up torches and pitchforks to hunt us down for calling it the mobile version of League of Legends, we can’t get away from the fact that they have a lot of things in common. Belonging to the MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena) there are of course always resemblances with other MOBA games as the play style is similar. King of Glory does however have a lot more resemblances to League of Legends than any other MOBA.

For starters, the game is created by Tencent, which is a company that owns Riot Games who are the creators of League of Legends. Visually the games also more or less look identical to each other. The game’s map, the character designs, buildings and even pathways on the ground look almost exactly the same. Even though there are a lot of unique heroes in the game, you’ll also find some that are clearly influenced by League of Legends.

The biggest difference is the fact that League of Legends can’t be played on a mobile device, while this game is created with mobile gaming in mind.Strike of Kings text breaker

The success of King of Glory

Having a lot of resemblances to League of Legends has turned out to be a great thing. That’s no wonder at all considering that League of Legends has been crowned the most played game in the world with more than 100 million unique players. Taking an already winning concept and releasing it to a rapidly growing mobile gaming market is ingenious.

The fact is that King of Glory seems to have already surpassed the success of League of Legends. With more than 50 million unique daily users, the monthly numbers are probably higher than the 100 million that League of Legends has. What’s incredibly amazing about this is the fact that the game is currently mostly played in China and not even released to all countries around the world yet. In China the game has been the most watched one on Douyu, which is China’s version of Twitch.

It’s safe to say that Vainglory, which is another mobile developed MOBA has some stiff competition heading its way.

Betting on King of Glory

When it comes to placing real money bets on this game, it seems like Bet365 eSports is the only eSports betting site that is currently offering it. With about 40 different eSport betting sites that we have reviewed and regularly visit to keep our information up to date, Bet365 is the only one we have seen offering bets on it. Seeing how the game is quite new and there doesn’t seem to be much information about it as an eSport yet, this is not to any surprise. With its current success we will however probably see this game showing up a lot more in the future.

Should you be interested in betting on it today, you will be pleased to know that Bet365 is an awesome eSports betting site. It’s actually the one we have rated the overall top one out of all the 40 sites we have reviewed. Not only do they have an awesome coverage of matches on eSports, but the variety of entertaining markets offered is overall the best one. They also have a pretty valuable welcome offer and 24/7 customer support through live chat, e-mail and phone. In addition you’ll find an interactive cash out feature on a lot of bets, as well as withdrawal times that are on point. If you like switching your betting up with casino, you’ll also be pleased to find that they have a wide selection of slots and table games.

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Markets when placing King of Glory bets

Even though King of Glory is one of the newest eSport games to bet on, you’re actually able to find a few entertaining markets to place your bets on. It’s Bet365 who is the eSport betting site leading the way, which is no surprise as they are experts in offering a wide selection of fun markets. In the below list you’re able to find all of the markets we’ve seen available for Kings of Glory so far:

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap

  • Correct map score
  • Over/under total maps
  • Team to win at least 1 map

  • Team to score first blood
  • Team to destroy first tower

King of Glory gameplay

Strike of Kings gameplayEven though there are several different game modes to choose from (which you can read more about further down), the basics of the game is the same for all of them.

The game is played in matches with teams of two, where every player in each team gets to pick a unique hero that has three active abilities and one passive. There are more than 25 heroes to choose from, which are categorized into Tanks, Warriors, Assassins, Mages, Archers and Supports. These all play a certain role in the game, such as a tank being able to take damage well, while mages deal a lot of magic damage and assassins a lot of physical damage.

Each team starts in their own base on two opposite sides of a map. This base has a special main building that has to be defended at all cost as the game is lost if it’s destroyed. To be victorious, the enemy’s main building must be destroyed. To be able to do this, all the guarding towers must first be destroyed on a lane. Depending on the game mode, there will either be one or three main lanes that have guarding towers. These lanes connect your own and the enemy’s base with each other.

To aid you in battle and help becoming victorious, there are computer controlled soldiers that regularly spawn from the main base. These are then moving towards the enemy’s base on each lane, destroying everything in the way. By killing these soldiers you’re able to get gold and experience. The gold is used to buy items and equipment that will make your hero stronger. The experience you earn will let your hero gain levels that will allow you to level up your abilities making them stronger.

Not only killing soldiers will earn you gold and experience, but killing heroes as well. In addition you’ll in some game modes find a jungle which has player controlled enemies that don’t belong to either team. These can not only be farmed for gold and experience, but some of them will give you and your teammates buffs when killed.

Strike of Kings arcanaIn addition to the stats and abilities that each hero has, there are also something called challenger skills and arcanas. If you’ve played League of Legends this is basically the same as summoner spells and runes. When you choose a hero in a match, you’ll have the possibility to equip one of the challenger skills to help you. This can for instance be sprint that allows you to move faster or a heal that will regenerate some of your HP. Just like challenger skills, arcanas can also be equipped to your hero. This will however not be an ability, but a certain stat increase like getting 50 more hit points.

Not all challenger skills and arcanas will be available at once, but requires certain levels to be unlocked. They must also be purchased by a certain in game currency. The currency and levels are gained by simply playing matches, but there is also a shop that you can spend real money in to get it faster.

King of Glory game modes

There are plenty of different game modes to be found in the game, such as training camp, bot match and several different battle modes.

Practice modes

Training camp: If you’re new to the game, this is the place to go. Here you’ll be able to try out the game play and different heroes without any pressure of having to perform.

Bot match: When you’re done with the training camp and feel that you’ve got a sense of the game, bot match is the perfect place to head. Here you’re able to team up with other players and battle it out against computer controlled bots.

Battle modes

Strike of Kings game modesGrand battle: If you’ve played any other MOBA, you’ll instantly recognize the map in this game mode. It’s the typical square shaped one with three lanes, two jungles for each team and each base being located in two opposite corners. This mode is always played in teams of five.

Valley Skirmish: This mode is played in teams of three with only one main lane connecting the two bases. On either side of the main lane there is a jungle that can be farmed.

Abyssal clash: This mode, which is played in teams of five, has only one lane connecting the two bases and no jungle at all. As if this wasn’t special enough, heroes are always randomly selected in this game mode and it isn’t possible to return to your base unless you die. This means that you can’t go back to regenerate health and purchase items, but there are health packages that will appear on the lane, which can be picked up.

Solo battle: Solo battle has the exact same map formation as abyssal clash. That is only one lane with no jungle at all. The main difference with this mode is that it’s played solo against another solo player.

Death match: This is a casual mode that can be played in teams of two, three or five. Here you’ll find no creeps, no towers and no jungle. You won’t gain experience or gold, but every hero will start with a full equipment and full level of abilities. It’s a circle shaped battle arena where the goal is to wipe out the enemy team. There’s no respawning so once you’re dead, you stay dead.

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