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What if I told you that there was a card game in which you could choose to play as a majestic Paladin, a mystic Warlock, a mighty Warrior, a cunning Rogue or a caring Priest? What if I told you that you could control a thousand of different creatures, spells, equipment and enchantments? What if I told you about…

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Hearthstone is a turn based, collectible card game released and developed by Blizzard Entertainment, who is also the company behind best sellers such as Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft. The game is based on the lore of Warcraft and uses the same characters, creatures and relics from the series. As opposed to the majority of Blizzard’s projects, Heartstone was actually created by a smaller team of developers as an experimental game. The idea came from the fact that a lot of people within the company had a liking for collectible card games. The experiment turned out to be a great success, to say the least. On the 11th of March 2014 it had its worldwide PC release and just a month later its iOS release (iPhone and iPad). In December thtat same year, it was then also released to Android. Since the release, the game has received a lot of positive reviews from both critics and fans and as of 2016, Blizzard has reported there being more than 50 million unique Hearthstone players registered.

Tournaments and betting on Hearthstone

Hearthstone championship winnerAs Hearthstone from the beginning has been a very popular game, not only being played, but also being watched, it’s no wonder that Hearthstone eSports was formed as well. As where there is a demand, there will also be a supply. In 2014 and 2015, the prize pools of competetive tournaments reached as high as $250,000.00, which, to say the least, is a lot of money offered in a head-to-head card game. These tournaments didn’t go unnoticed and as the competetive scene and commnuity around it was growing, bookmakers realized the demand in placing real money bets on Hearthstone. In the beginning, it was mostly bookmakers like Vitalbet and eBettle, who both have a huge focus on eSports, that offered these bets. However, as the tournament prize pools have grown even bigger with an unbelievable $1,000,000.00 offered in the 2016’s championship, more and more bookmakers have started offering betting on Hearthstone and it’s now quite commonly seen when there is a big tournament going down. With that being said, the bookmakers who are focused on eSport are indeed the ones that usually have the best match coverage, but other bookmarkers like Bethard are doing a really nice job as well.

The 5 best sites to bet on Hearthstone

When it comes to Hearthstone betting there are a lot of bookmakers that are doing a good job with the match coverage, some better than others. You can for instance expect William Hill and Pinnacle to more or less always deliver a good coverage. However, if you’re looking for the bookmaker with the absolute most matches covered, Vitalbet, eBettle and ggBET would be the places to go. These three actually all have an identical match coverage as they are using the same awesome eSports pbrovider. Bethard and NetBet are also awesome places for a good match coverage and these two actually also use the same eSports provider. It’s however not the same as the three previously mentioned ones uses and not quite as good. There’s a few other bookmakers as well that also use the same eSports provider as Bethard and NetBet, but apart from the Hearthstone coverage, they are not as good when it comes to things like withdrawal times. Therefore we believe that the 5 best sites to bet on Hearthstone are Vitalbet, ggBET, eBettle, NetBet and Bethard.

Vitalbet is the bookmaker you should choose if you would like to have awesome withdrawal times, a full and partial cash out option, good settling times, a lot of live streaming and the best coverage of Hearthstone matches. If a live chat support or casino games are important to you, it might not be the best choice.

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eBettle is a place very much like Vitalbet as they have the same owners. Not only is the coverage of Hearthstone the same, but the welcome bonus as well. eBettle actually doesn’t have as good withdrawal times as Vitalbet, hence there is actually no reason to choose eBettle over Vitalbet, unless you want to use both welcome offers. For more information about eBettle, click here.

Bethard is another bookmaker that has amazing withdrawal times and these are actually even better than Vitalbet’s. If your account is verified, a withdrawal is usually processed within minutes which is one of the best withdrawal times in the industry. Bethard is also a nice place if you like a 24/7 hour chat support, good Hearthstone coverage, a good selection of casino games and a cash out option. If phone support is something you need, it might however not be the place for you as it isn’t offered. To find out more about Bethard, click here.

NetBet is much like Bethard as they have the same eSports coverage. They do however not have quite as good withdrawal times, but on the other hand they have a full 24/7 customer support with phone included and twice as much casino games offered, should that be of interest. Other than that, there would be no reason to choose NetBet over Bethard. Click here to get more information about NetBet.

ggBET is a great place for anyone who wants to support their favorite team while placing bets. For every won bet, ggBet is donating 1% from their own pocket to the team that won. ggBET is also a perfect place if you want a true gamer feeling. They are a pure eSports bookie and have therefore created their design based on gaming. It’s also a good place for a lot of live streaming and the best match coverage of Hearthstone. If you want fast withdrawal times or bet on anything else than Hearthstone and other eSport games, it might not be the best choice. Want to know more about ggBet? Click here!

Markets for betting on Hearthstone

Even though betting on Hearthstone is available on several eSport betting bookies, there is more or less no variety in the markets offered. Usually the only selection offered to bet on is match winner, but at times you might also find the possibility to bet on who will win the whole tournament.

Becoming successful in Hearthstone betting

Becoming good at betting on Hearthstone can be a bit tricky due to the built in range in the game. There are however a lot of things that you can do to increase you chances of profit. You might of course only be betting for the fun of it and might not care about some of the things we will mention, but we will still provide you with the information.

Knowing the game and the players is more or less the basics of becoming a successful Hearthstone bettor. The more you know about the play style of each player and the latest patch notes and changes, the better are your chances of scoring a correct result. A certain player might play one class better than another, which might have recently been either buffed, nerfed or affected in any other way due to new cards for another class.

Apart from the game and the player aspect, there are several other things to consider if you really want to make the most profit. You can read more in-depth about these things in our betting guides, but we will mention them briefly here as well. Having a bankroll is first of all something you should consider. This is a great way managing your money and making sure that you don’t spend too much on one bet. We advice to have the bankroll kept on Neteller or Skrill as these are great methods when it comes to being able to quickly deposit and withdraw from different bookmakers. Doing this is in your best interest as you would always want to find the bookmaker offering the best odds. Not only that, but it might be wise to take part of as many welcome offers as possible. All might not be of interest as some are not that good, but betting with a bonus is generally a good way to increase your chances of a profit.

The future of Hearthstone betting

At the moment the future of Hearthstone betting seems to be quite positive. For 2017, Blizzard have increased the money for the Hearthstone Championship Tours, while the Grand Championship itself will have the same prize money as last year, $1,000,000.00. In best case scenario this leads to the game getting even more attention and in worst case it will probably remain the same. Either way, betting on Hearthstone will probably be more commonly offered amongst many bookmakers. Most likely we won’t see much of a change with the bookmakers that are already covering a lot of matches, but with all those others that have a poor or even no coverage at all, we will probably see an increase. The Hearthstone eSport scene itself doesn’t have to grow bigger for this to happen, but as the general eSport scene is growing, more bookmakers are getting their eyes up for eSports and will therefore probably add coverage to Hearthstone as well. We’re hoping that already established eSports bookies will start offering a wider variety of markets, but we’re unfortunately not that certain that this will happen. If the eSport scene for it will grow bigger, there’s of course a higher likelihood of it.

How betting on Hearthstone could improve the scene

At a first glimpse it might be hard to grasp how betting on Hearthstone could have a positive impact on the competitive scene, but it is actually possible. We’re currently living in very interesting times where games are getting more and recognition as sports. This makes sponsorship deals a golden opportunity for companies to get some well needed marketing, which is where our betting comes into place. When we’re betting on Hearthstone we’re showing the bookmakers that there’s an interest and demand in this. When they eventually realize the potential number of bettors they could get if they tried reaching out, they will start sponsoring players. Any economic boost a player can get is positive for the improvement of the scene and could for instance motivate already skilled players to take the leap and try becoming highly professional ones.

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Hearthstone gameplay

Hearthstone is played in 1v1 matches where each player take turns making a play. A match usually last somewhere between 5-15 minutes. Even though range may play a certain role in the game, it’s a highly strategic one and to be victorious it’s recommended to have a well thought out deck and a strategy going into each match.

Hearthstone picking starting handA match begins with each player picking their starting hand. You will be given either three or four cards at random from the deck that you have selected to play with. Each deck contains a total of 30 cards and you are able to build this deck as you please before entering a match. The cards available to build your deck with is dependent on the class (hero) you have chosen, as every class has a different selection of cards.

From the three or four random cards that you have been given, you can either confirm if you would like to play with these or choose to have any of them replaced. Once you’re happy with your selection, it’s time to play the first round. Every round starts with drawing a new card, extending your hand (the amount of cards you’re holding). The cards you have will either be minion cards, spell cards or weapon cards.

Minion cards are the most common type of cards and are summoned creatures that are permanent on the battlefield. They will fight for you and attack enemy minions or the enemy hero. Some minions that possess a “taunt ability” may also defend your hero from enemy attacks, as the enemy would be forced to attack this minion. Each minion has a different attack value (damage) and a different defence value (life).

Hearthstone different card typesSpell cards are the second common cards and have certain effects or abilities that can be triggered once played. There are for instance cards that deal a certain amount of damage to a minion/hero or that will permanently destroy all minions that are currently summoned on the battlefield. Opposed to the minion cards, a spell card will immediately expire once it has been used.

Weapon cards are the rarest type of cards. These cards provide a variety of different weapons that can be equipped to your hero, which enables your hero to attack; something that is otherwise not possible for all heroes. Each weapon card has an attack value (damage) and a durability value (number of times it’s possible to attack with the weapon).

Once a card has been drawn on your turn, you will then have the option to play one or more. Each card that you possess have a mana crystal value in the top left. This value shows how much mana crystals it would cost you to play the card. You start the game with one mana crystal, but the number increases by one for each turn, up to a total of ten. At the start of each new turn, the mana crystals you have also reset. Should the game last until the 10th turn, each player will then have 10 mana crystals to use every turn.

Should you choose to play a minion card, you would probably want to attack with this as well, but unfortunately you can’t´ unless the minion has a so called “charge ability”. This ability allows the minion to attack the same round as it was played, but otherwise there is always a one round waiting time before being able to attack with a recently summoned minion. Should you on the other hand play a spell or weapon card, this will have immediate effect.

Hearthstone different classesApart from the cards that you have, your hero also has a certain ability that can be used called a “hero power”. There are a total of 9 different heroes which belong to the following classes: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior. These classes all have a unique hero power. While the Mage for instance can throw a fireball and deal damage, the Priest can heal itself from damage and the Rogue summon and equip a weapon to attack with.

Each hero starts with 30 health and to win the game all you have to do is to kill your opponent’s hero. Easy enough?

Hearthstone game modes

Play mode is the most common mode in which you will be matched up against another human opponent. You can choose to play a casual game or to participate in a ranked one. If playing ranked, you will then be matched up against a player from the same rank as yourself. There’s a total of 25 different ranks that you can climb and the highest one is known as “Legend”. To progress and move up a rank you need to earn three stars. While winning a game will earn you a star, losing a game will also cost you one. Until you have reached rank 20, it’s not possible to move down a rank, but after that you will start losing ranks if too many stars are lost.

Hearthstone arena game modeArena is a mode that’s a bit more casual than Play, yet still a competitive one as doing well may award you with certain rewards. Before entering a match, a deck needs to be put together. This is done by continuously choosing one of three random cards presented, until you have chosen a total of 30. As the three cards presented are completely random, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to put together a well-balanced deck, but it’s definitely a fun challenge. Opposed to other modes where you can only have two of the same card, there is no such limit in Arena. When your deck is put together, you will then use this to battle until you have either lost three matches or won a total of twelve. Each time you enter a match, you will be matched up against an opponent who has won just as many matches as you. Once you have reached three losses or twelve victories, the arena will end and rewards will be paid out depending on how well you did.

Tavern Brawl is a very casual and fun mode that offers a game play with unique rules. It may for instance be that you will be given a special deck with random minions that you would have to use, or that the rules for how mana crystals are being used are switched up. Sometimes unique “Tavern Brawl” cards are also being added, which otherwise aren’t available in any other game mode.

Solo adventure is the single player mode of Hearthstone where you play solely against the A.I. You can either choose to participate in practice matches or in an adventure. Practice is a good way to learn the game as you will have the option to choose the difficulty of the A.I. you’re facing. You can either play against an easy A.I. which will only have the most basic cards or against a harder one with a much wider range. You are also able to choose which class your opponent will have, allowing you to set up a strategy on how you best defeat that particular class.

Hearthstone adventure game modeAdventure is the single player campaign of the game which revolves around defeating various A.I. bosses. Doing so will then unlock new cards that you can use. Each adventure has its own specific theme when it comes to the bosses, cards, music and artwork.

Friendly Challenge / Friendly Play is a casual mode that allows you to compete against players on your friend’s list and once and for all settle who’s got that ace up his sleeve. The matches are unranked and can either be played in the standard play mode format or in the current Tavern Brawl mode.

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