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The 5 best FIFA 17 betting sites

With close to 40 eSport betting sites that we at eBetFinder regularly pay a visit to and review, it’s only a few that we have seen offering bets on the game. Luckily for all of you FIFA fans out there, all of the best places are included among those. Perhaps to no surprise as the wide selection of eSport bets is one of the things that actually make an operator the best.

The 5 top rated FIFA betting sites, guaranteed to give you an awesome experience, is Arcanebet, Vitalbet, Bet365, Betspawn and ggBET. Below you’re able to find a short introduction of these sites, which should give you a great idea what they’re all about. At Arcanebet you’re able to find the best possible welcome offer, but should you still like to know more about the best offers you can get for FIFA, we recommend heading over to our section about the top betting bonuses for FIFA.

Arcanebet – Simply the best FIFA 17 betting site

ArcanebetArcanebet filter logo is the overall best place and a must visit if you’re looking for great FIFA action with no need for any casino games. They have a world class welcome offer with no minimum odds, which is absolutely amazing and alone makes a visit to them worthwhile. In addition to this, their coverage of eSports, FIFA of course included, is one of the best you’re able to find.

They have a visually impressive, but simple design that makes the navigation easy and a pleasure for the eyes. Their withdrawal times are one of the best among eSport betting sites. As long as you don’t request a withdrawal during the evening/night, you can expect to have it processed within a few hours. In addition to this, they have very fast settling times of bets, a full and partial cash out option, as well as a lot of live streaming directly on site.

Apart from the fact that Arcanebet doesn’t offer any casino games, which can be negative for those who like to mix their gambling up, the only real downside is that they don’t have a 24/7 customer support. They do have it available on live chat, e-mail and phone, but it’s unfortunately not always online. Other than that, Arcanebet is a knock out place and overall the highest scoring FIFA betting site to date.

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Vitalbet – A good site for FIFA bets

Vitalbetvitalbet filter logo is the way to go if you’re looking for a similar experience to Arcanebet’s, but also want to be able to play a few casino games. They offer about the same awesome withdrawal and settling times like Arcanebet, also have a full and partial cash out option to use, a lot of live streaming directly on site and of course also an amazing eSports coverage. On top of this, you then have more than a hundred different slots to choose from and several different table games.

The downside with Vitalbet is that you won’t find nearly as good as a welcome offer as you will with Arcanebet. There’s also no live chat for the customer support, but on the plus side they’re almost always available on e-mail.

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Bet365 – For those who want it all

Bet365Bet365 filter logo is the top place if you’re really into mixing up your FIFA betting with casino games. They have more than 600 different slots to choose from and a wide selection of table games. Their eSports coverage is also the overall best one, which is mainly because they’re experts in providing entertaining markets to bet on. At the moment this may not be the case with FIFA as the number of markets are quite limited, but as betting on the game is growing, Bet365 will probably be the first operator to offer fun markets for it.

Another great thing about Bet365 is that you’ll always have a customer support available on live chat, e-mail and phone. They also have a pretty good welcome offer and also offers a full and partial cash out option. Their withdrawal times are definitely up to standards as you rarely have to wait longer than 24 hours to have one processed. There’s really no downsides worth mentioning, but Bet365 is a solid FIFA betting site that has a lot to offer.

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Betspawn – Another awesome FIFA gambling site

BetspawnBetspawn filter logo is an operator that is putting most of their focus on eSports, although you’ll also find a decent choice of casino games. With a wide selection of eSport bets, this makes them one of the best FIFA gambling sites out there. It’s a truly awesome place to start with as they have a very valuable welcome offer with low wagering, even though it’s not quite as good as Arcanebet’s.

What makes Betspawn stand out from the rest, is the fact that you’re able to find previous match statistics on the site. If the two teams you’re betting on have battled it out before, you’re able to see how it actually went in those matches. They’re also making a good effort in providing other bonuses than the welcome offer. You can however not always expect something to be available.

At Betspawn you’ll find withdrawal times that are much like Arcanebet’s, which means that unless you’re requesting the withdrawal during the night, it will be processed very quickly. There’s also a lot of live streaming going on and their website design is one of the better as it’s visually impressive and very easy to navigate.

The only downside with Betspawn is that they unfortunately don’t always have their customer support on live chat and e-mail available. Other than that, this place is truly amazing for FIFA betting and a few lucky spins on the slots.

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ggBET – A great place to find bets on FIFA

ggBETGGbet logo is a little bit of everything, which is pretty damn good. If we are to mix things up and start with the downsides, ggBET doesn’t have any official welcome offer. They do however regularly run promotions, which includes deposit bonuses, cashbacks and free bets. Their withdrawal times can also be a bit longer than the other mentioned sites, but unless you’re withdrawing very big amounts, it’s usually not too bad.

Other than the above, there are only good things to say about ggBET. To start with, their eSports coverage is amazing and you can therefore expect bets on FIFA offered if there’s a decent sized tournament going down. Their website is very well-structured, which makes it a pleasure navigating and placing bets.

They have a lot of live streaming offered directly on site and if you ever need help, their customer support is always available on live chat, e-mail and phone. ggBET is also a place where you can mix up your eSports betting with casino games. They might not have the biggest selection and currently there’s no live casino, but they do have a couple of interesting slots and table games. You will for instance find a slot with a Counter-Strike theme, which is quite unique.

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If you’re interested in knowing more about FIFA betting, such as what you can do to become successful in it, we highly recommend reading our FIFA betting guide. Here you’ll also find out what the future of betting on the game may bring and other information.